The Lexus LC 500 Is one of the most unique halo cars in existence, and Lexus is killing it with the color palette. This Nori Green color, for example, matches its beautiful exterior so well.

  • Car: 2021 Nori Green Lexus LC 500
  • Location: Southern California
  • Photog: Peter Nelson (Instagram)
  • Camera: Canon 6D, Canon EOS 35-70 Zoom

This only boosts the LC 500‘s credentials as a truly great luxury grand tourer. Prospective owners bomb around with 478 horsepower at their disposal via a revvy naturally aspirated 2UR-GSE 5.0-liter V8, and they can do so in serene luxury. The LC sort of resembles its predecessor the LFA, which is very much a good thing, but it still has its own individual personality.

Lexus does all of this for way less money than what other cars like an Aston Martin DB11 or Porsche 911 cost. Good on ’em: long live big, gorgeous, loud V8-powered GT cars.