Toyota UK’s official Twitter handle and blog posted up these digital renderings of a classic 2000GT which are kind of wacky, but mostly amazing.

  • Cars: Toyota 2000GT
  • Location: A fake digital realm
  • Photog: Luis González (@hakosan_design on IG)
  • Camera: Digital render made with Photoshop and Blender

At first, I thought this was something Toyota cooked up in-house, but according to Toyota UK’s official blog, which is linked off that embedded tweet thread, it was done by a 25-year-old digital artist from Spain named Luis González. Per Toyota’s site:

“Wanting to pay tribute to the brand’s first sports car, and a personal childhood favourite, [González] took inspiration from previous Toyota racing cars such as the Castrol-liveried Toyota Supra TOM’S, famous for racing in the Super GT category of the ’90s, to create the widebody stance of the ‘Super Toyota 2000GT’ race car.”

Way cool. I don’t usually get excited enough about renders to want to share them, but, this one spoke to me so please enjoy.

You can see more of González’s work on his Instagram Hakosan Design and check out some of his 3D models on his Gumroad site.