The Best RV Patio Mats (Review) in 2020

If you’re on the lookout for a fun outdoor activity, camping and RVing are great options. Nature has a lot...

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Reversible Mats Patio
Reversible Mats RV Camping Mat
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Epic RV Rugs Mat Patio
Epic RV Mat Patio Rug
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Camco Patio Mat
Camco Reversible Patio Mat

If you’re on the lookout for a fun outdoor activity, camping and RVing are great options. Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. However, spending time in the woods or near the beach means you’re around a lot of dirt. Dirt and sand can suck the fun out of your camping trip if you have to constantly clean your RV. To prevent dirt from spoiling your trip, make sure you have an RV patio mat on hand. Below is a list of the best RV Patio mats on the market.

The Best RV Patio Mat

Our top pick, the Reversible Mats RV Camping Mat, will help keep your RV spotless. It’s sure to meet your patio mat needs when it comes to durability and value for the money. It has been designed by Reversible Mats, a leading manufacturer of outdoor mats that has been in the game for a while, so you can be sure of a top-notch quality design.

The most striking feature of this RV mat is the breathable, 100-percent polypropylene fabric that allows both air and sunlight to flow through. It offers the perfect material composition for those who are environmentally conscious. Mats are known to catch all types of debris, which can trigger allergies in both pets and small children, and the manufacturer of this RV camping mat clearly took that into consideration. What’s more, since the material is mildew and mold resistant, you have the freedom to place it outside without fear of damage from the rain. The manufacturer even throws in a storage bag at no extra cost.

Key Features
  • Breathable material
  • UV coated
  • 100% virgin polypropylene material
  • Mildew and mould resistant
  • Brand Reversible Mats
  • Model 119127
  • Weight 1.28 ounces

Won’t damage grass

Resistant to sun and other damage

Compact and easy to carry


Material is prone to tearing

Dirt could easily creep into material

Easily melts in close proximity to open flames

If you are the sort that is always on the go, this mat is a good option. The Camco Handy Mat with Strap is ideal if picnicking outdoors or on the beach is on your agenda. It’s constructed with handy pouches on both sides of the mat and has built-in handles. So, no matter how messy your outdoor experience gets, you can be sure this handy mat is the perfect companion. When folded, its compact size is at 10.5 x 15 inches, which makes for easy storage in a travel bag or backpack.

To reinforce the blanket and prevent fraying, the mat is constructed with fabric edging, and thanks to its durable polypropylene weave it is both mildew resistant and weather-proof. As for cleaning, you simply shake off the excess sand or dirt. Of course, there maybe be pesky debris in between the weaves, but it’s nothing a good hose down with water can’t take care of. Just leave it out in the open and watch how quickly it dries.

Key Features
  • In-built carry handles
  • Handy pouches of either side
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant weave
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 42814
  • Weight 2 pounds

Mildew and weather-proof

Easy storage due to compact size when folded

Cleans easily


Doesn’t come with carrying bag.

Material is hard and uncomfortable

Susceptible to tear

With a very unique and bubbly design, the Stylish Camping RV Home Mat will certainly meet the patio needs of most RV owners. On top of its catchy slogan of ‘Home is Where We Park It’, several other features also make it a must-have item. Just like the Reversible Mats brand, Stylish Camping shows concern for the eco-conscious camper, offering mats that are breathable enough to prevent the grass underneath from perishing. Much-needed corner loops help prevent the mat from being blown away on extra windy days.

Compared to other RV mats, this is quite a big one. But surprisingly, despite its size, it only weighs 12 pounds. And when you add the essential carrying bag into the mix, it certainly seals the deal. The mat is truly something that could stir up envy in your fellow campers.

Key Features
  • Distinctive design with adorable catchphrase
  • Corner loops for poles
  • Breathable material
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • Brand Stylish Camping
  • Model RH8187
  • Weight 10 pounds

Cleans easily

Lightweight and compact

Carrying bag for storage



Not versatile for other uses/settings

Reversible but illegible

The Reversible Mats RV Patio and Camping Mat is another high-grade item with a plethora of standout features. This mat is lightweight, despite its larger size. This is yet another RV mat from Reversible Mats that comes with a carrying bag for easier storage. Surely, no one likes the annoying task of lugging a patio mat around, so the bag is the perfect addition.

From first glance, this RV patio mat looks almost identical to the first product from Reversible Mat on our list. In terms of high-quality features, we can certainly see the connection. Just like the first, this RV mat is constructed with a breathable, easy-to-clean polypropylene fabric for air flow and sunlight and is also mildew and mold resistant.

Key Features
  • Breathable material
  • Coated with UV
  • 100% virgin polypropylene material
  • Resistant to mildew and mould
  • Brand Reversible Mats
  • Model 159181
  • Weight 11.35 pounds


Lightweight and compact

Cleans easily


Can easily rip

Dirt can seep into material

Melts easily close to fire

If you’re an environmentally conscious camper, this RV mat is one to check out. The Ming’s Mark GC1 Graphic Mat is a soft polypropylene RV mat that is gentle on grass and can also be used on other surfaces such as cement and wood. Users of this RV mat have reported how soft it is, which certainly adds comfort for pets and small children. They can walk, relax and even play on the patio without fear of allergies. Even after being trampled on and battered, this durable UV coated mat keeps its original form.

Its breathability keeps mold and mildew away, and when cleaning expect no headaches as a quick sweep does the trick. For easy for storage, it can be perfectly folded, and the addition of the carry bag makes storage even more convenient.

Key Features
  • Breathable material
  • Long-lasting virgin polypropylene
  • UV coat to resist sun damage
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Brand Stylish Camping
  • Model GC1
  • Weight 2 pounds

Anti-mildew and mould

Decent price for size

Variety of colour and size


Limited design options

No provision of anchoring

Prone to ripping

The Camco Large Reversible Patio Mat, like the name suggests, is one of the top large outdoor rugs available, and at a great price, too. Many people talk about the benefits of spending time outdoors. It is not only the body that appreciates it but also the mind and spirit. However, the unexpected hazards that sometimes accompany camping are not always spiritually uplifting. Although this mat won’t solve all your camping headaches, it will take the strain off battling filth and debris. It is quite a sizeable mat and is reversible if you get fed up with one side. This mat is also breathable, so you can bet it is grass-friendly. But this is certainly not all this mat brings to the table (or patio).

As an RV owner, this mat is ideal for your next camping trip for several reasons. Since its UV protection prevents sun damage, no mold or mildew will form. You can even set it up by the pool. If water soaks it, simply hang it in the sun to dry. And if gets too dirty, hosing it down does the trick to bring it back to new. Of all the features listed, the corner loops on this mat are a great bonus. Simply add a few stakes through the loops to prevent the mat from being blown away. Also, its various size options and different colors and patterns make it an ideal choice for every camper.

Key Features
  • UV protection
  • Breathable material
  • Resistant to mildew and mould
  • Corner loops for ground stakes
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 42870
  • Weight 4.1 pounds

Affordable price

Variety of size and colours

Easy cleaning


Prone to tearing

No carrying bag

Takes a while to dry

The Stylish Camping Reversible Classical Mat is constructed for both eco-friendly and fashion-conscious campers. This sophisticated mat comes in various color combinations to add character to your RV patio. What’s more, there’s three size options to pick from.  

Style is not all it has going for it; it’s also durable, comfy and lightweight. Manufactured with polypropylene material, there’s no chance of environmental damage when placed on top of a grass-based campsite. Although soft, it perfectly holds up against sun damage thanks to its special UV coating that prevents the color from fading. True to its name, it’s also reversible, which means you can switch up the look when needed.

Key Features
  • Material is breathable and won’t affect grass
  • UV coat to protect from sun’s rays
  • Soft, sturdy 100% virgin polypropylene material
  • Light and compact
  • Brand Stylish Camping
  • Model RC5
  • Weight 7 pounds

Multiple colour and sizes

Folds easily for storage

Cleans easily


Limited designs

No anchor options

Careful not to tear

If you’re in the market for fun and quirky RV mat, the  Reversible Mats Palm Tree Patio RV Camping Mat may be right up your alley. Here is yet another mat from Reversible Mats, but this one is tropically influenced and comes with a unique palm tree design on both sides with a couple of color combinations. Its stress-free cleaning ensures that dirt and debris can be easily sprayed or swept away. What’s more, damage to grass isn’t probable with its lightweight breathable material. And with a woven construction that allows for quick drying, mold and mildew will have no place to breed.

To make sure the mat is secured in place, corner loops can be staked to the ground, although these are sold separately. It folds easily for storage and is UV coated to prevent damage from the sun. It’s a great option for the beach, a campsite, or even your backyard.

Key Features
  • Unique palm tree design
  • Comfortable and sturdy material
  • UV coat to prevent sun damage
  • Light and foldable
  • Brand Reversible Mats
  • Model 209187
  • Weight 12.54 pounds

Takes big surface area

Easily sprayed and cleaned off

Doesn’t attract grim/dirt


Snags easily

Visible creases from shipment

Ground stakes sold separately

Here is yet another and fun and quirky patio rug for lovers of all things nature related. If your RV requires a little spicing up, the Epic RV Mat Patio Rug stands out in the crowd with its colorful floral design. It creates an enjoyable and bouncy atmosphere. This is most likely its biggest selling point. It’s difficult to look at this mat and not feel the happiness and warmth that gets triggered when spending time in nature. 

Apart from the bubbly setting it generates, other features are worth highlighting. The first top feature is its breathable construction. It won’t absorb heat, which is perfect for hot, sunny summer days. In addition, you don’t have to worry about grass damage, which adds extra points for eco-friendliness. What’s more, it’s reversible, resistant to mold and mildew, cleans easily, and is easy on the pocket. 

Key Features
  • Distinctive floral design
  • Material is breathable
  • UV protected
  • Impermeable to heat
  • Brand Epic RV Rugs
  • Model 9x12f
  • Weight 7.6 pounds


Anchor points to prevent slipping

Easy cleaning


Quite pricey

Absent carry bag

One colour and pattern choice

Traveling by motorhome is something many dream about.  The freedom to travel to many different locations with minimal cost, to sleep where the day ends, and to wake up in front of incredible landscapes is a memorable experience. This way of traveling has many good points but also not-so-good issues. Staying clean is one of them. The last mat on our list is the Redwood Mats Patio Mat. It comes with four ground stakes, making it the only product on our list that offers this to customers. To improve traction, its textured surface allows for use on multiple surfaces. Apart from this, it offers all the usual features you’d want from an RV mat. It’s a no-frills option for those who are after a simple product that does the job.

Overall, it’s a quality mat that is both durable and well constructed. To further instill confidence, the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee policy. The only drawbacks are the price and the smell it gives off in the sun, which many users have reported.

Key Features
  • Material is breathable
  • Four corner loops
  • Money back guarantee
  • Textured surface to improve traction
  • Brand Redwood Mats
  • Weight 8.9 pounds

Carrying bag and four ground stakes




On the pricey side

Single colour and pattern choices

Potential to give off awful smell under the sun

Best RV Patio Mats Buying Guide and FAQ

What to Consider When Buying RV Mat

  • Your Environment

If you’re looking to buy an RV mat, then environmental conditions need to be taken into account. If you’re used to RVing or camping in one particular setting then you have to consider the conditions. For example, in a windy location, you should definitely be in the market for a mat that has corner loops so it can be staked down to avoid being blown away. Similarly, if you’re camping near a beach, then you’d definitely need a sand mat. In a nutshell, it’s important to tailor your camping environment with the RV mat that is best suited..

  • Weight, Storage and Size

You won’t have to worry about storage or the weight of an RV mat if your RV serves as your permanent home or if you camp in one place for extended periods of time. Rather, what you need is an RV mat large enough to cover a wide surface area. But if you’re always on the go, it’s advisable to opt for an RV mat that offers easystorage. Whatever the case, paying attention to environmental conditions is equally important.

  • Kids and Pets

Wherever there are kids and pets, the potential for dirt increases. So it’s vital to opt for a mat specially designed for the outdoors, especially if you don’t plan to clean regularly. Kids and pets will need open space to play in; hence the appropriate outdoor mat will offer them the license to do this.  On the flip side, you can also ask your kids to take off their shoes while on the mat, so they can freely play around without causing a mess.

  • Bonus Usage

It is also crucial to think about multi-functionality when contemplating buying an RV mat. Don’t just think solely about camping when purchasing a mat so it can also be used in your home.

It can be your first line of defense against dirt and debris on your porch, or it can also bring character to your seating or eating area. There are no limits to an RV mat. Since most RV mats are mould and mildew resistant, they can also be used by the poolside.

Woman lying down on mat

Benefits of RV Outdoor Mats

  • Prevents Dirt

As you move around the campsite and in and out of your RV, you carry around dirt and debris which RV outdoor mats help to collect. They also form an obstacle between you and mud in the event of rain and assist with making your space look cleaner. Seats and tables have ample space and your kids are better off crawling on them than on the bare ground.

  • Stylish

Many RV patio mats are very stylish and offer a number of colours and designs to spice up your RV decor.

  • Reversible

As seen on our list, many of the top RV patio mats are reversible mat which means they will receive less damage over time. When flipped over every now and then, it not only works on spicing up the decor but also ensures that each side is equally used. And if you are the sort that prefers not to clean all day every day, a reversible mat is the way to go.

Types of RV Outdoor Rugs

To have an idea of what best suits your needs, here are a few RV mat options.

  • Breathable or Grass-friendly Mats

As the name suggests, this kind of mat is gentle on grass and allows light, air and sunlight to pass through. It’s a perfect mat to use if you’re planning to camp for extended periods of time. It’s no surprise most of the mats in our list are breathable.

  • Eco-friendly Mats

Staying with the environmental theme, these mats help preserve the environment. They are made from recyclable materials so they don’t further add to pollution. You can help preserve the environment while enjoying yourself camping outdoors.

  • Sand Mats

These mats are perfect for the beach. They are woven which come in handy if you plan to camp in a sandy place.

  • Reversible Mats

If there’s any word you would take from this article, it would be “reversible”. These mats are designed to be used on both sides. So when you’re tired of one side, all you have to do is flip it over for another look.

Patio Mat

Best RV Patio Mat FAQ:

Q: What is an RV Patio Mat?

A: True to what it sounds like, an RV Patio Mat stays outside your RV and does the job of a patio. Its real purpose, however, is to create a comfortable ambiance outside your RV. It keeps dirt away and makes you feel at home. It’s an essential accessory to camping and RVing.

Q: How do I Clean my RV Patio Mat?

  • Hose down or spray with water
  • Sweep dirt away

A: In extreme cases, take to a car wash or scrub with a brush and soap.

Q: How do I Store my RV Outdoor Rug?

A: Storing your RV outdoor rug or mat is important if you want it to last a long time. A good number of these mats are lightweight and compact so folding them up won’t be a problem. Most also come with a carrying bag for when you’re on the go.

Our Top Pick

When it’s all said and done, you want an RV patio mat that serves all your RV patio needs whilst offering good value for money. We suggest the first on our list, the Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio RV Camping Mat. Its durable sturdy material is environmentally friendly and stands up well against the elements. It’s also lightweight so storage won’t be a problem. You definitely won’t be disappointed with this product. Happy Camping!


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