Nearly every time I walk around the city, I see old Infiniti sedans like the G37 and am repeatedly impressed with how well those designs have aged. Without heavy-handed creases, angles, and pinch lines, they’ve grown older gracefully, and I think the same will be said in the future about the Infiniti Q50, the company’s current sedan.

  • Car: 2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport
  • Location: Tennessee
  • Photog: Tony Markovich (Instagram + Twitter: @T_Marko)
  • Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i, 18-55mm IS STM lens

The Q50 first debuted in 2013 and launched as a 2014 model. It’s gone through one model refresh and has had numerous concepts, special editions, and variants like the 568-horsepower Eau Rouge and the 400-horsepower Red Sport. So this thing is already old, and it still looks better than a majority of sedans out there. It’s curvy without being too dramatic and has an obvious luxury presence.

This photo was taken at a first-drive event back in 2017. The steering and transmission were the low points of the car, but the twin-turbo V6 and luxurious skin keep things interesting. As for the future of the Q50 line and Infiniti sedans in general, it’s currently unclear if or when the next-generation model could arrive. However, if it looks anything like the QS Inspiration sports sedan concept, it should carry on Infiniti’s reputation of making beautiful sedan designs that never get tired.