This cutaway Lamborghini Aventador monocoque display chassis was trotted out at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, but it’s still really cool. Also, it kind of looks like some kind of futuristic warrior vehicle without the high-drama aerodynamic bodywork.

Car: 2011 Lamborghini Aventador (monocoque)
Location: Sant’Agata, Italy
Photog: Lamborghini
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Maybe I just have hacked Lamborghinis on my brain because of that B is for Build YouTube video. Here’s what the Italian automaker actually wanted you to takeaway from seeing this image, which it re-released as a tribute to “ten years of innovation” with the supercar. From a press release:

“The Aventador LP 700-4, with its carbon-fiber monocoque never before seen in Lamborghini supercars, established Lamborghini’s leadership in the production and development of composite materials, making the Sant’Agata automaker the first company to produce such a large number of carbon fiber elements in-house.

The Aventador’s carbon-fiber monocoque, built using various patented Lamborghini technologies, is a ‘single shell’ monocoque, combining the car cockpit, floor, and roof in a single structure, thus ensuring extremely high structural rigidity. Together with the two front and rear aluminum sub-frames, it is an engineering solution that offers high structural rigidity and an exceptionally light weight of only 229.5 kg (about 506 pounds).”

The only Aventador I’ve ever driven was the particularly preposterous SVJ — a limited version with over 700 HP and a list price of around three quarter-million bucks. My main memory of driving it, besides being paparazzi’d a lot, was that the shifts were so intense I really truly felt like I was going to outer space when I launched the thing and soared to highway speeds. What a car.