There’s such a diversity of car opinions here at Car Bibles. Andrew Collins likes big truck things, Chris Rosales is a Europhile, and Peter Nelson loves race cars. Me? I like weird stuff.

  • Car: Ethan Tufts’ 1988 Chevy Nova Twin Cam
  • Location: Radwood NorCal
  • Photog: me (Kevin Williams)
  • Camera: Canon EOS M50

This Nova, or affectionately known as the Novarolla, is weird. Kind of. Built from a partnership with Toyota, this iteration of the Chevy Nova was a reskinned Toyota Corolla, made in California. Most Novas came with a basic 1.6 liter, single overhead cam, “4A-C” engine with a whopping 75 horsepower. The “Twin Cam” cars, however, got something special — Toyota’s famous 4AGE Engine, with a super high (at least for 1988) 7,500 redline. It was a screamer; a faster, quicker, more sporting Novarolla.

Chevy Nova Twin Cam Badge Close Up
Kevin Williams

This one is actually fellow car writer journo Ethan Tufts’! I didn’t actually go up and meet him, but I know it’s his.

Maybe he’ll take a manual Accord Wagon on trade?