This 356 Porsche Speedster is just being woken up from a restoration led by Beau Boeckmann (president of the huge Galpin auto dealer company, old-car aficionado, and very cool dude) with Dave Shuten (who I haven’t met but must have a good eye) doing some design work.

  • Car: 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster
  • Location: Porsche Santa Clarita (Santa Clarita, CA)
  • Photog: Tyler Clemmensen
  • Camera: Nikon Z7

I’ve been a huge fan of bronze, gold, and even yellowish wheels for ages but I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite this hue yet. And, yep, I dig it. I feel like the bold color choice adds a neat splash of modernization to this decidedly ’50s-looking car.

Speaking of the ’50s, the exterior color, wow. It almost looks like something that would have been on a fridge back then… in a good way. The red and plaid interior feels in-period too, though I guess I have to admit it was about three decades before my time. Maybe one of you old heads can let me know if this is a colorway you might have seen back then?

Teal, Plaid, and Gold Is a Unique Color Combo That’s Really Working on This Porsche

Anyway, Kahn Media, a PR company that reps the Galpin Porsche store where this car was hanging out, sent along a little release with a few more specifics:

“Modifications include an upgraded 1600SC flat-four air-cooled pushrod engine, shaved rocker moldings and rear reflectors, a louvered decklid, and filled, smoothed, and chromed bumpers. The car rides on magnesium knock-off wheels and is finished in a custom Blue-Green paint from PPG.”

Teal, Plaid, and Gold Is a Unique Color Combo That’s Really Working on This Porsche
Image: Kahn Media

I absolutely love Porsche 356s but I have to admit I’m getting a little bored of silver ones. OK, that’s a lie, silver ones will always be amazing. But this custom color is great.