M539 Restorations gives the traditional DIY car restoration YouTube channel an entertaining spin. Crazy attention to detail, exclusive use of OEM parts, and a very likable sense of humor – it’s all there. It’s cool to see it all come together in a foreign country, too.

More and more DIY car restoration channels have been popping up on the vast, great plain of YouTube over the past few years. It’s been fun to be along for the ride. Though as far as productivity in life goes, it’s caused a steady downslope for me for sure. Well, maybe productivity in the traditional, non-car-writing sense. I can write off watching stuff like this as professional development and blog research.

There are certainly a lot of different channels to scope out! Each has its own personality, sense of humor, narration, and above all, type of car they’re working on. Some just restore what they find on the cheap, regardless of brand or type. Others stick to a brand with un-yielding allegiance.

M539 Restorations demonstrates this kind of allegiance well. If you’re fan of pre-2010 BMWs, especially the golden years of the 3-, 5-, and 7-Series in the late-’90s and early-’00s, Sreten’s your man. Most of us car dorks at least have an appreciation for this era of Ultimate Driving Machine, for better or worse. Better if we find ourselves in possession of one that’s been cared for, far worse if not.

Located in Hamburg, Germany, he creates long-form restoration videos packed with good explanation and attention to detail. From sealing up an engine, to replacing those classic BMW screens inside gauge clusters, to even thoroughly detailing interiors, Sreten does it all. Depending upon the shape of the Bimmers he buys and where they came from, the strategy to get them into well-running, clean condition varies significantly. Though, the common themes of thorough explanation and, in our opinion, excellent humor, never change.

I also really dig the fact that no project is insurmountable; to him, it just means more videos and hilarious commentary.

Check it out for yourself! Find a project that corresponds your favorite Bavarian guilty pleasure (for me, it’s the 8-Series) and start at the beginning.