Those of us at Car Bibles are generally purveyors of all different forms of internet car culture. None more than His Excellence (his chosen honorific) Andrew P. Collins, our editor, who has the nose of a bloodhound for quality car memes. For today’s digest: A silent movie rendition of the famous “more than you can afford, pal” scene of The Fast and The Furious.

Internet humor is truly hit or miss. A grab bag of shitty music edits over random dudes driving one-handed at triple the speed limit, unfunny Mustang memes, and incoherent ramblings about “gapplebees” and getting sent to it form up most of my experience with the Instagram Discover page. Not to mention the cornballs who don their racing helmet on the street to badly drift their poorly modified BMW M3s.

Rarely, a good joke can happen. This comedy came from Instagram user @bizzle_wrx, and comes in two parts. First, it’s the four-way drag race scene from the beginning of the first Fast and Furious movie, then the aforementioned “more than you can afford” scene. There is also a hilarious bonus post, but all of them made us holler with laughter.

Explaining a joke is the easiest way to ruin one so just behold the first post:

I lost control of myself at the third image. Vin Diesel amongst some Great Depression(?)-era wreckage with a conductor’s hat over his normal black long sleeve and gold chain aesthetic is an anachronism at its absolute funniest. It’s one of those things I’m amazed someone didn’t think of sooner.

“Overtaken I?” Vin Diesel says in an impression of old-timey English, instead of “you almost had me?” I’m imagining the cadence of the scene as it happened but with Vin Diesel speaking in something similar to a Transatlantic Accent. Why hasn’t someone re-enacted this but as an actual film? Anyways, up next is the even funnier Pacific Coast Highway drag race scene.

Vin Diesel in a bowler hat. And Paul Walker with a… fresh Nick Carraway haircut? Either way, these two gentlemen are looking spiffy and not at all like the real scene with glistening wraparound sunglasses and Vin Diesel’s sweaty bald head. Pardon my youth, but I have no idea who occupies the fourth image but they look old-timey and somehow comedically clueless. In his retort to the famous “what’s the retail on one of those?” grandpa has the clap back.

The last three images sealed the deal. Instead of the orange Toyota Supra and black Ferrari F355, there are two pre-war machines lined up at a semaphore. Not a stoplight… an image of an actual semaphore that flips from stop to go starts the presumably noisy and slow drag race.

Experience this all for yourself at the embedded links. We all deserve a good laugh, especially when it comes to Fast and Furious-related humor.