As somebody who generally dislikes convertibles, particularly soft-tops, I hold the tech behind retractable hard-tops in high regard. It truly blends the beautifully sleek design of a coupe with the option for open-air driving. The Polestar O2 Concept is the newest example of this style, and it has a better shape than most sports cars out there.

  • Car: Polestar O2 Concept
  • Debut: March 2, 2022

The O2 Concept manages to separate itself as a distinct-looking electric car while still using many classic themes. Yes, it’s a concept, so it has dramatically large wheels and an exaggerated stance. But Polestar perfectly blended a mix of pinches and curves with hard angles and soft lines. It also shows off an evolution of sorts to Volvo’s Thor’s hammer headlights. Rather than a perpendicular meeting of the light signature, two angled lines create the same effect while remaining separate for a new look.

The O2 Concept has a drone, too. Whereas some other companies envision partner drones seeking out traffic up ahead, this drone follows the car and captures your journey on camera. Just what we need in this society, more drones, cameras, and autonomous electronic devices. At least a human is meant to drive the car, and that person will have the choice of a stunning roofline or hair in the air.