Lamborghini has shared some cool images of one of its cars custom-painted by Italian artist Paolo Troilo. It’s very… intense. But also pretty cool, if only because a supercar with hand-painted detailing is great. I really liked this “emerging from tunnel” photo in general, too. The art itself, as in, the work painted on the car’s bodywork, is called “Minotauro.”

  • Car: Lamborghini Huracán EVO
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Photog: Unknown (image owned by Lamborghini, shared with permission)
  • Camera: Unknown

Automobiles decorated with interesting art is one of my favorite slices of car culture. This kind of thing is big in the low rider scene, somewhat present in tuner cars, but seems rare with supercars. The “Minotauro” is so named because of something something man-and-bull (you know what a minotaur is, right?) but I think it’s just a cool expression of chaotic energy.

Anyway, here’s the full-size upload for your enjoyment:

This Angsty Lamborghini Would Make a Good Backup Batmobile

And here’s some more context on the artist, which Lamborghini included in a release (along with more pictures of the car):

Paolo studied at the European Institute of Design in Rome, then Arts and Architecture at the University of Florence, but he never finished any of these studies because he was eager to work in advertising.

In 1997 he moved to Milan and started his illustrious career in this sector.

The path to success started with the prestigious Saatchi & Saatchi, which led to him being nominated Best Italian Creative Director in 2007 with the presentation of the Grand Prix of the Italian Art Directors Club.

If we had to give a date for the beginning of his artistic career, it would probably be April 2005 when, while still working in advertising, he decided to switch from drawing to the noble art of painting.

However, the day he started gathering together the materials he needed to make that leap, he forgot to buy brushes. This is the “mistake” that gave us his technique; the need to express himself at all costs became a virtue.

He started painting with his fingers and this technique, together with the powerful figurative results, make him unique.

In 2009 he left advertising to follow his passion for painting. In 2011 he was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale. In 2013 he became an independent artist, leaving all the art galleries that represented him to pursue his own path with the help of patrons.

His works have been exhibited in Singapore, San Francisco, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Rome, Palermo, and Florence.