Recently, the mad scientist behind the ‘B Is For Build‘ YouTube channel announced that he’s procured an R34 Skyline, and was planning to make it fully street-legal. There’s one small hitch there: the 25-year import law hasn’t technically allowed for this just yet.

That’s right: that’s a genuine Skyline. Except, it’s not a GTR. He plans to do all the necessary swapping to make it a GTR tribute in a way I had never really considered.

Though, it’s still very much a no-no in the eyes of the federal government. Any car less than 25 years old and was never sold here is generally forbidden, so Uncle Sam might have a mind to tow it away and crush it. He apparently got it for quite cheap, partially due to its ne’er-do-well legal status. It’s also a bit of a hack-job project that’s gone from one shop to another; he’s certainly got his work cut out for him.

However, he’s got a truly genius plan: just graft its body onto another car. Apparently, in the eyes of the state of Oregon where he resides, this is perfectly legal. He’s had solid success with grafting stuff before, too.

His plan is to graft the R34 body onto a crashed R35, AKA The SoCal Trackday Cheat Code (well, that’s my name for it, it’s the quintessential let-the-computer-do-the-driving track car). Normally, I’m not really a fan of the R35; I never dug its looks, it seems way too digital for my liking. However, I like this method.

Sure, it’ll still drive like a cheat-code car, but at least it’ll look the business with a beautiful, R34 shell over it. He has all the necessary bodywork to transform it from just a Skyline to a Skyline GTR, by the way. The R34 Skyline GTR is still an insanely engineered brute of a supercar by modern standards, I like that this is a progression of that. It might lose some weight in the process too, making its power-to-weight ratio even crazier.

I’m excited to see how this progresses! What do you think about this method for making a fully-street-legal R34 GTR?