I’m not particularly into Porsches, or ultra high-end performance cars at all for that matter. But this shot of a pair of GT-level 911s galloping through a European forest invigorates me something fierce every time I see it.

  • Car(s): Porsche 911 GT3 RS (red, up front); Porsche 911 GT2 RS (blue)
  • Location: Spa, Belgium
  • Photog: Nick Dungan (IG: @nickdunganphoto) (Web:
  • Camera: Sony ILCE-9, 24mm f/1.4

I consider myself very lucky to be able to say I was behind the wheel of the red car when this was taken. So, hey, if you ever need a stunt pilot to pull off “drive about 30 mph straight ahead for a bit,” I’m you’re man.

Porsche, presumably needing to burn off some marketing budget, invited a handful of car writers to the company’s HQ in Stuttgart. From there we were to road trip a Speedster, a GT2 RS, and a pair of GT3 RSs to Spa, Belgium to watch the 24 Hour race there. I, lucky again, got that invite when I was Reviews Editor at Jalopnik and ended up spending the week rolling around with Porschephile photographer Kevin McCauley.

I was inspired to share this photograph because McCauley referenced this shoot in a video he just dropped about taking rolling shots like this. Check it out:

The dude who actually took the photo above was Nick Dungan, another great car-picture-taker who was sitting right next to McCauley in the open hatch of a Cayenne camera car to get a digital roll of frames like this.

As for the GT3 and ‘2 RS driving experience, well, these cars a lot more than just fast. More like… mind-warpingly, stomach-churningly fast. The GT2 RS is more extreme (significantly more powerful) but both cars are glorious love letters to the joy of driving, even without true manual transmissions. And not just fast, but stable. The route we took across Germany included some unrestricted sections of the Autobahn, which we took as much advantage of as we could. The wind noise is a little intrusive over 180 mph, but the GT3 RS charges ahead from that speed with a confidence that’s hard to imagine behind the wheel of most mortal cars. I guess that’s why these things ring up for $200,000!

Here’s the image in full-size splendor. Hopefully loading this doesn’t brick your computer or phone:

Some Cars Are More Than Just Super
Image: Nick Dungan