When do cars stop getting better but keep getting more expensive? On today’s Hooptie Happy Hour chat session, the Car Bibles crew will be talking about that. If you tuned in while we were live, you could have chatted live! Now this post is just kind of a placeholder, but we’ll be back with more conversations to participate in soon.

Hooptie Happy Hour is our weekly chat session in which the Car Bibles writing staff gets together to discuss and debate some part of car culture. This week we’re on Twitter Spaces

Click here to see Car Bibles on Twitter and get in on our Twitter Spaces chat. Not on Twitter? Well, you might not be able to get in on the live show but rest assured we’re figuring out how to save and re-share the see for later.

Twitter Spaces, as I realized today, is mobile-only so you’ll need to not only be on Twitter, but be on Twitter on your iPhone or Android phone to actually chime in. For the same reason, we can’t embed the live show here. That said if you have thoughts on where the optimal ratio of dollars to fun is at when it comes to cars, drop a comment here and I’ll keep my eyes open for submissions!

Update May 7, 2021: Thanks for chatting those of you who did. And if you missed it, we’ll host Hooptie Happy Hour again (ideally) every Thursday!