I’ve always been a big fan of OEM wheel upgrades. Take a different style or size from your car’s other generations and mount ’em up. Or, a style and size that came on a different model. Often, the size, offset, and bolt pattern fit without issue, and you’ve got something that looks noticeably different and/or better without the fitment headaches. Plus, it’s not uncommon to buy those wheels second-hand on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace from someone who just wants them out of their garage, so the price is often ultra-cheap. It’s even cool to find a set of wheels that are from the same generation, such as running upgraded alloys if yours came with base ones or steelies.

Cross-pollination of wheels between different generations and models under one automaker’s roof is really cool, and thoroughly highlighted in the OEM Wheels on Other Makes & Models Facebook Group. Just look at these examples, there’s endless cool stuff and inspiration!

In my own stable, I have nice 15-inch alloys that came on Touring-trim Mazda 2s that I picked up for super cheap. I look forward to someday getting tires for them and throwing on my 2 that is equipped with the Sport trim. Originally, it came with steelies and decent-looking hubcaps. My Land Rover Discovery 1 also came with base alloys mounted up, but the spare set that came along when I bought it are higher-trim equipment that look way better and were shared by the NAS Defender. It didn’t take long for me to throw those on.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done wheel upgrades within the scope of OEM, either: I had VW G60 Corrado wheels on my old Jetta 8v back in the late aughts.

Applying another twist to remixing wheels, there are some really neat examples of taking wheels from a completely different make and model and throwing them on your own. Who knew Porsche Turbo Twists looked so freaking good on a Fox-body notchback Ford Mustang? Or third-gen Trans Am wheels on a Volvo 240 of all cars? Also, throwing JDM STI Rays wheels on an early ‘90s Chevy Beretta GTZ is next-level cool shit, just like throwing freaking Bugatti EB110 wheels on a 190E Benz! At first, I wasn’t sure about 19-inch Veloster N wheels on an old Honda CR-V, but the more I look at it, the more I really dig it.

OEM Wheels on Other Makes & Models Facebook Group Screenshots

One of the very few I haven’t been a fan of is this Prius on first-gen Toyobaru wheels, though I certainly appreciate the effort.

OEM Wheels on Other Makes & Models Facebook Group Screenshots

I could browse this group for hours on end and never run out of inspiration. It makes me want to buy all the old projects and outfit them with unconventionally sick OEM wheels. I’m envisioning them with proper drops, as well.

One universal truth about OEM+ wheel upgrades is that Salad Shooters from a C4 Chevrolet Corvette look great on everything, especially fellow ’80s fare. This Mustang is a perfect example, even if some might call it sinful to put Chevy parts on a Ford. 

OEM Wheels on Other Makes & Models Facebook Group Screenshots

Check out the group! At the moment it’s public too, which makes quick and easy viewing, well, quick and easy.