The Best Truck Bed Liner Kits

If you’re a truck owner, whether your truck is brand new or has years of reliable use under its belt, investing in a truck bed liner is a great idea that costs little on the front end but can save you hundreds of dollars in unsightly scratches, dents, and rust in the bed of your truck in the long run. It’s an excellent way to keep your truck looking brand new for longer or to spruce up a tired, damaged truck bed to make it look new again. As an added bonus, some truck bed liners can also provide convenient and safe surfaces that are grippy and help to prevent items from sliding around while underway. There are a lot of do-it-yourself truck bed liner kits currently available, so to help make your choice easier, we have compiled a list of some of our top favorites.

Our pick for the best overall truck bed liner kit is the Custom Shop Black 1 Gallon Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit. This comprehensive custom coat professional spray on truck bed liner kit comes with everything you need to do a premium job and have a truck bed liner that looks like it was installed by pros. The kit includes four 24-fluid ounce cans of black truck bed liner base coat, one custom applicator spray gun with a built-in regulator, and four 8-fluid ounce cans of custom coat standard hardener to provide you with 110-130 square feet of full coverage. The final result is a heavy-duty, high-end, long-lasting textured protective coating for your truck bed that can withstand extreme climate and temperature conditions for years to come. It’s fully waterproof, heat- and UV-resistant, and rust-resistant.

When it comes to a great value product in truck bed liner kits, consider the Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit. This kit is exceptionally priced, so even if you’re on a tight budget, or just like to be budget-conscious, you can still get a durable, comprehensive truck bed liner that you’ll be proud of. This kit contains one gallon of easy and ready to use black liquid protective coating, an application brush, and two foam rollers for even and simple application. This kit will not only create a flexible, shiny, and protective polyurethane surface for your truck bed, but you can also use it to create tough and textured coatings on wood, concrete, metal, or plastic. This particular brand creates a coating that is five times thicker and more durable than other roll-on brands and the finished product is skid-resistant and won’t peel, flake, or chip off.

Our favorite premium truck bed liner kit has to be the U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner 8 Quart Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to create a durable, good-looking truck bed liner yourself. It contains eight 750-ml bottles of specially formulated black truck bed liner base coat, two 1-L cans of U-POL Raptor standard hardener, and a free custom bedliner spray gun with a built-in regulator to ensure you get thorough and plentiful coverage that won’t run out before the job is completed to your satisfaction. The kit is super easy to use and produces a high-quality finished product that not only looks professional, but is waterproof, rustproof, scratch- and dent-resistant, and will help to dampen sounds and vibrations while driving.

The Dupli-Color DIY Truck Bed Liner with Bed Armor Kit definitely deserves an honorable mention for being a high-quality kit that produces a durable, professional-looking finished product. The kit contains a water-based polyurethane coating that is specially formulated with tiny, ground-up rubber particles that proved the ultimate textured and skid-resistant surface. It’s a durable and long-lasting finish that protects your truck bed and won’t fade, chip, flake, or peel. It can also be successfully applied to wood, fiberglass, metal, or concrete to create safe, non-slip surfaces. The kit contains one gallon of Bed Armor DIY truck bed liner, a roller frame, roller cover, roller tray, stir stick, application brush, scuff pad, and instructional booklet to ensure you create a thorough, professional finish with minimal effort.

We have to give a second honorable mention to the Al’s Liner ALS-BL Black Premium DIY Polyurethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit. This is the only kit we have on the list that comes in either black, gray, or tan color options. This, obviously, allows you to choose the look you most want for your truck. This company is the first and the only urethane/acrylic DIY truck bed liner kit that comes ready to blend with three-part liquid components that allow you to create a truly customized and unique bed liner. You can even buy extra additional ingredients to customize the coating further. The end result is an easily applied, high-quality coating that won’t fade, chip, rust, or peel and is resistant to oil, chemicals, solvents, and gasoline, providing you years of worry-free protection for your truck bed.