Which of These Easter-Egg Aston Martins Would You Take Home?

More specifically, it's:Ultra Violet, Cardamom Violet, Butterfly Teal, Clear Water, and Vibrant Coral.

Aston Martin Newport Beach, an exotic car dealer in one of southern California’s particularly expensive zip codes, took some creative initiative and ordered a batch of cars in pastel colors to get some attention. It totally worked – these cars look pretty cool on their own and are very pleasing as a pack.

  • Car(s): Aston Martin Vantage Coupe, Vantage Roadster, DB11 Coupe, DB11 Volante, and DBX
  • Location: Southern California
  • Photog: @astonmartinnewportbeach
  • Camera: Unknown

I’m a big fan of seeing cars in fun colors, and I actually like pastels in general. It’s too bad that whoever shot this particular scene chose to go out at high-noon, the harshest and least-flattering light you could possibly photograph a car in. Still though, it’s fun to see the pastel pals together. This particular palette, per the dealer’s IG caption, includes:

  • Vantage Coupe – Ultra Violet
  • Vantage Roadster – Cardamom Violet
  • DB11 Coupe – Butterfly Teal
  • DB11 Volante – Clear Water
  • DBX – Vibrant Coral

There are some more pictures, including detail shots, on @astonmartinnewportbeach‘s Instagram feed but I liked that group shot the best. If you dig it and want to get a little more info, Daniel Golson actually talked to the dealership’s sales manager Matthew Parsons and wrote a post about it on CNET’s RoadShow. But it sounds like the deal is pretty simple: The store wanted to do something to stand out, and Aston Martin’s options shop was able to oblige!

Andrew P. Collins

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