Moab, Utah might be America’s best-known destination for off-road driving. It seems like the entirety of automotive media, plus every subset of 4×4 enthusiasts, calls it the ultimate litmus test for challenging vehicular fun. That’s why it’s cool to see a stock, mid-aughts Range Rover and several of its LR3 and LR4 friends crawl through one of its gnarliest trails, Hell’s Revenge, with ease.

Uploaded by YouTube channel kunzmj, this video is a solid reminder that Range Rovers are more than just Beverly Hills tractors

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The “not for stock vehicles” statement seems like, well, an overstatement after seeing this. I mean, a lot of cars can survive in stock form, even the Ford Bronco Sport does alright.

Though, the trail is pretty damn menacing regardless. Between one end and another are big rocks, crazy climbs and descents, crests that test the limits of a car’s breakover, and more. There’s even a chance for vehicles to test their maximum wading depth in certain seasons. According to, it’s 6.5 miles long, is rated a 6 out of 10 by a local off-roading club, and takes 2-3 hours to complete.

You can see why the 2008 Range Rover that’s the star of the show has the minerals to persevere when you read more into its specs. It’s got 34 degrees worth of approach angle, 29 degrees of departure, 8.9 inches of ground clearance, high and low range, four-wheel drive, and a center locking differential. Its 4.4 liter V8  makes 300 horsepower, too (assuming it’s the HSE trim), so crawling up the trail’s ultra-steep grades is no issue at all.

This generation Range Rover isn’t exactly renowned for its reliability, but it seems like those who modify and proudly own them really like them.