Van life wrapped its lifted, stealth-living tentacles around us years ago, but the pandemic’s uncertainty only strengthened its tight grip on our collective necks. Ready for the harsh terrain of the Rocky Mountains, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is kind of the van of choice of well-to-do van-lifers. This four-wheel-drive (4WD) conversion is made by Winnebago.

  • Car: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Winnebago Revel)
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Photog: me (Kevin Williams)
  • Camera: Canon EOS M50

The unofficial uniform of your typical Denver resident, a lifted, overland-ready, 4WD van or SUV is the vehicle of choice for those looking to live in a vehicle and explore the scenery the beautiful state has to offer. It seems like adding 4WD to the Sprinter was the best thing Mercedes could have done, as I saw these variants on nearly every street corner during a trip to the Mile-High City.

Van life builds can be done on a budget or with extreme extravagance, but many are self-made. Winnebago still offers super-gaudy (or kitschy, depending on how you look at it) RV builds, but it now also offers other classes of mobile homes like this converted Sprinter that would look at home in the parking lot of your local REI. It’s not cheap, either, as Winnebago advertises a $196,000 starting price, and it only gets scarier the more options you add. But, hey, think of it this way: At least you can use the toilet and shower at the same time.

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