“Hey, let me know when you’re done with that newspaper. I’ll eat whichever sections you don’t want.” -That dog, probably.

Cars: 1997 Volvo V70
Location: Unknown
Photog: Unknown (image altered by the author)
Camera: Unknown (image altered with Adobe Photoshop 2021)

This Volvo promotional image from the ’90s fell into my feed this week and inspired me to start screwing around with more illustrative stuff for our daily feature photos. I mean, why not, right? Ideally we’d get more backstory on, like, who at Volvo decided a lady sitting on the roof of a car being peeked at by a dog was a logical picture to sell cars with but the pun kind of wrote itself anyway.

All I did was add the halftone, the person and dog were already part of the picture. Do you think she left a mark in the roof? Has anyone ever sat on the roof of their station wagon and casually read the newspaper like they were sitting on the edge of a pool? We’ll never know the answers to these questions, which I guess is why the picture’s so funny.

I’m thinking maybe she’s babysitting some really annoying kids and climbed up on top of the Volvo to escape them. That really well-trained pooch brought her the paper so she wouldn’t get bored. Or, I don’t know, maybe you can write a better backstory.