As far as factory-equipped off-roaders go, the 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison is one of the best-looking options among small pickups.

  • Car: 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison
  • Location: Southern California
  • Photog: Peter Nelson (Instagram)
  • Camera: Canon 6D, EF 35-70 AF Zoom Lens

I like the look of the Colorado in plain James base spec, but give it this color, raise it up, throw on some substantial armoring from American Expedition Vehicles, and flaunt the Multimatic suspension bolted up underneath, and it just looks so mean.

As a mid-size truck, it’s easier to live with on a daily basis. It’s no ’90s Chevy S10, but by today’s standards, it’s pretty trim and athletic, and narrower than you’d think. This bodes well not only for style, but for fitting on narrow off-road trails as well.

The Colorado’s face in this spec might be the best part of its appearance. The grille and headlights aren’t too massive,and they compliment the trim, front bumper, and lower bits of armoring so well.

I wasn’t crazy about Chevy trucks until I saw this thing in person. Now I’m confident the Colorado ZR2 without the Bison option would be my pickup of choice if I needed one.