Everyone and their mother, uncle, brother, neighbor, and goldfish has seen countless YouTube videos of fast cars on the world-famous Nürburgring. By everyone, I of course mean car nerds like us, dear reader. We’ve seen everything from crash videos, to F1 drivers mobbing rental M4s, to insane lap record footage, and everything in between. And so much more! None of this necessarily gets old, but at least for me, it doesn’t excite as much as it used to.

However, the exception to this is tuner car track footage. And wild stuff like Camber & Combustion. But above all, footage of people ripping their homebuilt performance machines around the Nürburgring is always a ton of fun to watch and is worth seeking out more often. The homebuilt hardware is the stuff of legends, too.

I was reminded of this recently after seeing one of Misha Charoudin’s recent videos of a red, VR6-swapped Mk2 VW GTI. Built and driven 10/10th by a woman from the Netherlands, this thing is great; stripped interior, roll cage, racing seats, harnesses, sticky Toyo R888Rs, the works. It also looks quite clean, too; you can tell it was meticulously built, and has been well taken care of. She’s apparently spent a ton of time on the ‘Ring in it -talk about an epic amount and form of seat time.

Plus, more women on-track is always a good thing; nobody should be held back from the thrill of track driving!

I think built-not-bought ‘Ring footage is something I ought to feature more on Car Bibles, as it’s very much in-line with our mantra: performance and vehicular fun on a budget. Dropping a big, angry VR6 into a lightweight Mk2 GTI and then ripping it around the ‘Ring is the perfect form of this. Also, sidenote: I realize that my above hyperlinks act as a sort of quick reference guide to ‘Ring footage, so there’s that.

Check out the video below!