If you need a car tire with a unique mix of value and quality, Sumitomo tires are your best bet. This is a brand that offers excellent performance for all vehicles they’re used with. Sumitomo tires are well used for SUVs, passenger cars and light trucks. They’re the leading manufacturers in the vehicle industry, known for creating innovative designs through manufacturing and precision engineering quality. In this article, we present to you the bestselling Sumitomo tires. These tires are the most reliable and durable products available in the market; thus, we guarantee that your safety and comfort are fully catered for.

Best Selling Sumitomo Tires

For excellent performance in the snow, Sumitomo has launched its most exceptional radial tire yet. This product falls under its collection of car tires, manufactured for stability and comfort. In finding the bestselling Sumitomo models in the market our editorial team came across the Sumitomo Ice Edge Radial tire, a stable winter tire made to deliver severe snow performance while meeting the other necessary needs of every owner. These are tires that feature specific elements meant to target the unique demands arising from harsh cold weather. The incorporation of high tech elements and top innovations allows users to make use of this product at various points within the year without any problem. 

The Sumitomo Ice Edge tires come with a studded exterior to offer your vehicle more grip and traction whenever it is used in the snow. Every part of this tire is manufactured with a unique engineering system which comprises of a specially formulated tread compound, for superior performance and extended durability. Another feature that customers have come to appreciate is the distinct 3D siping technology which gives your vehicle the ultimate bite on ice and snow. For better stability and handling, these tires feature triangular center tread blocks, which expand when in contact with the road surface. Upon contact, there is an expansion of the tread contact footprint, and this results in higher levels of comfort during your ride. There is also the widening of all tread channels which helps enhance snow grip while speeding up the evacuation of slush and ice.

  • Brand SUMITOMO
  • Model Ice Edge
  • Weight 20.6 pounds

The celebration of 105 years by Sumitomo is well deserved because they have dedicated several years to the satisfaction of every customer and all car owners across the world. No car cannot find the perfect tire among the endless Sumitomo options. The brands radial tires are all designed differently, but they each offer similar, outstanding performances to users, depending on their specific manufacturing purpose. One model from this family of beautiful tires that have stood the test of time concerning terrain and seasons is their Sumitomo Touring LSH All-season radial tire. As the name suggests, this is the perfect tire to use throughout the year if you’re an economical car owner. It keeps your vehicle on the road continuously, and ensuring your comfort is guaranteed.

The Touring LSH tires are radial tires developed for all cars including crossover vehicles, soups, sedans, and minivans. Their design is such that, no matter the terrain, you remain balanced and overly comfortable. These tires feature the use of fine-grain carbon, a tread compound known for its durability. This compound is molded into a symmetric pattern by computer, to help increase tread life and aid in water evacuation. There’s a center rib included in the design to provide continuous contact for a quieter ride, with innovative shoulder blocks that come together to enhance cornering traction. For improved performance in different weather conditions, the Touring LSH tires have an increased number of biting edges. The sipes are located in the independent shoulder for better output working together with the four circumferential grooves that help your tires resist hydroplaning.

  • Brand SUMITOMO
  • Model Touring LSH
  • Weight 31 pounds

If you’ve ever encountered Sumitomo tires, you can attest to the fact that they’re incredibly durable and reliable. This brand is the leading manufacturer in the construction of top quality car tires. Every model made comes with all the required features for optimum performance. Their latest creation is the Sumitomo HTR Z III radial tire. These tires were designed for all sporty coupes, sports cars, and the various high-performance sedans. 

Some of the significant features possessed by this model are the silica-enhanced tread compound system for better grip and traction. It also has an asymmetrical tread design and a sophisticated five-rib. The tread blocks of these tires are intermediate, while the outboard shoulder is large enough to cater for your vehicular needs. For better dry road traction and high-speed stability, the Sumitomo tires feature continuous center. This center results in responsive handling, which is required for the excellent performance of your car tires.

  • Brand SUMITOMO
  • Model HTR Z III
  • Weight 33 pounds

Coming into contact with any tire from Sumitomo changes your perspective about tires and how they operate. These are world-class tires created to be the difference in the vehicle industry. The difference is easily seen in their construction and external aesthetic, which differs significantly from other competing brand models. All over the world, Sumitomo is recognized as being the leading manufacturer of car tires, and our editorial team was more than happy to highlight some of their bestselling units, one of which Is the Sumitomo Encounter HT, an all-season radial tire for SUVs and pickup trucks.

The Encounter HT tire features a high-quality design backed by new technologies for higher performance. It delivers a long lifespan which ensures that every customer receives excellent value for money, miles after their purchase. This car tire combines wet braking and dry handling with its all-season traction system, in all seasons exceptionally light snow. Such an ability isn’t collective in all all-season tires; thus were confident in the quality of this model from Sumitomo. The casing is molded into a symmetrical five-rib pattern, which works in combination with a continuous center rib for dry road, straight-line traction. Stability is also ensured via the inclusion of independent intermediate and shoulder tread blocks.

  • Brand SUMITOMO
  • Model Encounter HT
  • Weight 44.5 pounds

Our final installation in this article focuses on another fantastic tire design from Sumitomo. The company is regarded as a leading tire manufacturer, by car and tire experts from across the globe. They come highly recommended for different vehicles, various terrains and all the seasons in a year. Our team has put together all the specifications of this tire, to help new car owners and those searching for high-quality tires make the most suitable choice for their safety and comfort. Among the available tire models in the Sumitomo family, the Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 Performance tire is the greatest invention and the most suitable for all types of roads.

The HTR tires from Sumitomo offer customers the perfect merger between value for money and top quality. These tires feature high technology radials, hence the HTR in their model name. This is a system that guarantees excellent performance at all times. The HTR is an excellent tire for your light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers because it delivers nothing short of the best in reliability, stability, and strength. The casing is a third-generation model that features a beautiful asymmetrical design. This works in combination with the tires silica-enhanced tread compound, which is molded into the tires five-rid design. Intermediate tread blocks and sizeable outboard shoulder enhances dry road traction to offer you with high-speed stability you will much enjoy.

  • Brand Sumitomo
  • Model HTR A/S P02
  • Weight 23.1 pounds

Sumitomo Tires Buying Guide

Who Makes Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo tires are under the umbrella of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI). This is a Japanese company that manufactures the best Japanese tires to supply all over the world. They have been operating for over 100 years, and are known for the exportation of high-quality tires from across the globe. The Sumitomo Rubber Industry also works with smaller tire brands such as Falken tire. These smaller brands target specific consumer sectors in the tire industry. The Sumitomo tires are manufactured in Japan under strict conditions. The company is made up of seasoned employees comprising scientists and designers.

Who Choose Sumitomo Tires?

  • Legacy

The Sumitomo tire brand offers its clients an excellent pedigree in its range of tires. In this century which is worth a unique manufacturing experience, this company designs products for the local and global markets. Every tire manufactured by this brand comes with a high-quality design that suits both passenger and commercial vehicles in the market today. This is not an independent brand, as it works hand in hand with multiple brands such as Dunlop tires and Falken. Their ability to cooperate with other models signifies the company’s influence and success.

  • Technological Advances

The tire industry has continued success because the company officials invest in different types of research that guide their various designs. In addition to the study, the brand works with development centers that allow them to incorporate all new technologies in their plans. As much as possible, the Sumitomo brand makes a conscious effort to conduct its technological studies. The tires produced by this company create concepts as the first step to their designs. One unique idea they make use of is the 4D Nano design technology. This system makes use of careful observation and evaluation of Sumitomo’s molecular structure. The use of such techniques allows the company to deliver increased fuel efficiency and grip.

  • Warranty

To cater for the full lifespan of the product, Sumitomo products feature extensive warranties. These branded tires have a guarantee that is longer than many competing models in the market. Such a long lifespan is excellent for the price of every Sumitomo tire. We believe that investing in these tires is a brilliant idea because they offer high confidence and respect to their customers all across the world. If you want any different reason to purchase Sumitomo tires, an exceptional warranty should be on top of your list.

  • Durability

Another reason why we recommend these tires for all customers and car owners is that they are all extremely durable. The level of strength is made possible by efforts of seasoned scientists and car experts. These professionals carefully design each tire model in a manner that it can withstand all the usual pressures of daily use. Some of their features include extended grooves, unique tread patterns, and ultimately improved traction. Reading through reviews from existing customers provides you with all the necessary information on every model, and how they operate.

Design Features

  • Control

Driving with ultimate control Is one of the best things that any driver can experience. The element of control identified in Sumitomo tires is provided by their sipes and integrated tread design. Siping and the tread design helps maintain consistency with your tire movements while preventing hydroplaning. If you wish to move along wet roads quickly, consider getting any of the various Sumitomo tires. The Sumitomo tires have a unique 5-rib pattern and biting edges that come together to enhance the performance of the tire during all seasons. They allow you to the driver, accelerate, and corner your vehicle whenever you please without any damage.

  • Handling

One’s ability to handle their vehicle well, concerning steering is dependent on the type of tire in use. Tires help determine how easily you can maneuver your vehicle on different terrains in different weather. The tread pattern and choice of material for the tire play an essential role in ensuring that movement and maneuvering aren’t restrictive.

  • Longevity

The build quality of the tire you use is another crucial aspect when considering a purchase. At the time of their investment, many buyers hope to invest in a tire that will last them for many years, making longevity an active and vital factor to consider. The Sumitomo company ensures that all their tires are reliable and robust for them to perform for longer. Since we all seek to avid the regular changing of tires, one needs to invest in resilient tires produced by Sumitomo. To ensure excellent durability, these tires feature the use of a polyester corded boy, for a sturdier design that everyone can appreciate. The use of polyester makes the tire highly resistant to wear and tear and impervious to minor bruising.

  • Safety

Besides the long life of your vehicle and tires, your life is also very critical; thus, security is another design feature you need to consider. Sumitomo tires are one of the bestselling models because they believe your safety before they launch any product. To ensure their tires are safe for use, they construct endless inspections and tests by seasoned professionals.

  • Balance

Balance in car tires is made possible via the different design elements incorporated by manufacturers. The various Sumitomo tires make use of extended grooves and broader tread patterns to offer your vehicle better balance on the different terrains. Depending on the surface you wish to conquer, you can rely on the different Sumitomo brands to help you move freely and comfortably.