In the great expanse of content on YouTube, it can be tough to find genuinely entertaining, informative, and well-produced channels. Especially if they don’t have astronomical subscriber numbers. One of the best recent content diamonds I’ve found in this endless proverbial rough is a channel called 2nd Hand Overland, which has great insights on wheeling in vehicles that aren’t extremely expensive.

Run by a gent by the name of Matt Kester out of North Phoenix, this channel’s got it all: good narration, solid video quality, nice drone footage, a wide variety of off-road rigs discussed, and more. What’s kind of wild to me, is it has less than 7,000 subscribers at the moment. I know everyone’s got to start from somewhere, but by the looks of the production quality and overall quality, it deserves a hell of a lot more. Matt really puts a lot of time and effort into his videos.

Also, if you haven’t done a quick peruse of this channel before reaching this point, there’s a lot of great Discovery 1 content. As you might know, we at Car Bibles really dig this ultimate old-school Land Rover, and my wallet certainly proves it. Our editor Andrew Collins had one too – in fact he wrote a brilliant owner review in our Land Rover Discovery 1 Car Bible! Obviously, we’d dig this channel even if it didn’t have all the great production and information, but we’re still glad it’s there.

It looks like Kester’s wife bought a red D1 a few months back, and they’ve been covering what they’ve done to it maintenance-wise ever since. They’ve had to throw a decent amount of coin at it, but it’s proven to be a solid, worthy cause as they’ve been able to traverse some pretty gnarly trails in an otherwise stock example. Plus, the blog/narrative style they use to tell their tales is quite good; again, a testament to the amount of work they put into their videos.

It’s motivating for me to get mine as reliable as possible, as soon as possible, for sure.

They create videos about other platforms, too, including Matt’s own Toyota 4Runner (which would be in Car Bibles’ Top Five 4×4 Rigs, if we were to ever make such a list. After all, my colleague Chris Rosales did create a Car Bible for this third-gen legend.

It’s safe to say that this channel’s variety and information is quite good. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!