Aston Martin Newport Beach, an exotic car dealer in one of southern California’s particularly expensive zip codes, took some creative initiative and ordered a batch of cars in pastel colors to get some attention. It totally worked – these cars look pretty cool on their own and are very pleasing as a pack.

  • Car(s): Aston Martin Vantage Coupe, Vantage Roadster, DB11 Coupe, DB11 Volante, and DBX
  • Location: Southern California
  • Photog: @astonmartinnewportbeach
  • Camera: Unknown

I’m a big fan of seeing cars in fun colors, and I actually like pastels in general. It’s too bad that whoever shot this particular scene chose to go out at high-noon, the harshest and least-flattering light you could possibly photograph a car in. Still though, it’s fun to see the pastel pals together. This particular palette, per the dealer’s IG caption, includes:

  • Vantage Coupe – Ultra Violet
  • Vantage Roadster – Cardamom Violet
  • DB11 Coupe – Butterfly Teal
  • DB11 Volante – Clear Water
  • DBX – Vibrant Coral

There are some more pictures, including detail shots, on @astonmartinnewportbeach‘s Instagram feed but I liked that group shot the best. If you dig it and want to get a little more info, Daniel Golson actually talked to the dealership’s sales manager Matthew Parsons and wrote a post about it on CNET’s RoadShow. But it sounds like the deal is pretty simple: The store wanted to do something to stand out, and Aston Martin’s options shop was able to oblige!