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Published Jul. 29, 2021

Whether you’re a long-time RVing expert or are just getting into one of America’s favorite modes of traveling the country, few things are as fun and exciting as outfitting your rig with new and innovative gear. From gear that’s designed to make RVing safer and easier, to items that make it more comfortable, or even allow you to extend the amount of time you use your RV each year, there’s something for everyone.

With RV use steadily growing in recent years, there have been a plethora of products introduced to entice RVers to part with some of their precious dollars. Here, we help you weed through the various offerings and see what’s worth buying. With usable space at a premium on every RV, no matter the size, you can’t afford to clutter it up with junk you don’t really need or will never use. Our handy list will help you skip what’s not worth your time and make sure you get a high-quality product.

The Best RV Accessories

Although not a glamorous RV accessory, one of the most important pieces of equipment you should own from a safety standpoint is the Camco Heavy Duty RV Circuit Analyzer. This compact item is designed to protect your rig from dangerous and damaging power surges. It includes an integrated surge protection that goes up to 2,100 joules.

Since power pedestals can vary in reliability from campground to campground, this weatherproof device will protect the valuable electronics that are essential for powering and running your RV. It’s available in either 30- or 50-amp options. Handy diagnostic lights let you quickly see if everything faults for reverse polarity, open neutral, or other wiring issues.

Its special ergonomic design makes it easy to connect or disconnect in seconds. It’s a little on the pricey side, but considering how expensive replacing your RV electronics would be, it’s an amazing buy.

Key Features
  • Monitors multiple wiring issues simultaneously
  • Durable grips for safe plugging and unplugging
  • Clear polarity reporting
  • Works in harsh environments
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 55312
  • Weight 3.07 pounds

Next on the list of must have camping gear is this lithium jump starter. Many people overlook getting one of these, but regret it when the time comes that they desperately need one. After all, you don’t want to suddenly find yourself without power and no way to get your vehicle up and running again. Clocking in at 2,000 amps, this jump starter will provide quick power to your battery. In fact, you can jump a dead battery in just seconds!

The casing is tough and durable to ensure that you don’t have to worry about dropping it and causing some serious damage. It also has spark-proof connectors for added safety. The jump starter offers six hours of continuous runtime, and it also has the other use of charging your electrical essentials such as smartphones and other USB devices. After all, we live in an age where no one wants to find themselves without power!

Key Features
  • High amp rating
  • Ultra-safe casing
  • Recharge a range of different electricals
  • Spark-proof technology
  • Brand NOCO
  • Model GB70
  • Weight 5 pounds

When you are looking at RV camping supplies, wheel stabilizers are nifty and useful little devices. They help to ensure that your RV stays firmly in place in the position where you parked it, so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away.

These ones from X-Chock is specially designed to prevent tire shift by applying the opposing force. They are different from similar devices as it works with the tires’ natural movements rather than against. They also feature a rust inhibitive coating to ensure that they are good to go if you have not used them in a while.

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Key Features
  • Works with tires’ natural movement
  • Plated ratchet wrench with comfort bumper included
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • 11.1 pounds
  • Brand BAL R.V. Products Group
  • Model 28012
  • Weight 11.1 pounds

High up on the list of RV gadgets which have been coming out over the past few years, this vehicle leveling system works with Bluetooth. It is easy to install and straightforward to use, and it is compatible with most Apple and Android phones and tablets. So, you can start to bring your vehicle into the 21st century. Since it is an app-based product, improvements and updates are always on the cards.

If the site is not level enough to keep your vehicle in place safely, the device will tell you and you can move somewhere else. Also, you can save and recall your hitch position to save yourself a lot of time when you are ready to hit the road again. 

Key Features
  • Significantly reduce your campsite set-up time
  • Easy to install and use
  • Accurate to 0.1 degrees
  • Works with most Apple and Android device
  • Brand LogicBlue Technology
  • Model LMP001R
  • Weight 5 ounces

The problem of waste removal is an important one to solve when you are on a campsite in your RV, and a decent sewer hose is an essential piece of equipment. If you don’t buy a quality product, it can lead to very unpleasant leaking situations! This one from Camco is highly rated, and it comes with fittings which swivel and detach.

When you are not using it, the hose compacts for easy storage, and there are also end caps to prevent it dripping. The 4-in-1 adapter fits all kids of different standard sewer connections, and there is also a translucent elbow so you can see when the tank is empty.

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Key Features
  • Swivel fittings and ready-to-use kit
  • Hose reinforced with steel wire
  • 4-prong bayonet to ensure tight connection
  • Compacts for easy storage
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39742
  • Weight 5 pounds

How could you possibly embark on a camping trip without an extension cord? And when you are buying a ubiquitous product such as this, you may as well make sure it is a good one! Camco is a world-renowned brand in the field of RV stuff. This cord has a construction which is both safe and durable. You can bend it into all manner of positions, and it will provide high connectivity for all your electrical devices.

The patented ‘PowerGrip’ handle allows you to plug and unplug the cord without accidentally straining or damaging it. And if you need added length, it extends to 25 feet, so you can reach those faraway sources and outlets, which had been irritating and challenging to access in the past.

Key Features
  • Safe and durable construction
  • Flexible and sleek design
  • Patented Power-Grip plug
  • Extends to 25 feet long
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 55191
  • Weight 7.8 pounds

There are few things that are more annoying and embarrassing to deal with on your RV than foul and offensive odors rising up from your RV toilet. That’s where Camco 41183 TST Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins come in handy. These compact biodegradable packets don’t just cover up bathroom odors, they actually help to break down waste and toilet tissue inside your RV’s black water holding tank, too.

Each packet contains a blend of citrus-scented oils and special chemicals that help to remove odor-causing waste at the source. All drop-ins are marine-approved, septic-safe, and free from formaldehyde. You can even use them on portable camping toilets, making them a versatile choice.

Each container contains 30 drop-ins. The drawback is that you will probably have to use one or more per week, depending on the size of your tank and the outdoor temperature. Some people also complain that the citrus smell isn’t very natural, but isn’t it still better than the alternative?

Key Features
  • Individual packets are easy and safe to handle
  • Marine- and septic-safe
  • 100 percent biodegradable
  • Non-formaldehyde formula
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 41183
  • Weight 3.55 pounds

If you’re looking for an RV leveling system that doesn’t require an advanced degree to operate, you can’t beat the good old standby of Valterra Stackers RV Leveling Blocks. This system has been used successfully and reliably by thousands of RV owners for decades. Before Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-capable leveling devices, leveling blocks were a step up from rocks and wood planks.

These blocks come in an easy-to-carry and organized storage bag so that they don’t get lost or damaged when not in use. You can use them under your wheels, but also as a tongue or jack support for your 5th wheel. Special attached handles on each leveler act as a transition to the next step to ensure a smooth ramp for your RV.

These leveling blocks are capable of supporting up to 40,000 pounds total, or 10,000 pounds per wheel. One thing to note is that these levelers work best on solid ground instead of softer grass or dirt. They tend to sink or settle unevenly during rain if they’re not on gravel or concrete.

Key Features
  • A multi-use leveler that works for wheels, tongues, and jacks
  • Rated to support up to 10,000 pounds per wheel
  • Usable under single and dual wheels
  • 10-pack in a convenient storage bag
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model A10-0920
  • Weight 9.15 pounds

Clean and pure drinking water is a must when traveling in your RV. For that, you should have a dedicated hose like the Teknor Apex Aquaflex Hose that’s used strictly for your potable water supply. This rugged water hose is made in the USA from safe, lead-free materials that comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

It’s a 1/2-inch diameter hose that’s available in 15-, 25-, or 50-foot lengths so that you can easily get the right length to suit your needs. Constructed from durable and patented NTS reflex mesh, this hose will not kink, twist, or tangle like cheaper brands can.

If you notice that the hose begins to leak at the spigot or the faucet, it may be time to replace the washer. Some users have reported that the inside washer fails before the hose does, but that’s an easy and quick fix.

Key Features
  • Patented NTS Reflex Mesh construction prevents kinks and twists
  • Manufactured with FDA sanctioned materials for health safety
  • Available in 15-, 25-, and 50-foot lengths
  • Unique coupling for leak-free, easy attachment to your faucet
  • Brand Teknor Apex
  • Model 8503-25
  • Weight N/A

Every serious RVer needs a durable and reliable portable grill for cooking dinner on. There are several RV-specific grill brands on the market, but we really love the Weber Q-1200 Portable Gas Grill. Weber is well-known for being one of the top-quality barbecues you can buy, and this sleek and lightweight portable version is no exception.

It offers 189 square inches of cooking area with a powerful 8,500 BTU main burner. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates hold heat well and create an even, flavorful cooking experience that can last for years. The electronic ignition ensures quick and safe lighting of the grill while the well-designed burner control knob allows for infinite temperature selection.

The built-in lid thermometer lets you accurately gauge cooking temperatures while keeping valuable heat inside the grill. It includes two handy folding work trays on either side for food prep. The only thing we would improve about this grill would be to add rubberized feet to keep the grill more secure on your chosen table or grilling surface. We also love that this grill comes backed by Weber’s signature five-year warranty.

Key Features
  • 8,500 BTU burner with 189 square inches of cooking area
  • Durable porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate
  • Reliable and safe electronic ignition with infinite temperature control knob
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Brand Weber
  • Model 51010001
  • Weight 30 pounds

Getting a flat tire is a very real risk which you need to be prepared for when you are out on the road in your RV. If you need to adjust your tires, it is so much easier to do wherever you are if you have a decent air compressor. This RV accessory from Vlair is both quick and efficient. It also comes with two 30-foot hose coils, so you don’t have to be near the compressing when refilling.

Since it is an oil-free design, the air coming back in will not be tainted with oil residue. It also makes the device much easier to clean when the time comes. Other advantages include it being lightweight and easy to use with an automatic off switch.

Key Features
  • Lightweight design
  • Oil-free
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with two 30-foot house coils
  • Brand VIAIR
  • Model 40047
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Ever found yourself short of a tool or two when you are out on the road? Well, you don’t need to fear this being an issue if you invest in this set, which comes with a whopping 170 individual pieces! The stylish case contains them all comfortably, so the different items are at your disposal when you need them. It is also blow molded and durable to keep them protected from the type of damage which can be caused by transportation.

There are all sorts of different tools included, so check the full list to ensure that the ones you need are included. The set has been highly rated by hundreds of customers, but there is a full satisfaction guarantee in case you are not happy for any reason.

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Key Features
  • 170-piece kit
  • Sturdy blow mold case
  • Tools for industrial, mechanical, and consumer applications
  • Full satisfaction guarantee
  • Brand Crescent
  • Model CTK170CMP2
  • Weight 17.42 pounds

We have already talked about the problem of getting rid of waste, and this is another useful device which can help out with this issue significantly. It promises to be mess-free, and it attaches tightly via the bayonet.

It has a universal fit, which means it will fit comfortably with standard RVs and campers. Also, it is easy to use. You should be able to twist it on with no major issues at all. When you can do a job like this yourself, you also eliminate the time and expense to have it done professionally.

Key Features
  • Mess-free kit
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to use
  • Saves money in the future
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model T58
  • Weight 1 pounds

One of the biggest annoyances and least desirable jobs when it comes to your RV is disposing of human waste. The Camco 21 Gallon Heavy Duty Portable RV Waste Holding Tank is designed to make this dirty job as painless as possible. Usually, when it comes time to empty your RV holding tank, you have to disconnect completely from your campsite and move your entire RV over to the waste disposal area at the campground. This can be a time-consuming and arduous task, especially if you have to then reset your RV back at the campsite.

This portable waste holding tank allows you to remove waste from your RV quickly, easily, and cleanly. It comes with a ready-to-use kit that includes all you’ll need to transport waste from your RV to the dump station, including accessories to clean, maintain, and store your portable tank. Large, rugged no-flat wheels and a heavy-duty steel tow adapter make transporting the tank easy. You can even tow it behind a golf cart or ATV.

This portable tank also comes backed by a decent two-year warranty. Just about the only thing this tank can’t help with is the smell. Also, be sure that all hoses are attached securely prior to emptying in order to avoid any messy leaks or spills.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty and durable tank
  • Low drain hole ensures tank empties fully
  • Integrated ladder hook to firmly attach to RV
  • Made using highly durable blow molded, UV stabilized HDPE
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39002
  • Weight 34.5 pounds

Whether you’re exploring multiple regions or just parking your RV in one place for an indefinite amount of time, the Aqua Crest RV Inline Water Filter will ensure that you always have safe, reliable, and reproducible drinking water access. This handy two-pack of Pure KDF inline water filters effectively removes lead, chlorine, fluoride, sediment, bad taste, and odors from all sorts of public water supplies.

The high-capacity filter will clean your drinking water for up to three months before needing to be replaced. It can even last longer, depending on how often you’re using your RV. This filter is rated to an impressive 20 microns. The durable housing is constructed from food-grade plastic that’s designed to prevent bursting or cracking. It can be affixed to any standard drinking water hose whenever you need it.

This filter is also great for watering and improving the health of your plants and gardens. You can also use it to wash your vehicles for a spot-free rinse. It can take some fiddling to get it to attach to the hose without leaking, however, so be patient and be careful not to over-tighten it and crack the housing.

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Key Features
  • Convenient two-pack of inline drinking water filters
  • NSF-certified to remove lead, chlorine, fluoride, rust, and sediment
  • Outer cartridge is constructed from durable food-grade plastic
  • Attaches to any standard water hose
  • Brand Aqua Crest
  • Model AQU-RV2
  • Weight 2.16 pounds

The best memories are made on your RV trips when you are your friends and family are sitting outside over food, drinks, and the great outdoors. This folding grill table gives you the ideal place to put all your cooking gear while you are grilling. It is easy to set up in under a minute, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling about with tiny pieces and complex instruction manuals.

While the steel frame and aluminum tabletop are lightweight, they are also sturdy enough to keep what you need. There is also more than enough space for your cooking equipment, and there are additional hooks and holders for extra storage options.

Key Features
  • Wide tabletop and two side shelves
  • Extra hooks and paper towel holder
  • Folds down to 6” tall
  • Durable lightweight carrying case included
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 57293
  • Weight 6 pounds

The Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System can be a game-changer whether you’re actively driving your RV or letting it sit at a campsite for a while. This handy little system can be automatically recharged via solar power or through your RV’s cigarette lighter. It features four sensors and is equipped with five types of alarms, including fast leak, high/low pressure, high temperature, and low sensor voltage.

This system also allows you to set your preferred alarm metrics. It’s also equipped with a clever backlight and smart screen color change that automatically adjusts based on available light conditions. In order to conserve battery life, the unit will automatically enter power-saving mode after being in a static state for more than 10 minutes.

One thing to note is that this kit only comes with four sensors, so if you have a bigger rig with more tires, you may want to purchase two kits. Also, the sensors need to be removed from each tire prior to adding air, which can be a bit of a pain.

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Key Features
  • Compact, easy-to-install monitoring suitable for four tires
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Features five separate tire alarms with customizable metrics
  • Can combine two kits to monitor more than four tires at once
  • Brand Tymate
  • Model Tymate M7-3
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

Driving, backing, and parking your RV can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the most seasoned drivers, which is why we like the Furrion Vision S 7” RV Observation Camera System. This wireless camera system relays full-color, HD images via a digital transmission from up to 492 feet away. It allows you to easily see a wide 120-degree angle behind your RV, no matter how big it is. It’s equipped with infrared LED lights that surround a waterproof camera for accurate and clear day or nighttime vision.

A handy motion detection feature alerts you to surprise moving obstacles while in reverse. This camera also features convenient rear assist marker lines to help you accurately reverse into the perfect spot. Unlike some units, this one also comes with an intelligent filter that simultaneously filters out UV light while allowing in enough light to properly see what’s behind you.

A simple plug-and-play design works well with pre-installed mounting kits. It comes with a convenient suction cup mount to hold the display screen to your windshield, but this could stand to be a little stronger.

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Key Features
  • IP65 waterproof, anti-glare backup camera
  • Built-in 7-inch 480x720P display
  • 120-degree viewing angle
  • Automatic motion detection and rear assist backup lines for added safety
  • Brand Furrion
  • Model FOS07TASF
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

One of the best parts about traveling in or staying in your RV has got to be sitting around a campfire with friends and family. The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair takes outdoor seating to the next level by offering a spacious seat and a durable, yet soothing rocking mechanism. It’s constructed from rugged and stylish powder-coated steel that’s scratch-, rust-, and corrosion-resistant.

The well-padded armrests and generous backrest are made from waterproof 600D Oxford material with heavy-duty breathable mesh for added airflow. This chair is capable of supporting up to 250 pounds, making it a sturdy option for almost any user. When not in use, this chair folds almost completely flat via a patented EAZY-FOLD mechanism that’s smooth and safe.

Weighing in at only 12.1 pounds, this chair can easily do double-duty at family reunions, tailgating parties, sports games, the beach, and more. The only drawback is that the included cup holder could be much more substantial and it could be larger to accommodate bigger drink containers.

Key Features
  • Lightweight folding rocking chair
  • Folds smoothly via the patented EAZY-FOLD mechanism
  • Supports up to 250 pounds * Frame is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel
  • Brand GCI Outdoor
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 12.1 pounds

Our Top Pick

Now that you’ve seen our list of top favorite RV accessories, it’s probably easy to see why the CAMCO HEAVY DUTY RV CIRCUIT ANALYZER is our top pick. Although not the most glamorous or fun item on the list, it’s definitely one of the most important. Designed to protect your RV and all of its valuable and sensitive electronics, it should be one of the first things you buy for the next RV season.  

If you’re looking for an item that’s definitely more fun to use and will really help you enjoy your RV excursion to the max, check out the WEBER Q-1200 PORTABLE GAS GRILL. It’s a compact and versatile grill that offers all the luxury features you’d expect from a company like Weber.

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