May’s All Makes Welcome car meet (last Saturday of every month) was packed with impressively clean old cars, with Porsches and BMWs seeming to be more represented than any other make. Here’s a pair of them up against Commodity Coffee’s south wall, which is coincidentally color-matched to the cars in a very pleasing way.

Cars: Porsche 911; BMW 2002
Location: Long Beach, CA
Photog: Andrew P. Collins
Camera: iPhone XR

This was my first time at this monthly gathering. And even though crowded car meets are pretty common in California, there was a lot more hardware here than I expected. The main road in front of the coffee shop was double-parked for blocks – check it:

These Cars Match the Wall They’re Parked Next To Bizarrely Well
Image: Andrew P. Collins

If it’s still going on when you find this post and you’re inclined to check it out, details are on this Instagram page which I linked above as well. If you want to get a prime spot, you’re going to have to roll up really early and commit to being parked up for a few hours at least after you get parked in. I snuck in my Z31 away from the action, the impeccably restored and tastefully modded classics were making me a little self-conscious about my car’s roached clearcoat anyway.

The coffee inside is good and the antique furniture store across the street is pretty interesting too.