We humans love comparing mechanical things, especially cars, with fellow members of Kingdom Animalia. We even often name the former after the latter, like naming a Fiat a Panda, or saying the first-gen Porsche Panamera looks like a pregnant fish.

Stare at the two for a while, you’ll see it.

Recently, since the New York International Auto Show was canceled due to America’s fascination with irresponsibility, Hyundai fully revealed the new, hotly-anticipated Hyundai Elantra N via normal, everyday channels. I think it looks quite good, in fact, it looks better than I expected. Really, this latest Elantra looks great in general for its striking, unlike-anything-else design. I was concerned that this wouldn’t translate to hot subcompact status, but luckily it did.

The New Hyundai Elantra N Looks Like the Automotive Equivalent of a Belgian Malinois
Image: Hyundai

Its N trim adds even more layers of striking, namely regarding its all-black front-end/grille area. It kind of looks like the automotive equivalent of a Belgian Malinois dog.

I know, this is a weird comparison, but hear me out. Malinoises (er, Malinoise?) are known for their adorable, all-black snouts. Like it got all muddy while digging a hole, or it got curious and dunked its snoot in some black paint. Why would a Malinois do that? Who knows, but surely it’d have its reasoning if it were able to explain in Dutch, French, or even English; they’re very, very smart dogs.

In fact, I’d say the K9 comparisons go further. The Elantra N is a bigger and longer vehicle than its close relative the Veloster N; the Malinois has a longer wheel, er, legbase and bigger size than most other dogs. It’s around the same size as a German Shepard.

The New Hyundai Elantra N Looks Like the Automotive Equivalent of a Belgian Malinois
Image: Hyundai

Then, there’s agility. The Elantra handles well in N-lite form, also known as the N-Line. Assuming the single-syllable-trim handles even better, then it’ll be a very agile, quick-turning, and fast compact -just like its pastor canis comparison.

I’m not sure law enforcement agencies will start utilizing Elantra Ns, since they already swear in Malinois as adorable little colleagues. I’m not saying tasking a car with sniffing for contraband, but rather more conventionally as a patrol car. But hey, who knows.

It’s fun to make these kinds of comparisons — what are some odd comparisons you’d like to offer up? Comment below!