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The Best RV Water Pressure Regulators (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Renator RV Water Pressure Regulator Renator RV Water Pressure Regulator
Premium Pick Valterra RV Water Regulator Valterra RV Water Regulator
Best Value Valterra RV Brass Water Regulator Valterra RV Brass Water Regulator

Picture the scene. You return to your RV after a mucky yet rewarding hike and are desperate for a shower. Eagerly jumping in, you get ready to feel the consistent flow of warm water you’ve craved for hours yet are crestfallen to find only a trickle of water emerging from the shower head. How are you going to clean off the dirt and grime?

Unfortunately, many RVers find themselves in the same situation more often than they want. Take matters into your own hands and invest in a water pressure regulator to hook up your RV’s plumbing to a campground water supply, ensuring that the sweat from your next hike will simply wash right off. We’ve done all the dirty work and compiled the top RV water pressure regulators on the market to help change your trips to the great outdoors for the better.

The Best RV Water Pressure Regulators

Renator’s Water Pressure Regulator has undergone continuous upgrades to ensure it’s one of the top performing on the automotive market. Manufactured from durable golden-brass, obtaining your desired water pressure is easy – simply adjust the regulator screw until set to the optimal pressure reading and away you go.

The regulator easily meets NSF lead-free requirements of under 0.25 percent by only incorporating less than 0.13 percent. And the upgraded pressure gauge even contains oil to lubricate and prevent the friction of the internal components, thereby ensuring that your pressure gauge will be around for years to come.

Key Features
  • Product continuously improved over time and updated in 2016
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Contains oil to reduce friction of internal components and extend overall lifespan of vehicle
  • Suitable for use with all US water sources
  • Regulator is compliant with NSF lead-free law of less than 0.25% by containing zero lead
  • Brand Renator
  • Model M11-0660R
  • Weight 1.52 pounds

Valterra’s high-quality adjustable water pressure regulator can prevent pipes from bursting and causing costly damage to your RV and spoiling a relaxing vacation. This rugged and accurate lead-free brass regulator makes controlling your water flow and adjusting your water pressure super simple.  Get clean, safe drinking water that will taste great and exit your faucets at the perfect pressure.

Designed with NH threads and 3/4-inch garden hose fittings, this RV water pressure regulator is compatible with all American water sources, making it super easy to install and reliable to use. The large gauge makes monitoring your water pressure a breeze. It’s factory pre-set to 45 PSI and is easy to adjust with a flathead screwdriver.

Key Features
  • Water Regulator can be used with standard campers, RV’s, trailers, and other equipment
  • Pressure Gauge allows you to change water pressure as desired by using a flathead screwdriver
  • Lead-free construction places family’s safety at the heart of RVGuard’s model as well as complying with federal and state law
  • Made from durable brass
  • Brand RVGuard
  • Model RGWPR001
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

Valterra has earned its positive reputation due to its fine attention to detail, and the Valterra Brass Water Regulator is no exception to the rule. Although this model is less expensive than some other brands, it delivers great results. Its lead-free brass construction doesn’t only make it durable; it ensures a stable water pressure that won’t be affected by corrosion and rust in the long run.

This in-line barrel type of water regulator may be considered cheap among RV snobs, yet we believe that this regulator is a huge bang for your buck. By regulating incoming pressure to 40-50 PSI, you can guarantee that your pipes will be explosion-proof, no matter what campsite you go to. So, if you’re looking to save some hard-earned cash as well as enjoy a quality RVing experience, you know what regulator to turn to.

Key Features
  • Incoming water pressure regulated to 40-50 PSI
  • Protects against high pressure plumbing difficulties
  • Cost-effective solution to low water pressure while camping
  • Made from durable brass to combat wear and tear
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model A01-1120VP
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Camco’s Brass Water Pressure Regulator with a gauge eliminates the guesswork and allows its user to see the exact pressure from the source. The company pre-set this water regulator’s pressure to between 40-50 PSI to protect your RV’s internal lines yet, depending on your needs, you can adjust it to how you see fit. And for the squinters among us, don’t worry; the gauge numbers are easy to read too!

Easily attaching to all 3/4-inch garden hose threads, this regulator ensures that all water coming out the other end is drinkable and lead-free, thereby meeting all low lead content laws in operation around the states.

Key Features
  • Factory pre-set pressure of 40-50 PSI, helping protect RV's water hose and internal lines
  • CSA low lead content certified
  • Made from durable brass which resists rusting
  • Water Pressure Regulator effortlessly attaches on to 0.76" garden hose threads
  • Reliable threading reduces potential leak issues
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 40064
  • Weight 6.44 ounces

It’s evident that Kozyvacu’s slogan – being ‘wherever you travel, keep a peace of mind’ – has been abided by during the creation of their water pressure regulator. Compatible with all U.S water resources, this product has been designed so you and your family can drink lead free, safe, and healthy water wherever and whenever you please. This is thanks to the dual-layer inlet screened filter helping to filter away dirt and grime, stopping these elements from entering your drinking water.

Yet what we love the most about Kozyvacu’s creation is the stainless-steel gauge with its explosion-proof plug. This model effortlessly beats plastic shell gauges by containing built-in oil which facilitates any sudden pressure changes. Likewise, you’ll never get caught by explosive water spraying out one end of the hose again! All in all, it’s an exceptional regulator guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.

Key Features
  • Gauge made from Stainless Steel with explosion-proof plug, rendering it dust and shock-proof
  • Water pressure can be adjusted from 0-160 PSI
  • Harmless and dependable product contains no lead
  • Operates at an atmospheric pressure with a unidirectional flow
  • Vast operating temperature between 14F to 200F
  • Brand Kozyvacu
  • Model PVM11-45PSI
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

The US Solid Water Regulator Valve is solid by name, solid by nature. From the moment of installation, it ensures that fine tuning your water pressure is a breeze. Thanks to its 3/4″ National Hose (NH) threads, this product is compatible with all US water sources. And the innovative thick thread surrounding the air-tight design stops all leaks in their tracks. Furthermore, the water pressure can be easily adjusted from 0 to 160 PSI by using any old screwdriver.

When safety is concerned, U.S. Solid’s water pressure regulator doesn’t tread lightly. Their built-in filter is fitted to stop unwanted debris floating around your water supply as well as prohibiting larger pieces from damaging the body of the valve itself. Plus, these water regulators easily meet the mark when concerning the NSF’s lead-free requirement of 0.25%. Don’t believe that this regulator is as good as we say? Buy one for yourself and try to prove us wrong.

Key Features
  • Adjustable water pressure from 0 to 160 PSI used to change pressure at campsites to what suits you
  • Features an inlet screened filter to block large particles from entering the body of the valve
  • Compatible with all US water sources
  • Rigorously tested to ensure product meets NSF lead-free requirement of 0.25%
  • 3/4" NH thread facilitates easy installation
  • Brand U.S. Solid
  • Model USS-FWR00001
  • Weight 1.32 pounds

If you’re looking for a ruggedly designed, trusted water pressure regulator for your RV, consider the RVAqua M11 Water Pressure Regulator. It’s specifically designed to perfectly regulate your water pressure and provide the ideal flow of water through your RV’s faucets for years. Constructed from lead-free and safe brass, this regulator guarantees healthy drinking water for you and your whole family.

It features an easy-to-read stainless steel gauge with an explosion-proof plug that protects against shock, dust, water leakage, and unforeseen pressure changes. You can adjust your RV water pressure from 0-160 PSI with a simple turn of the screwdriver. This product is designed to be super easy to install on any 3/4-inch garden hose and NH threads to be compatible with all water sources throughout the United States. It’s a little pricier than some other models, but you’ll be sure to get a long-lasting and accurate water pressure regulator for your investment. 

Key Features
  • Pressure adjustment performed with a flat head screwdriver
  • High pressure gauge allows user to clearly identify PSI changes
  • Manufactured from high-quality brass DMV metal
  • Product is 100% lead-free
  • Company supports customers by delivering top-quality service
  • Brand Kozyard LLC
  • Model RVAqua
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

Do you want to wash your dishes like you would at home instead of having to work with a trickle of questionable and low water pressure? The reliability of Mictuning’s Water Pressure Regulator will save your family from crappy water pressure! Your water pressure can be as you wish — simply turn clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to reduce, and remember to bring a screwdriver! This process is made even easier with the help of a handy water pressure gauge that clearly presents the readings for its user.

With a filter to treat water impurity as well as a lead-free construction, it’s clear to us why so many buyers invest their time and money into this model. Mictuning promises that this product will enjoy a lifespan of more than five years, yet we’re not surprised given its explosive-proof and rust-resistant construction. Hurry up and buy this product before manufacturers become attuned to how irresistible it is!

Key Features
  • Stainless Steel Gauge with explosion-proof plug stops water spraying out the end of hose
  • Valve Spool is removable to facilitate easy cleaning or replacement
  • 3/4" & NH Thread compatible with all US water sources
  • Contains filter to maintain water purity
  • Product is 100% lead-free
  • Brand Mictuning
  • Model MIC-WPR-065
  • Weight 1.23 pounds

We really take our unlimited access to water for granted until we’re in the countryside and have a shower that’s averaging a water output of one drop per minute. Kohree’s Water Pressure Regulator is here to solve this dilemma once and for all. This universal RV water pressure regulator is compliant with all US water sources, among 3/4″ garden hose threads and NH threads, and is easy to turn to obtain the water pressure you want.

Kohree is proud to affirm that it’s continuously improving regulator contains the least amount of lead in any regulator on the market today! Likewise, we’ve got its explosion-proof plug to thank for preventing water from gushing out the end of the RV hose. Kohree works hard to ensure that its rigorously tested products surpass expectations. Why not purchase one to see what all the hype is about?

Key Features
  • Can be adjusted up to 160 PSI
  • Plug is explosion-proof in event that water pressure exceeds regulated capacity
  • Built-in oil decreases potential damage to gauge triggered by sudden pressure changes
  • Lead-free construction is ensured by hot casting process technology
  • Can be used with all US water sources
  • Brand Kohree
  • Model HP483
  • Weight 10.9 ounces

Last but certainly not least, Valterra is back once again to show off its High Flow Brass Water Regulator. Although it’s not as budget-friendly as some other products reviewed by us further up, this regulator is committed to delivering high-pressure water-flow in your RV. Made from high-quality brass, this product enjoys a lead-free construction and is rust-resistant and super easy to install.

What’s more, although many customers may not like the fact that water pressure is limited to a comfortable 50-55 PSI, bear in mind that a safe level of water pressure is between 40 to 80 PSI. In other words, by purchasing a regulator which sticks to a regulated water pressure, gone is the temptation to recklessly raise the pressure into the hundreds. Although Valterra’s model may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or most adventurous choice, it’s certainly the safest choice.

Key Features
  • Rust and dirt-resistant brass cladding ensures product longevity
  • Screened washer stops debris trying to run through the water system in its tracks
  • Orange plastic grip allows for easy screw-on installation and removal
  • Regulator runs at 52-55 PSI, ensuring safe and healthy water pressure
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model A01-1122VP
  • Weight 8 ounces

Best RV Water Pressure Regulator Buying Guide

What to Look for in an RV Water Pressure Regulator

Finally, you’ve listened to reason and decided to purchase an RV Water Pressure Regulator to get the most out of your motorhome. Yet with the variety of products out there, how do you distinguish between the flimsy and the fabulous? Ask yourself these three questions before choosing your trusty RV buddy and you’ll experience stellar water pressure like never before:


Legally, your water pressure regulator must contain a weighted average lead content of less than 0.25%. That’s why all the best brands out there back regulators that are 100% lead-free.

Brass Materials

Don’t opt for a regulator manufactured from unsustainable material that will be out of action only after a few trips. All the most reliable water pressure regulators are made from rust-resistant, durable brass.

PSI Compatibility

Check on the label to ensure that your potential RV water pressure regulator is compatible with all US water sources. It would be a real shame to purchase your chosen product only to find out that it didn’t fit your RV system!

Water Pressure Regulator
In some cases, a water pressure regulator is more than just a useful tool — it’s a necessity.

Why You Should Use a Water Pressure Regulator

It’s An Investment For The Long Term

Do you know what’s more expensive than a water pressure regulator? Replacing your RV’s pipes! Not only will using a water pressure regulator grant you the peace of mind you deserve while exploring the great outdoors, but it will also protect your pipes from bursting and prevent untold amounts of damage to your RV.

Your Water Will Be Purified

Now you’ll know that the water you and your family are drinking from is high-quality and safe through and through.

Regulate Water Pressure

Control. It’s what every holidaymaker claims they don’t need, but they all crave. And being able to set your water to the pressure you desire is a way to obtain that control on your holidays.

Types of RV Water Pressure Regulators

In-Line Barrel Type

This kind of water pressure regulator is ideal for first-time campers who want a steady yet controlled water pressure, usually around the 40-45 PSI mark. Although they give an RVer stability, they’re often the cause of weak water pressure!

In-line Barrel Type High Flow

Being more expensive than the in-line barrel water pressure regulators, the high flow models deliver by granting an RVer with, obviously, higher water pressure and stronger flow (but you probably would have guessed that without our help!).


Last but certainly not least, adjustable water pressure regulators are every happy camper’s dream. They’re undeniably the most expensive out of all types of regulators but allow their users to change the water pressure to how they see fit. An attached gauge is usually included to make this process easier.

How to Install an RV Water Pressure Regulator

The best way for RVers to make the most out of their water pressure regulator is to attach it straight to the campground’s water supply rather than your RV’s. This will protect your hose and RV pipes from bursting and encourage superior water flow at the same time.

Best RV Water Pressure Regulator FAQ:

Q: What is an RV water pressure regulator?

All RVers should own an RV water pressure regulator. This is a valve that reduces the water pressure emerging from the main water source to a controllable and regulated level before it even arrives in your RV.

Q: How does it work?

Water pressure regulators aren’t as simplistic as they look. In a few stages, we’ll attempt to explain how these invaluable devices actually work. Bear with us…

  • Step 1: Activation — As soon as water makes its way through the inlet end of the regulator and around the flow area, the pressure regulator is activated.
  • Step 2: Here Comes the Water! — As soon as the water enters the throttling stem (which is part of the main cylinder) the spring holds the flow area open, thereby allowing the water to enter.
  • Step 3: Regulating the Flow — So, what actually happens when the water pressure is too high? This high pressure will trigger the diaphragm inside the regulator which will subsequently begin to close the flow area. However, this area won’t be closed off entirely – only enough to control a set pressure and flow. And one of the handy things about RV water pressure regulators is that they’ll never exceed the manufacturer’s operating pressure range, therefore keeping your RV’s pipes burst-free!

Oceanside Camping

Water pressure regulators are particularly useful for RVers.

Q: What is the ideal water pressure for an RV?

According to, the ideal water pressure for an RV may vary depending on the model of RV that you have, as well as the age of your RV’s plumbing system. While some modern RVs are able to handle pressure as high as 100 PSI, most experts don’t recommend letting your pressure get past 60 PSI, with an ideal pressure being 40-50 PSI.

Q: How can I check my water pressure without a gauge?

Waterbrowser outlines several simple and quick ways to check your water pressure without using a gauge. In one of the better methods, you need a water hose and a tape measure. Connect your water hose to one of your water faucets and turn the faucet on. Raise the hose up as high as possible until water stops coming out of the hose. Use the measuring tape to measure the elevation between the hose and the faucet in feet. To convert your water pressure from feet to PSI, divide the number of feet by 2.31.

Q: How to adjust an RV water pressure regulator?

If you own a high-quality RV water pressure regulator, adjusting it to suit your needs should be easy as pie. When arriving at the campground, simply connect your pressure regulator to the water supply and connect your drinking water hose to it. Next, take a flathead screwdriver to turn the behind screw (turn clockwise to obtain a higher pressure) to allow for superior water flow into your RV. Remember; settings above 60 PSI are not recommended!

Q: What does PSI stand for?

Standing for pounds per square inch, PSI is a measurement of pressure. If this unit of measurement runs too high, then you’re running the risk of bursting the freshwater pipes in your RV – leading to a very costly repair. To be on the safe side, it’s best to keep the water pressure in your RV around 50-60 PSI.

Our Top Pick

So, out of all the commendable water pressure regulators reviewed for you today, which of them would we trust to bring praiseworthy water pressure into our own RVs? It would just have to be Renator’s M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator. Not only is it going for a bargain, but Renator has also turned plenty of RVer’s lives upside down by producing a lead-free brass model kitted out with a trustworthy pressure gauge for your pleasure. It’s compatible with all U.S water sources, adjustable up to 160 PSI, and using it couldn’t be easier – just read the incredibly detailed manual and you’re ready to go! Manufacturers are so proud of their creation (we don’t blame them!) that they’ve even kitted their product out with a no-hassle one-year warranty. They’re even offering customers information concerning lead testing of specific batches. We commend transparency in a marketplace full of con artists, and it’s evident that Renator is sincere through and through.

If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, opt for the Valterra RV Brass Water Regulator.


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