Car Bibles has teamed up with car-themed t-shirt purveyor BlipShift for the second time now to shill another shirt, and this one feels particularly perfect for the brand of low-budget lean-restorations we celebrate around here. Check it out!

You can spec this design on a few different styles of t-shirts for various body types, a hoodie, a long-sleeve shirt, or even as a small poster if you’re so inclined. The apparel starts at $20 plus $3.80 for shipping and will be available until Sunday, July 25, 2021. Don’t sleep on it because BlipShift shirts don’t always come back! Here’s the shopping link to get yours. Don’t be shy about sharing that, either… spread the gospel, eh?

You’ll find sizing specs on the BlipShift site, too. I personally recommend the “Premium Tri-Blend,” but have rocked the cheaper fitted options from BS with good results as well. Here’s what a few look like:

The Holy Trinity Of DIY Projects: Zip-Ties, Duct Tape, WD-40 (Now Available On A T-Shirt)
Images: BlipShift

And here’s a little promotional clip our merch manager cooked up, which I enjoyed immensely:

This will only be for sale for a little over a week, so hurry up and just grab one already. That link again is Hope to see some of you all rocking these at car meets in the summer and fall!