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The Best Rolling Tool Box (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Best Choice Keter Masterloader Keter Masterloader
Best Value dbest products Quik Cart dbest products Quik Cart
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Being on a roll makes things go with speed and smoothness, especially with tools. Toolboxes can be unwieldy, bulky, heavy, and generally a pain to use as a mobile instrument. Unless, of course, they have wheels. With wheels, even a tool box full of heavy gear and fasteners can be moved around on a flat concrete shop surface with extreme ease, whether said shop be a professional operation or a simple garage. 

Outside a shop, wheeled toolboxes can be nearly as useful, especially when going from one area of work to another. They can be used to wheel around other things on top, similar to stacking suitcases. In any case, a rolling tool box is an excellent idea for anybody on the move with work to do.

The Best Rolling Tool Box

This tough and steadfast wheeled tool box has water-resistant polypropylene construction and features a central locking mechanism that keeps things secure while also maintaining a firm hold on the various parts of the tool box in transit. The parts open rapidly and easily, giving access to fasteners in a clear tray, hand tools in a deeper primary tray, and power tools and other items in a deeper bay under the primary tray. In total, there are six removable bins in two different sizes. This is an awesome tool box for storing a large and diverse toolset and moving it around easily.

Unfortunately, you may find the locking mechanism hard to work on this tool box. This gives you increased security and is more secure than other toolboxes that have plastic locks. The handle doesn’t lock into place, but this prevents it from getting stuck in the extended position.

Key Features
  • Resin construction
  • 66-pound weight capacity
  • Extendable handle
  • Seven-inch rubber heavy duty wheels
  • Brand Keter
  • Model Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool
  • Weight 13 pounds

Central locking mechanism

Includes six removable bins

Rust- and corrosion-proof


Locking mechanism is hard to work

Handle doesn’t lock in place

Can develop cracks

This device can haul a more than adequate amount of items over uneven or smooth terrain. And even though it does not have internal dividers, it can still prove very useful for larger items or packs of tools like ratchet sets or rolls of wrenches. The Quik Cart’s less obvious ability is that it can shrink down to the size of a deep-dish pizza box. This makes it extremely easy to store when not in use and especially handy if going to a location to set something up. The car folds away out of sight until needed again.

The downside of this tool box is that the plastic construction is thin and most of the construction is plastic. It also lacks compartments. The open design lets you organize it how you want, so it suits your needs best.

Key Features
  • Made from aluminum and heavy-duty plastic
  • Wheels are polypropylene
  • Handle extends to 39 inches
  • Lid supports up to 250 pounds
  • Brand dbest products Inc
  • Model 01-760
  • Weight 7 pounds

Collapses to 3 inches thick

Expands to 17.5 inches 

80-pound capacity


Top is made of thin plastic 

Mainly plastic parts 

No compartments

With a stack of several shallow and deep drawers, a massive assortment of tools can be reliably carried over distances that would otherwise be incredibly difficult or impossible because of how unwieldy said tools typically are. The top of the cart is its own independent detachable tool box, meaning that this cart could function as a stationary tool ‘dresser’ of sorts, while still being fully capable of going on the move. The seven-inch wheels make moving over uneven terrain much easier, and can get the cart and the tools carried inside to places previously inaccessible. Being able to carry your entire inventory anywhere is a nice capability to have, no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, this tool box is heavier than most. This adds to the overall weight when it’s full. This is compensated for with the extra-large wheels. The drawer release is hard to work, but this just ensures the drawers don’t accidentally open during transit.

Key Features
  • Two-drawer unit
  • Heavy-duty seven-inch wheels
  • Aluminum telescopic handle 
  • Aluminum and plastic construction
  • Brand Stanley Tools
  • Model 1-79-206
  • Weight 24 pounds

Removable dividers

Top detachable toolbox

Drawer locking system


Drawer release hard to work 

Heavy tool box 

Wheels aren’t as sturdy as they could be

This tool box rolls on rugged 4.2-inch nylon wheels. The unit is packed with functionality, including 24 small parts compartments, cable hooks to keep extension cords and ropes organized and untangled, a deep hand tools tray that is easily accessible, and a central ball roller to let the entire toolbox move without having to tip backward. Capable of a wide range of uses, and cleanly executing them all without a sweat, the Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox lives up to its expectation-creating name.

The downside of this cart is that the tool box is not meant for holding large tools. This isn’t a big deal if you plan to only carry smaller tools in your box. If you don’t load it correctly, it won’t stay upright. Just be sure to load it with a balanced weight, and you won’t have a problem.

Key Features
  • Made of polypropylene and metal
  • Two removable tool trays and a deep bottom
  • Fold-down handle with comfort grip
  • Two 4.2-inch nylon wheels
  • Brand Trademark Global
  • Model 75-2250
  • Weight 11.05 pounds

24 total small parts compartments

Rugged design

Included cable hooks


Thin plastic

Not meant for holding large tools

If not loaded correctly, it won’t stay upright

The wheeled variant of this tool box has a huge amount of storage volume for its small size and very manageable weight, with a deep recess for tools and materials with other features included for securing hand tools. The tool box is small enough to be carried by hand but also includes tough seven-inch wheels so it can be wheeled over just about any terrain. Nothing says ease of use like a tool box built just for you.

Unfortunately, the dividers and spacers aren’t removable. This isn’t a bad thing if they’re positioned to where you need them. It also looks like there’s less storage space inside than expected. However, as long as the tool box has the space you need, the perceived space doesn’t matter.

Key Features
  • Plastic construction
  • Maximum storage volume 
  • Durable seven-inch wheels
  • Metal-plastic telescopic handle
  • Brand Dewalt
  • Model DWST17820
  • Weight 4.88 pounds

Anti-rust metal latches

Push button for handle

Multiple variations


Dividers and spacers not removable 

Less internal space than expected 

Wheels aren’t as durable

While this rolling tool box may cost more than other options, this one has the quality to match. It comes with a 22-inch open tool box. The front has two heavy-duty metal latches. It’s a solid construction with metal reinforced corners. The handle is an industrial-grade with an adjustable length. The box is rated IP65 with a weather seal to protect your tools from moisture. This tool box is nice because it’s an expandable system with other boxes that will lock into place. 

One drawback is that it doesn’t come with an internal organizer tray. If this is something you want, you can easily buy one and add it to your setup. You may also find this tool box to be expensive. However, the extra expense is well worth the quality.

Key Features
  • 22-inch box
  • Expandable modular system 
  • Heavy-duty latches
  • Metal reinforced corners
  • Brand Milwaukee Electric Tool
  • Model 48-22-8426
  • Weight 23.4 pounds

Solid construction 

Industrial grade extension handle

IP65 rated weather seal


Does not include interior organizer tray


Wheels develop flat spots

This set of two tool boxes stack together to become a rolling storage unit. The bottom box has two large wheels. The top box has a hard lid for holding small items like nails, screws, and nuts. When stacked, the overall dimensions are 10 x 17.875 x 24.125 inches. Both boxes have wide opening lids to make accessing your tools easier. There are internal trays for organizing smaller items. The separate boxes make it easier to use and make them more versatile in how you bring your tools with you. 

The downside of this set is that the handle is very short. This can make wheeling it around awkward if you’re tall. But this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re under six feet tall. The clasps are plastic, which makes them less durable than metal ones.

Key Features
  • Secure locking pop-up handle
  • Dimensions: 10 x 17.875 x 24.125 inches
  • Interlocking toolboxes 
  • Plastic construction
  • Brand Trademark Global
  • Model 75-3042
  • Weight 6.12 pounds

Fully opens for easy access

Stackable or separable boxes

Easy-rolling wheels


Short handle

Plastic is thin

Clasps are plastic

This rolling cart is convenient and portable with a collapsible design. You can fold it down to three inches thick. When set up, it can hold up to 65 pounds. The wheels are durable rubber. There are also additional stability rails for when you’re transporting heavy items. You’ll appreciate the organizational ability with over 30 compartments. Some of the pockets have zippers and hook and loop closures. This gives you security and ensures your tools stay in the pockets. The handle adjusts up to 23 inches to make moving your cart easier. 

Unfortunately, the handle can get stuck, but this may just be the handle locking into place and not actually getting stuck. If you overload the cart, you risk the bottom falling out.

Key Features
  • Holds up to 65 pounds
  • Folds down to three inches flat
  • Heavy-duty rubber wheels 
  • Optional stability rails
  • Brand ECR4Kids
  • Model ELR-0549B
  • Weight 10.5 pounds

More than 30 compartments 

Pockets with zippers or hook-and-loop closures

Adjustable handle extends up to 23 inches


Handle can get stuck

The bottom can fall out

Plastic components are weak points

This rolling tool chest can double as a stool with a multi-layered padded vinyl seat on the top. The chest measures 16.5x27x16 inches. There are three drawers on the front and 16 onboard storage slots. On either side, there are two magnetic trays for holding hardware and other parts while you’re working. The wheels are four ball bearing casters for full maneuverability. 

One drawback is that this tool box is smaller than the others. It’s also only meant for holding small hand tools. This isn’t a big deal since it’s designed for keeping the tools you’re currently using handy and not for long term storage of all of your tools. The tool chest is also made of metal, which means it can rust. Keep your tool box clean, dry, and greased, and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Key Features
  • Thick and absorbent vinyl
  • Three drawers
  • Two foldable magnetic storage trays
  • Four 2.5-inch ball-bearing swivel casters
  • Brand Great Lakes Tool MFG INC
  • Model 73015
  • Weight 27.2 pounds

16 extra onboard storage slots

Holds up to 350 pounds

100 percent ball-bearing system


Can rust

Wheels don’t glide well

Small tool storage space

This rugged rolling tool chest has an impressive weight capacity of 250 pounds. It’s made from a durable 1680D ballistic nylon weave. The top of the tool bag is made from hard plastic so that you can stack multiple toolboxes into a single unit. To move the bag, there are two rugged 8-inch wheels. There’s also a heavy-duty telescoping handle to make moving it even easier. The tool bag opens wide so that you can have easy access to your tools. Expand your tools bag with an optional LED light or speaker attachment. 

One drawback of this tool cart is that the zipper locks and plastic feet aren’t durable. These are small pieces that don’t affect the overall performance and construction of the tool bag. The handle is a little hard to work and takes some practice.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty telescoping handle
  • Rugged eight-Inch wheels
  • 1680D ballistic weave
  • Hardtop for stacking
  • Brand Klein Tools
  • Model 55473RTB
  • Weight 29 pounds

250-pound capacity 

Optional LED light or speaker attachment

Wide opening for easy access


Zipper lock not durable

Plastic feet

Handle hard to work

Best Rolling Tool Box Buying Guide & FAQ

A portable tool box gives you the freedom to bring your tools with you and to work anywhere. However, not all portable toolboxes are built the same and have the same intended use. Buy a durable tool box that will serve your needs. 

Having a tool box on wheels eliminates the stress of having to carry the weight of tools by hand. You’ll be able to bring more and larger tools with you than with other portable handy-carry toolboxes. This guide will help you find the right rolling tool box for your storage needs. 

The Advantages of Owning a Rolling Tool Box

Having a tool box that you can bring with you means that you now have portable tools. This gives you more freedom as to how and where you use your tools. You’ll be able to bring more tools with you and tackle projects that are away from your garage and main tool chest. 

Bringing your tools with you in a rolling tool box helps you to keep them organized. You won’t have to spend time looking for what you need or risk losing a tool. This allows you to work faster and get done sooner. When your tools are organized, you can quickly and easily see what you have with you and what you need to pack. 

Keeping your tools in a chest or box while traveling helps to keep them safe and protected. Now you’ll have fewer scratches or damaged tools. Your tools will stay looking nicer longer and need replacement less often. 

 Rolling Tool Box

Popular Types of Rolling Tool Boxes

Rolling toolboxes can be classified by the material that they’re made out of. This helps to define how durable and lightweight the tool box will be. When considering the different types, think about the type and quantity of tools you want to carry. The construction material will also influence how the rolling tool box functions with locking and organizational ability. 



For the most durability, aluminum construction is a must. This lightweight metal is strong and protective. It’s also corrosion-resistant, which extends the useful life of the tool box. This type of tool box will protect your tools from corrosion and rust by locking out moisture. 

Check the thickness of the aluminum because if it’s too thin, then it could easily dent. The aluminum should also have a texture to it. Otherwise, smoother aluminum can be quite slippery. As an alternative, you’ll find several rolling toolboxes that use a combination of aluminum and another material. The aluminum gives you durability while the other material is easier to create compartments with. 


Smaller rolling toolboxes will use a durable fabric for its construction. The material is typically rip-stop high denier nylon or polyester. This helps to prevent rips or fraying. What’s nice about this type of tool carrier is that they tend to have several compartments and organizational options. 

The downside of fabric is that it isn’t as durable as plastic or aluminum. They also tend to have lower maximum weight limits. This type works great for carrying smaller and lighter weight hand tools. To ensure your fabric tool bag lasts, look for one that’s made from a high denier material for maximum durability. 


Plastic or resin toolboxes are durable and lightweight. They also won’t rust or corrode in any way. You’ll find they come in a wide variety of sizes and organizational options. Some are a  single open compartment, while others come with dividers and organizational trays. This type of tool box is easy to clean since you can scrub them with soap and water and then rinse clean. 

The drawback of plastic is that it comes in different thicknesses, and thinner versions aren’t as durable. Thin boxes can crack and chip. Plastic can also age and become brittle. To ensure your plastic tool box lasts, look for one that’s made of a thick, strong resin plastic. 

What to Look for When Buying a Rolling Tool Box

When buying a portable tool box, you need to think about how you plan to use your tools and what you want to bring. If you’re riding a motorcycle, you need a small tool kit that holds the essentials. If you plan on using your truck as your work truck, then a truck bed tool storage is a great solution. However, if you need the most portability and flexibility, then you need a tool chest that you can carry or roll with you. The features you’ll have with your rolling tool box will make it easier to bring your tools with you. 

The Most Important Features of Rolling Tool Boxes

When comparing rolling tool boxes, start by looking at the material it’s made out of. Then look at the wheel size and construction. The next feature to consider is the handle comfort and length. Finally, look at the compartments and how you’ll be able to organize your tools in them. There are no features that are always better than others, since the features that will work for you may not be the same that will work for someone else. 


Consider the length or height of the handle that’s on your rolling tool box. If the handle is too short or low, it will make it awkward and uncomfortable to roll behind you. If the handle is too long, it will make it hard to transport and store. The best solution is a handle that will extend when you need it, and retract when you don’t. 

However, this means that it’s a moving part. You’ll want to choose one that has a durable handle that can move smoothly. This will ensure it stays in working condition and won’t get stuck in one position. 


Your rolling tool box needs to have durable wheels. These are the components that make your tool box portable. Low-quality boxes will have wheels that chip, break, or come off completely. Some can even develop flat spots that make it challenging to roll the box. Larger wheels tend to be more durable and can roll over ground that’s uneven without issue. 

Some tool boxes have caster wheels. These are nice because they can roll in any direction to give you more maneuverability. This makes it easier to control your tool box and put it into the exact position you need. 


Some rolling tool boxes come as a single large compartment, and others have several small compartments. Both are equally useful; it just depends on what you plan to carry. A single large compartment is perfect for carrying a single large tool or several large power tools. A tool box with several small compartments if perfect if you want to bring many hand tools and hardware with you. You can then put everything in its designated place. If you need to bring both, you may want to consider a tool box with both a large compartment and smaller compartments.

Another thing to consider is the security of the different compartments. Some tool boxes have unsecured closures like zippers, Velcro, or buckles. Others have a locking system to secure drawers from opening. These closures help to keep your tools contained and not fall out. 

 Rolling Tool Box

Care and Maintenance for Rolling Tool Box

Taking good care of your tool box ensures that it will last for a long time. That way, you don’t have to continually replace it. Start by keeping your tool box clean. This will help keep your tools clean and ready for use. It will also help prevent corrosion. 

After cleaning, inspect the moving parts. These are considered weak points and need extra attention. Grease these areas to help with smooth and easier movement. 

Finally, periodically organize your tools. This ensures everything is in its proper place. This will make it easier to find what you need the next time you’re working on a project. 

  • Regularly clean and prevent corrosion. 
  • Grease and clean the wheels. 
  • Regularly organize your tools. 

Best Rolling Tool Box FAQs:

When looking for a portable tool box, portability is high on the features list. But how do you know which type of portable tool box is best for you? Not all portable toolboxes will work in every situation. For some, budget is a concern and may limit your options. However, it shouldn’t prevent you from getting a portable tool box completely.

Q: Which is the best portable tool box?

A: The best portable tool box is large enough to hold all of your tools and support their total weight. It’s also easy to move. 

Q: Why are most tool boxes red?

A: Most toolboxes are red because it’s an easily seen color. This increases workplace safety and prevents people from tripping over it. 

Q: How much is the cheapest rolling tool box?

A: You can find affordable rolling tool boxes that are durable for around $50. 

Our Top Pick

Our rolling tool box top pick is the Keter Masterloader because it has a durable resin construction that gives it a 66-pound weight capacity. To move it, there’s an extendable handle and seven-inch heavy-duty rubber wheels. You can keep your tools organized with the six removable bins. It also has a central locking system to keep your tools safe. 

Final Thoughts

The Keter Masterloader is a smart choice for your tool box because it’s durable and has plenty of storage space. If you need something more affordable, then dbest products Quik Cart gives you a collapsible option that is both durable and versatile.