I still can’t decide whether or not I actually like the Mercedes GLA in general, but I have to admit this one I saw in a very mean and stormy dark grey looked impressive.

  • Cars: Mercedes GLA, first-gen Miata, MR2 Spyder
  • Location: Long Beach, CA
  • Photog: Me
  • Camera: iPhone XR

My colleague Peter Nelson thinks the AMG version of these cars is one to watch if you’re looking for something neat that doesn’t cost as much as something with a big biturbo V8. I bet they’re at least reasonably fun and practical — the shape makes me think this car could be parked anywhere and swallow up a big haul of groceries.

That sculpting on the side, which looks particularly dramatic from this angle, really does a lot to make the car look fast and intense. The spoiler’s doing a bit of lifting to that end, too.

I haven’t seen too many people modifying them yet. But this one, posted up at an All Makes Welcome meet in Long Beach, was obviously enthusiast-owned and well taken care of.

This trio of cars is kind of a funny entourage, but I really liked the framing on this photo and the pops of color against a whole lot of darkness.