Written By Teodora Spirovska
Published Aug. 20, 2020

Are you worried about what’s happening around the exterior of your home, office, workshop, or property at night? Even if you have cameras installed on the outside, it can be hard to detect problems and potential crimes. Having a bright, automatic security light can be the perfect way to illuminate an outdoor space and increase its security. 

A security light can help you both discourage crimes from happening and continually keep your property safe. With features like motion sensors, solar charging, and weatherproofing, a security light can help you see exactly what is happening even in the dark. Whether you pair a security light with a camera or use the light alone, it can offer both peace of mind and extra safety. While there are a lot of options for security lights on the market, it’s easy to narrow down the best choices when you know what to look for.

The Best Security Lights

These security lights won’t just offer bright illumination in the dark. They can function in adverse conditions and illuminate areas large and small. The lights operate on solar power, which means you’ll never have to worry about an electrical connection or replacing batteries. Each light is made with high-power LEDs to offer illumination that can reach 200 to 800 square feet and cover up to 270 degrees. Equipped with an enhanced PIR motion sensor, the lights will detect movement from as far as 26 feet away. And when it comes to the elements, these security lights are waterproof and suitable for heat, cold temperatures, snow, and UV rays.

Unfortunately, these lights take a long time to charge fully. However, this should only be an issue during the initial setup. Once they have a steady source of light, they should remain charged with no problems.

Key Features
  • Motion sensor lights
  • White light
  • 270-degree wide-angle sensor
  • Pack of four
  • Brand Litom
  • Model LTCD151AB
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

Easy to install

IP65 waterproof

36-month life span


Long charge time

Spotty motion detection

Can leak

These lights offer a great combination of value and affordability, along with effective protection for your property. Each light features an advanced motion sensor sensitive enough to detect motion at a distance of 65 feet. You can even control the motion sensor, changing its direction in 360 degrees. The lights themselves are LED floodlights, which means they’ll flood an area with very bright light. Flexible light heads allow you to customize the direction of light, and you can control the timing and setting of each light. These security lights are reliable and tough enough to handle rain, snow, and sunlight, providing up to 22 years of long-term useful life.

The downside of these lights is that they have a slower reaction time, which means it takes a little longer for the lights to turn on, but it isn’t an unreasonable delay, and the lights still turn on.

Key Features
  • Solar-powered
  • Two-headed light
  • 180-degree motion detection
  • 5000K daylight white
  • Brand JJC
  • Model AUTO/D2D/ON TIME
  • Weight 2.14 pounds

IP65 waterproof

Three working modes

50,000 hour lifetime


Slow reaction time 

Inconsistent motion detection 

Confusing instructions

Made out of high-strength ABS with LED bulbs, you’ll get a set of four security lights that feature motion sensors. Each security light can sense when motion occurs within 3-5 meters, and it’ll automatically turn on to illuminate whatever’s happening. With a motion angle of 120 degrees, you can rely on these security lights to catch every movement. They recharge each day when exposed to sunlight, and they save you energy because they don’t require electricity to work. Even in unpredictable weather, these water-resistant, heat-resistant lights will continue to work. 

The downside of these lights is that they’re smaller in size. However, this isn’t an issue if you want to use them in a smaller area. The lights also have a short duration of time, but they will turn back on if they sense motion again.

Key Features
  • Solar-powered 
  • Four pack of lights 
  • PIR Motion detection
  • Detection within 3-5 meters
  • Brand Baxia Technology
  • Model BX-SL-101
  • Weight 1.87 pounds

28 powerful LEDs 

Motion angle is 120-degrees

High efficiency and eco-friendly


Small size

Short light duration time

Lights flicker

Made with energy-efficient 35-watt LED bulbs, this security light can provide brilliant light to protect your property for 50,000 hours. That’s 10 times longer than incandescent lights — and with a five-year warranty, you can trust this light will keep working. This security light is also tough enough to handle outdoor elements like water and dust, made with heavy-duty aluminum housing that’s corrosion-resistant and able to survive hot and cold temperatures. With coverage and illumination for areas measuring 82 x 82 feet in size, you’ll get long-term, stable performance out of this built-to-last light. 

One drawback of this light is that if the bulb fails, you’ll have to replace the entire light housing. However, this shouldn’t be an issue because the light is a durable LED that should last for over 50,000 hours.

Key Features
  • 40W LED
  • 5000K daylight
  • 120-degree wide beam angle floodlight
  • 53.93 x 53.93 feet light coverage
  • Brand Torchstar
  • Model LHBL-35W50PS
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

50,000 hours lifespan

Easy and fast DIY installation

Wet location waterproof


Not watertight

If the bulb fails, you must replace the whole fixture

Faulty photo-eye sensor

These lights offer excellent brightness with impressive LED bulbs that generate 3,500 lumens and 5,000K of daylight-quality white light. Yet this security light is also efficient, saving you energy costs by reducing costs by as much as 88 percent. It features automatic motion sensors that turn on the lights as soon as motion is detected from as far as 49 feet away. You can swivel and adjust the light heads 180 degrees. Highly sensitive, you can even control the motion sensor’s mode to meet your needs. And no matter what environment you live in, this security light is tough enough to survive water, snow, sleet, and even wind.

One drawback of this light is that it’s only meant for mounting on walls, and not under eaves. However, this isn’t an issue if you plan to mount your light on a wall.

Key Features
  • Three-head light 
  • 3,500 lumens
  • Motion sensor 
  • LED bulbs
  • Brand Amico
  • Model PD-1711
  • Weight 2.84 pounds

Waterproof IP65

Sensor range 49 of feet

180-degree swiveling angle


Only mounts on walls

Motion sensor is not sensitive

Lights can dim

This single white security light is 35-watts and has three heads to give you a broad light. A motion sensor with a wide 180 detection angle will trigger the light to turn on—a motion that’s up to 72 feet away will trigger detection. The housing of the light is made of aluminum to make it lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. It’s also IP65 waterproof to make it safe and prevent shortages. You can expect the light to last 50,000 hours. 

One downside of this light is that it may stay on all of the time. However, this may not be an issue if you’re looking for increased security. It can also be hard to adjust the sensitivity down, but this means it’ll be able to sense motion farther away and turn on sooner.

Key Features
  • Motion sensor
  • Three light heads
  • Made of aluminum
  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Brand Lepower
  • Model DS-90-934A-20
  • Weight 2.23 pounds

IP65 waterproof

72-foot sensing range

180-degree wide detection angle


May stay on all of the time

Lights are in the way to tighten screws 

Hard to adjust the sensitivity

This single white security light has two heads that deliver a daylight white light of 4,000 lumens. A motion sensor triggers the light to turn on with a sensing range of up to 49 feet. You can adjust the heads with their 360-degree rotation to direct the light where you need it most. The housing is durable to make long term use of this light safe. It’s IP65 waterproof and ETL certified. There are three operating modes to choose from, motion sensing, dusk to dawn, and manual mode.

One downside of this light is that the motion sensor is overly sensitive, but this can be a good thing if you’re concerned about safety. You also need to mount this light high up, but that’s how you get the most of the floodlight aesthetic.

Key Features
  • 4,000 lumens
  • LED flood light
  • Motion sensor
  • Two adjustable heads
  • Brand Aidel
  • Model B081KV9WDD
  • Weight 2.1 pounds

IP65 waterproof

ETL certified

Three light modes


Overly sensitive motion detector 

Must be mounted very high up

Unclear installation directions

There may only be two light heads on this security light, but each one has three sets of LED lights, which gives you 6,000 lumens of light that you can turn and adjust up to 270 degrees. It also has a motion sensor with a 180-degree detection angle and a sensitivity range of up to 50 feet. This light is best mounted on the soffit, but you can also mount it to a wall if you choose. There are four working modes to choose from: auto motion sensing, dusk to dawn, timer, and test. This light stands out with its unique styling and shape, which helps it to look modern. 

One downside of this light is that it’s difficult to install. However, it isn’t impossible since directions are included, and you only have to do it once.

Key Features
  • Two-head security light 
  • 180-degree sensing angle
  • 50-foot sensitivity distance 
  • 6,000 lumens
  • Brand Sansi
  • Model 45W 6000LM
  • Weight 2.49 pounds

Flexible heads move up to 270 degrees 

Soffit mount

Four working modes


Difficult to install 

Always on unless you change the settings 

Slow-motion detection response

This security floodlight produces 3,000 lumens of LED light, has two adjustable heads, and is IP65 waterproof. It has a low power draw of 28 watts. You can mount this light to your building’s exterior and then hardwire into your electrical, which lets you control the light with a wall switch. The light’s housing is made from aluminum to keep it lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. You can expect the LED bulbs to last up to 50,000 hours. 

One downside of this light is that it doesn’t have motion control. However, this isn’t an issue if you’re looking for a light that stays on the entire time. There is also limited adjustment, but the lights come pre-angled, so you can mount it where you need the most light.

Key Features
  • Two-head light
  • 3,000 lumens
  • Anti-glare 
  • LED light bulbs
  • Brand Lepower
  • Model 005-SL-n931-C-BK
  • Weight 1.68 pounds

Lifespan of up to 50,000 hours

IP65 waterproof

ETL certified


No motion sensor 

Limited adjustment range 

No instructions included

This pair of solar security lights come with three heads on each. They have solar panels to power them. Each light also has a motion sensor to trigger the 70 LEDs each one has to turn on. You can rotate the spotlights 360 degrees for full adjustability. The housing is IP65 waterproof for the most durability. The motion sensors can detect movement up to 33 feet away and within a 120-degree radius. When triggered, the lights turn on for 30 seconds and then automatically turn off. 

Unfortunately, you may find the main arm of the lights to be too loose. However, this is to make it easier to adjust the light, and you can tighten it during installation. You’ll also want to mount them in a place where they get plenty of light to ensure they are as bright as possible.

Key Features
  • Three-head light
  • Two-pack 
  • Motion sensor 
  • 70 LEDs
  • Brand Otdair
  • Model 200219-Security light-2pcs
  • Weight 2.42 pounds

360-degree rotatable

IP65 waterproof

Detect distances up to 33 feet


Main arm too loose 

Needs plenty of light to work

Best Security Lights Buying Guide & FAQs

Buying security lights for your property can be overwhelming with all of the different options. There’s the material the lights are constructed out of, how they’re powered, and what type of light they produce. Knowing how these features work will help you narrow down what will work best for your lighting needs and property. This guide aims to explain the different features and their pros and cons. 

When considering your security light options, think about why you want the light and how you want it to work. Then consider the climate and what sort of features your light should have to make it durable enough to last. 

Benefits of Security Lights

The most obvious benefit of installing a security light is increased safety. Creating a well-lit area discourages people with bad intentions from considering your property a possible crime location. Those who are up to no good prefer to sneak around in the shadows so that they go unnoticed. But with security lights, you minimize the shadows and make it harder to move around. 

Safety isn’t just about the reduction of crime, though. Having a well-lit area makes it easier for you to move about your property. If the ground is soft or uneven, you risk tripping or falling and possibly getting injured. Having a security light will illuminate the ground and reduce this risk for both you and your guests. 

Finally, security lights can add an element of curb appeal to your property. A well-lit property is more attractive and inviting. By adding security lights to your property, you can make it look more appealing at night. 

  • Prevent possible crime. 
  • Create a safe place to walk with better visibility. 
  • Increase the curb appeal. 

The Most Common Types of Security Lights

The easiest way to classify security lights is by the way they operate. This will help you determine what type of light you’re looking for and if your chosen light can produce it. Many modern security lights have multiple modes, enabling them to fall into more than one of these categories. 

Motion Sensor 

If you don’t want to have your security lights on all of the time, then you can purchase this type of light. They remain off until they sense motion. They’ll then turn on for a specific period and before turning off again. If motion is sensed again, the lights will turn back on. 

This type of light is perfect for someone who is most concerned about safety. Since it isn’t on all of the time, criminals won’t know you have the light. It will then startle them if they move too close to your property. With the on and off feature, it isn’t easy to know where the shadows are and plan a route using them. These lights are also least likely to disturb your neighbors. 


If you run a business or only go outside during certain times, then having a timed light can be useful. The light will turn on at a specific time, stay on for a predetermined amount of time, and turn off when done. This kind of automation is nice because you don’t have to remember to turn it on and off. 

If you’re most concerned about the safety of those on your property, this type of light is most useful. It’ll be on when needed, and you won’t have to trigger the motion sensor repeatedly. It will also save you money by turning off at a particular time. 

Dusk Till Dawn

These lights have either a light sensor or timer to turn on and off with the daylight hours. This is nice because it allows the light to only be on when it’s needed. Unlike motion sensor lights that could go on and off every time they sense motion or timed lights that may not coincide with the daylight hours throughout the year, these kinds of lights turn on as soon as it gets dark.

Dusk till dawn lights can give you property safety and increased curb appeal. As the daylight hours start to wane, your security lights will start to come on for a gentle transition into twilight and nighttime. 

Features to Look for in Security Lights

When comparing different lights, look at the brightness and the temperature of the light. This will help you understand how much light the security light can produce and the level of visibility that light will have. The lumens are the brightness measurement, and the kelvins are the temperature. 

Start by looking for LED lights. These tiny bulbs are durable and capable of producing a broad range of lumens and kelvins. This is why they’re used in everything from your vehicle headlights, to your garage lights, and even handheld work lights

Other important factors to test are the construction and durability of the light. It needs to stay securely in place and be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

The Most Important Features of Security Lights

To narrow down your security light options, you need to know which features are essential and which ones aren’t. That way, you can focus on the features that will influence how you use your lights and how they’ll provide you with increased safety and curb appeal. Features like power source, light brightness, and durability are important to consider. 

Power Source 

If you choose the wrong power source, you may not be able to work your lights at all. Security lights can be hardwired into your building via electrical, battery-powered, or solar. Hardwired lights are nice because you’ll get consistent and dependable performance. However, they require the most intensive installation and are the most expensive to run. 

Solar is a good option because it’s free, and they are easy to install. However, the light can dim or not work if the solar panels don’t get enough light. Battery-powered lights are another option and they are easy to install, but eventually, the battery dies, and you’ll need to either charge or replace it. 


There’s no point in installing security lights if they don’t produce enough light to illuminate the area. When looking at the brightness, the light needs to be bright enough and create a large, lit area. 

Security lights with multiple light heads help to create a large lit area. If those light heads are adjustable, then this is even more helpful since you can move the lights to where you need the visibility. Look at the degrees of adjustability to determine how customizable the lit area is for a particular light. Lights that give you the most amount of light will have three heads and rotate 360 degrees. 


Security lights are typically made out of either plastic or aluminum. Both of these materials are durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. This makes either one of them a smart choice for the construction of your security lights. 

Look for other durability features, such as weather and waterproofing. This will prevent moisture from getting into your light and possibly shorting the system. An IP rating will indicate the light’s level of waterproofing. Also be sure to pay attention to the light’s working temperature range. If you live somewhere that gets especially hot or cold, you need to know that this won’t negatively affect your light. 

Care and Maintenance for Security Lights

The first step to making sure your lights work correctly is to install them correctly. If they’re solar, they need to be in a place that gets plenty of light. If they’re hardwired, then the electrical installation needs to be done correctly and safely. 

Once installed, test your lights. You need to confirm that the lights work the way you intend. This could mean walking around in front of the lights to trigger the motion sensor. Or it could mean checking it at a specific time to ensure the timer is set up correctly. 

Finally, periodically check your security lights and clean them. This will keep the motion sensor, solar panel, and light free of dirt and debris so they can function in peak condition. 

  • Install your security lights correctly. 
  • Test the lights to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Clean your lights regularly. 

Best Security Light FAQ:

Now that you know what features to look for, you probably have some questions about what the best lights are. You know lumens measure the amount of light, but how do you know how much light is enough? Or how do you reset a light that has stopped working in hopes of getting it to work again? 

Q: Which are the best security lights?

The best security light is the one that delivers the light you need to stay safe on your property.

Q: How do you reset a security light?

There should be a reset button on the light that you can press. If not, check the owner’s manual for how your specific light works. It typically involves stopping power to the light. 

Q: How many lumens should a security light have?

Quality security lights will have at least 3,000 lumens. But aim for 4,000 to 5,000 for the most amount of light. 

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best security light is the Litom Solar Security Light. It produces a bright, white light. The motion sensor range is wide and has a decent distance. The four-pack makes it easy to install lights all-around your property. The fact that they’re waterproof helps to make them durable. 

Final Thoughts

If you need a lot of light, then you can’t go wrong with the four-pack of Litom Solar Security Lights. If you need something affordable but dependable, then the JJC Security Lights won’t let you down.


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