It seems that most of my colleagues plop themselves in a driver’s seat and don’t blink until they get where they’re going. I like to stop and pick flowers, buy coffee, stretch my legs… it drove my dad nuts. What’s your strategy, and how long can you last behind the wheel? Let’s chat!

Hooptie Happy Hour is our weekly chat session in which the Car Bibles writing staff knocks off work specifically to hang out in the comment section here for a hot minute. Well, 60 hot minutes, I did say an “hour” after all. We try to answer comments as much as we can all week but HHH is designed to spark live conversation.

I’ve driven across the continental U.S.A. seven times, across Australia at least five times, done a few thousand miles in Africa, and South America, several runs to the bottom of the Baja peninsula, and take as many additional road-trip vacations as I can. I’m the type to sit on 62 mph, enjoy the scenery, and get out of my vehicle whenever I damn well please. On really long trips, I’ll rock up to a gas station, sleep a few hours, and press on. It’s definitely a “tortoise” (versus hare) strategy and it’s served me well so far.

But I know there are a whole lot of folks who would not have the patience to ride with me. In fact, I bet most of you reading this are cringing thinking about sitting shotgun in my truck while I saunter across the desert at the speed limit. All that said, I mostly use my ’98 Montero for road tripping these days and can squeeze almost 400 miles out of a tank. So when I’ve got a long way to go, I do about “one tank’s worth” in a sitting. That works out to be, I don’t know, about seven hours I guess?

Anyway enough intro, time to convo! The Spot.IM commenting system below is easy to use – just make an account with a social media handle or email address and you can jump right in. Speak your piece and let’s hang.

Welcome to Hooptie Happy Hour!

Update 03/12/21: It’s 5:00 p.m. in California and Hooptie Happy Hour is technically over. You’re welcome to keep hanging out with other stragglers, but the Car Bibles crew might be shuffling off soon. If you didn’t get a reply this evening, sorry about that, we’ll try and hit you back next week! Remember, every Car Bibles post has a comment field and we hope you feel welcome in all of them. Thanks for coming by!