The Best Snatch Blocks

You want a mechanical advantage. It’s pretty much that simple. Anything you can do to reduce the workload but increase results is worth your time. The same is true for your winch. If you could effectively increase its pulling power, you’re going to want to do it. Why? By doing so, you can quickly get your rig out of some seriously sticky situations. The best part is that it’s simple to do. You don’t need to overhaul your winch or even invest in extremely complicated systems — you just need a snatch block. That’s the beauty of a snatch block, you simply incorporate it into a rope’s routing and double your output. Take a look at some of our favorites to reduce your workload and improve results.

The Smittybilt Universal Snatch Block is our top pick due to its ability to perform and its low price point. This is as basic as a snatch block gets, which makes it perfect for so many uses. Despite being more straightforward and simple than other complex products, it still works just as a snatch block should. It can effectively double the pulling power of your winch. The simple design also has its advantages. It’s lightweight and can be easily stored in any recovery bag. It also makes for effortless setup. It has a 17,600-pound capacity, which is far more than enough for most applications that see off-road use. It is also perfectly capable enough for many other uses The greasable fitting and tough powder coating ensure this snatch block will last.

The Ranger Commercial Snatch Block is our top value pick. We should mention right away that it isn’t cut out for off-road use. The 4,500-pound capacity just isn’t enough to pull four-wheelers free. It is, however, perfect for use in a wide range of miscellaneous tasks. The simple design makes for a very lightweight snatch block that can easily be incorporated into any rope routing. Despite its slim design, it’s tough. It’s made out of forged steel, which ensures it can take a beating. Additionally, the snatch block features an E-coat finish that’ll resist corrosion. The stainless steel pulley also features a zinc coating to promote resistance to the elements. Use this snatch block for hoisting or pulling tools and equipment around the garage, work, or many recreational activities.

Off-road experts will understand why the Warn Epic Snatch Block is our favorite premium offering. This device is durable and will endure the abuse of the most extreme off-road settings. This does warrant its more robust build than that of other options. The most capable version is designed with an 18,000-pound capacity, but different versions are available with lower capacities. Additionally, you may also select to purchase just the snatch block or include some extras. The backpack and recovery kit versions are highly desirable for those who regularly go four-wheeling. A nice detail is that the backpack even features useful diagrams for incorporating the block into a recovery method. What’s also great is that this snatch block is perfectly safe for use with wire and synthetic ropes.

The GearAmerica Mega Snatch Block has an exceptionally high capacity, which makes it worthy of mention. This snatch block has a 25,000-pound capacity that’s far higher than many other available options. This makes it the perfect choice for the recovery of heavy vehicles. It may even prove useful for pulling equipment and other large objects. This model features a robust construction of forged carbon steel that promotes the 50,000-pound max breaking strength. It also features a greasable fitting to ensure it’ll last a very long time. Despite being the toughest off-road snatch block out there, it’s perfectly safe for use with synthetic and wire ropes. You also have the option to select different variants of this block to ensure you get the best version for your rig.

The Champion Snatch Block is a great choice for many entry-level off-roaders. This may not be suited for the heaviest rigs or for pulling large equipment. However, its 15,000-pound capacity makes it just right for most beginner rigs. It’s as simple as possible to set up and is sure to double any winches pulling power. The design also means it’s super lightweight and stores easily in any recovery bag for great portability. The use of black powder-coating and zinc plating also promises it will last just as long as any other snatch block out there. Reliability is great on this snatch block too; it’s backed by a one-year warranty, ensuring you’ll get the best bang for your buck. This is especially true considering the low price-point.