The thing about European-spec Honda Civics is that they all look bizarrely futuristic. OK, not all, but Honda went hard with swoopy lines over there starting around a decade ago, and now every time I see a non-U.S. Civic I find myself thinking it might have time travelled. Then this thing shows up in my feed and I mean, come on, it’s pretty mind-blowing from an American perspective.

March 22, 2021 Car Bibles Feature Photo Details

  • Car(s): 2015 Honda Civic Tourer SR
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Photog: Jon Adler (Insta: @jonalder)
  • Camera: Just a humble iPhone

What you’re looking at is a six-year-old Civic station wagon with a modified Type R bodykit, air bag suspension, and Equip Voggard three-spoke wheels. “I’ve only just done the airride so hopefully get some good pictures soon,” the car’s owner Jon Adler told me over Facebook messenger when I asked if I could share the attached pic of his car.

I love the way the thing looks in that silhouette image. It’s like a spaceship landed in some nondescript driveway, which is awesome. Folks in England are probably laughing at me; to them the car won’t look quite so extreme since they’re used to seeing the body style. But I bet many of you never even realized a 2015 Civic Wagon was even a thing!

The standard British-spec Civic Wagon (or “Tourer” as they call it) is a pretty regular car, in the same way a Civic sedan is basic transportation stateside. But, like American Civics, these cars obviously take on a lot more personality with modifications.

Here’s a bonus picture, because I’ve got it:

Image: Jon Adler

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