The Best RV Bumper Caps

Traveling in your RV is like being in a home away from home. It has tons of luxuries. It also has some hefty maintenance demands — particularly if you want to hold on to those comforts. Just like in your stationary home, there are small parts and pieces you need to keep everything running smoothly. A great example of these tiny tools are RV bumper caps. Essential to ventilation (and keeping bugs out of your RV), these caps complete your bumper setup. Of course, just like anything else outdoor-related, there’s plenty of competition. You want something sturdy yet easy to install; an effective cap with a subtle appearance. To help you on your search for the best RV bumper caps, we’ve listed the top selections.

Artfully keeping your tools in place, the Wirthco Engineering Inc 30000 Bumper Plug is a popular selection overall. Especially if you plan to travel on highways, the sturdy design is really valuable. This cap is compatible with any standard RV bumper, meaning you don’t have to worry about fit. It’s made out of a tough polymer material. This means that not only do you get waterproof abilities, it also won’t crack or decay in extreme weather. Additionally, the tough material won’t be harmed by impact. It goes on easily, requiring no modifications or tools. Once in place, it tightly holds your sewer hoses in position. This prevents leakage and lets you take a vacation without worrying about tedious plumbing maintenance.

When you want a bug-free experience, the Camco No-Insect RV Bumper Cap is there to help you achieve that goal. It comes in a low-cost pack of two, so you always have a spare on hand. You can also get this selection with magnetized features for added ease. It slides into place easily. This is due to the user-friendly grips. Just squeeze the cap and plug it in place. The thick and sturdy polymer is tough against the elements. It resists damage from impact, while also retaining its structural integrity in the face of extreme heat and cold. The cap fits most RV bumpers, since it’s compatible with the four-inch design. It features small perforations. These holes are large enough to encourage airflow while helping you avoid pesky bugs. Sturdy and durable, these caps are great overall.

Want a cost-effective way to keep your bumper in good condition? BougeRV Trailer Hitch Cover Plug Cap is both affordable and high-functioning. Since not all RVs are standalones, this model is ideal when your RV trails your vehicle. It’s simple and straightforward to install. The unit fits onto most setups, provided the square receiver is an inch and a quarter wide. It helps keep the area clean and safe, particularly during downtime. Fitting seamlessly, without the need for tools or pinning, you can hit the road in no time. The included cover comes with a bracketing device. This enables you to always keep it attached (even in between uses). It’s made out of strong rubber, a naturally waterproof and sturdy material. User-friendly and at a great price point, this is a valuable option.

If you are relatively new to the RV life, the Dorman 924-307 Trailer Plug is an ideal way to go. Like many other selections, this cap is designed for trailer-style recreational vehicles. It comes complete with multiple features to ensure sturdiness and performance. The cap itself is really strong against the elements, including rust-related degradation. This plug is very user-friendly. That means, even if it’s your first time, installation will be a breeze. Given its design, this cap is meant to provide a specific fit. For best results, ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle. To add style through personalization, you can paint the cap. It also helps you spot it when facing dim lighting. Lightweight yet sturdy, this selection is built to last for a long time without requiring much upkeep at all.

If you’ve had your RV for a long time, the Camco 40302 Polyethylene Bumper Cap can help keep your bumper working like new. This selection works well if your existing cap cracked, fell off, or went missing. It lets you seamlessly fix the damage while requiring very little effort. The cap fits onto any standard RV bumper (meaning four inches wide). It features a small hole for ventilation. This helps prevent overheating. Since it’s large enough to let bugs pass, if you want to protect against that, a screen is wise. It is quick and easy to install (and remove). The sturdy polymer creates a strong cap that is built to weather the elements. It won’t be damaged by impact, corrosion, or scratching. User-friendly and effective, this is a solid replacement cap.