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Founded in 1917 in Tokyo, Japan, Yokohama Rubber company has more than a century of experience in designing and producing … Continued

Founded in 1917 in Tokyo, Japan, Yokohama Rubber company has more than a century of experience in designing and producing quality tires. For this and several other reasons, Yokohama tires are some of the most trusted affordable tires in the world. The brand owns two manufacturing facilities in the U.S. (Virginia and Mississippi) and often offers sponsorships to big sport teams and events, including premier league football club Chelsea and World Touring Car Championship.

Yokohama offers a comprehensive product lineup of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, trucks and busses and high-performance tires for motorsport applications. Although not the cheapest brand on the market, considering the technologies and innovations Yokohama incorporates into their products, their tires are truly some of the best-value-for-money tires out there. Of course, the specific features, including seasonal performance and tread wear, depend on the model you choose. However, regardless of the type and model, what is guaranteed with Yokohama tires is quality and durability.

Best Yokohama Tires

Avid Touring-S, one of the Yokohama’s best-selling tires, is an all-season tire designed for sedans, sport coupes, minivans and crossovers. This is a hybrid tire that combines comfort and excellent all-weather traction, offering well-balanced performance all around.

The Avid Touring-S is Yokohama’s ultra-popular tire for a reason; a number of reasons, actually. For one, it utilizes several impressive technologies that allow it to provide stable, smooth and comfortable rides no matter the weather. Dry, wet and light snow traction are all impressive, and the tire can even deal with super-bumpy and rough roads with no issues. It also comes with great wear characteristics and a good warranty, but still manages to stay within the budget-friendly limits. The features that ensure the quality of the tire include:

  • Tri-plex tread compound: for increased tread life and better traction
  • Tapered rain channels + circumferential groves: to accelerate water evacuation and improve wet traction
  • Cross traction sipes: more biting edges improve handling and traction in both wet and snow conditions
  • Special sidewall construction: a tapered hard rubber insertion helps reduce road vibrations, leads to more comfortable rides
  • Silent shoulder: extra sipes and variable tread block sizes further reduce road noise and promote quiet driving.
  • Brand Yokohama
  • Model Avid Touring S
  • Weight 22 pounds

Yokohama’s most popular touring performance tire, Avid Ascend, is an all-season quality tire developed for coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers. Combining Yokohama’s Orange Oil technology and BlueEarth eco-friendly identification, this tire offers not only excellent traction in all weather conditions, but also an environmentally friendly solution to driving.

The Avid Ascend tire is on the higher end of the price range of Yokohama tires, but there are several reasons for this. For one, it boasts some of the Yokohama’s best tire technologies which allow it to offer well-rounded performance, traction and grip in all seasons, including light snow. Two, it’s manufactured using the breakthrough technology called Orange Oil which not only lowers the rolling resistance, but enables the tire to remain flexible and pliable even in the coldest/hottest weather conditions. And finally, the Yokohama’s BlueEarth identification means that Avid Ascend is an ecologically friendly tire. Notable features include:

  • Optimized tread profile + tread block bridges: to reduce rolling resistance, improve fuel economy and promote more even tread wear
  • Adaptive 3D sipes: to increase block rigidity, further promoting even tread wear. This also enhances wet and snow grip
  • Cross grooves + deep circumferential grooves: accelerate water evacuation and enhance wet traction
  • Tapered center rib: provides constant rubber-to-road touch, improving tracking
  • Multi-pitch tread design: mildly asymmetrical tread design minimizes road noise and vibration, promoting quiet, comfortable rides.
  • Brand Yokohama
  • Model AVID Ascend
  • Weight 12.96 pounds

Yokohama’s Geolander A/T G015 is an on-/off-road all-terrain tire for drivers of SUVs and light trucks. Developed for both rough terrains and smooth highways, this tire offers excellent all-season performance, including great traction in light snow.

The Geolander A/T G015 is one tough, durable tire that easily withstands off-road duty, while providing year-round traction and long tread life. Its aggressive and symmetric tread design, coupled with Yokohama’s tried-and-tested tire technologies, provide not only great all-around performance, but also durability like no other tire in this price range. The tire even features the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem, proving its snow traction goes beyond what most all-season tires can deliver. The features that ensure the tire delivers in all aspects include:

  • Enduro compound: Yokohama’s patented Enduro compound uses special polymers to not only promote off-road durability, but also to resist wear for longer mileage
  • Triple 3D sipes: to maintain biting edges for excellent rain and snow traction, the sipes change shape as the tread wears
  • Circumferential + Edgetec grooves: to evacuate water from beneath the tread and resist hydroplaning, plus to create more biting edges for snow and mud traction
  • Sidewall protectors + full nylon cover: to resist wear and abrasions and provide extra resistance to punctures in the tread area
  • Tread block pitch variation: to reduce road noise and enhance comfort.
  • Brand Yokohama
  • Model Geolandar A/T G015
  • Weight 41.6 pounds

Yokohama Tires Buying Guide

Yokohama tires offer a perfect blend of safety, comfort and solid all-around performance, making them the No. 1 choice for millions of drivers around the world. Of course, the affordable to mid-range tire prices also help with the brand’s global popularity, however, we believe that what sets Yokohama apart from other budget-friendly tires is their reliability and quality, no matter the model. If you’re thinking about purchasing Yokohama tires for the first time, take a look at our short but handy buying guide about the brand.


Why Choose Yokohama Tires?

With more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality tires, Yokohama has become one of the most popular affordable tire brands in the world. There are a number of reasons why every driver should give their tires a try, with the two most important reasons outlined here.

  • Technological Innovations

Throughout the years, Yokohama has developed several breakthrough tire technologies, which have helped make the brand a pioneer of sorts. Some of their innovations include advanced rubber compounds that make their tires more eco-friendly than competitors’, as well as nanotechnology that allows the tire to remain pliable in extreme conditions. Yokohama has also developed a W-speed rated winter tire that is able to withstand extremely cold temperatures and winter conditions without compromising on high speed driving capabilities.

Using various breakthrough technologies, Yokohama makes each and every tire in their lineup stable, with solid all-around performance. For this reason, the quality of Yokohama tires remains the same, no matter the model – exceptional responsiveness to accelerating, braking and cornering, and good tread life with predictable all-season performance.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Yokohama has managed to strike a balance between excellent performance in all weather conditions and environmental and social responsibility. The company is serious about environmental sustainability, developing not only tires that minimize the impact on our planet, but also plants that operate with minimal environmentally-burdensome output.

The company evaluates their products in regard to four environmental criteria:

  • prevention of global warming
  • resource recycling
  • resource saving
  • safety and comfort.

It’s generally hard to come up with eco-friendly tires without sacrificing on at least some aspect of performance, but Yokohama has managed to do just that.

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Design Features

Because Yokohama incorporates new technologies in the design of their tires, all of their models offer well-balanced performance capabilities, plus longevity and comfort.

  • Handling: thanks to advanced tread compounds, special designs and sturdy internal structures, all Yokohama tires provide fantastic all-weather traction. All-season tires boast 3D adaptive sipes, wide circumferential grooves and other features that allow them to have a firm grip on wet and slippery roads, including light snow. The ADVAN series, in particular, have specially molded tread compounds which provide excellent all-season traction and responsiveness to braking and cornering.
  • Durability and tread life: made of quality materials, with tough internal structures, all Yokohama models are built to last. Whether they’re designed for highways or off-road terrains, every tire we ever saw or reviewed by Yokohama was strong and durable, guaranteed to withstand pretty much whatever you throw at it (or under it). As for the tread life, on average, these tires have a 50,000 mile warranty, which is a standard all drivers have come to expect. We will say though that some drivers complain about certain Yokohama models having poorer tread life than marketed. However, it’s worth noting that tread life, in general, depends on various factors including how well a driver maintains their tires.
  • Comfort and fuel efficiency: most Yokohama tires provide great driving comfort with as little noise as possible. Of course, how smooth and quiet your ride will be, depends on the specific tire models you choose to purchase. That said, all models deliver pretty consistent and reliable performance, including the comfort level. As for fuel efficiency, thanks to various innovative features and technologies, all Yokohama tires promote less rolling resistance, and as a result, better fuel economy.


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