The Rav4 used to be such a plucky little trucklet thanks to Toyota’s novel approach. It took a Corolla chassis, put some knobby tires on it, gave it the same all-wheel-drive (AWD) system as its rally hatchbacks, and sold it to the masses as a car alternative. The result was a cute soft-roader that was almost as at home on beachy dunes and muddy trails as it would be on city streets.

While I was in Miami, a city full of wealth, this white RAV4 caught my eye in a neighborhood full of fast expensive cars.

  • Car: Toyota RAV4 L
  • Location: Miami, FL (Wynwood)
  • Photog: me (Kevin Williams)
  • Camera: Canon EOS M50

Miami’s Wynwood area is full of art, murals, and expensive cars. It even has a cool cars and guitar museum, yet I can’t help but feel that the neighborhood is a textbook example of gentrification. Large artwork across building sides, Mercedes-Benz GLCs, and $7 coffees displace the old residents who drove RAV4s and ate at family-owned Taquerias.

In a neighborhood built to impress, the humble RAV4 stood out in its earnestness.