Dash cams have increased in popularity of late and for good reason. Not only has the technology improved out of all recognition but also the clarity of picture that is recorded has improved no end. The result has been, that the number of uses that a dash cam has, have increased.

Here, we list just 6 reasons you need a dash cam. Once you have purchased one and installed it in your car, you’ll be shocked how you ever survived without one.

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Catch Reckless Drivers

How many times do you see reckless drivers on the road that seem to get away with their behaviour scot free? They are dangerous for us to be driving alongside and can cause more accidents through people trying to react to their escapades than they may be directly involved in. For example, how many times have you been made nervous by someone driving far too close and too quickly behind you on a motorway or highway? Or undercut by someone with far too close a margin only to have to brake suddenly which may then cause issues for the car behind you? A dash cam can be used to find the reckless driver in the first instance through their number plate and car make.

A dash cam also provides evidence of said driver’s driving and how it affected the traffic around them. Additionally, it could be used to prove that a driver was steering his car erratically and could well have been drunk whilst driving. Furthermore, if you see a driver putting other cars at risk by using their phone illegally, either by texting or calling on their mobile, you can report the driver and they can be fined which may inhibit their decision in future to use their phone as such. Road rage instances can also be recorded in such a manner and help convict aggressive drivers.

No Longer at Risk of Fraud

This is one of the main advantages to having your car or vehicle fitted with a dash cam. Insurance fraud is unfortunately rife within our society with people trying to weedle as much money out of insurance companies and those that honestly pay their insurance premiums every year. The amount of fraud that takes place on our roads is so huge that it has massive impacts on the amount that we all pay to insure our cars. If everyone fitted a dash cam on their vehicle, fraud would be committed so much less that it would have an immediate and meaningful impact on our premiums that we have to pay for our car insurance.

The way a dash cam will prevent such occurrences happening is that they catch those that purposely create accidents simply to claim money back from insurance companies. It is a form of extortion and is sadly a very common practice by criminals. A dash cam will record such criminals that fake accidents and their corresponding injuries that require compensation or hospitalization. A dash cam clearly shows that you were not at fault in such instances and so can be used against the criminals and their subsequent fraudulent insurance claims.

For the cost of a dash cam versus any excess that you may have to pay on such fraudulent claims, dash cam users often find it is money well worth spending.

Good for Insurance Claims

One of the primary uses of a dash cam is to help users in any insurance claims they make. By having one installed on your dash, you will have first hand evidence of any accidents you are involved in and won’t have to experience any ‘he said she said’ instances where claims just go to dispute. If insurance claims go to dispute you are at risk of losing your no claims bonus which can really amount to a lot of money over the years.

Given that a dash cam starts recording the moment that you start your engine, everything you do will be caught on camera for you to use how you see fit. If you happen to be involved in an accident on any journey, your involvement and how the accident occurred will be plain for everyone to see. It provides real time evidence for both parties and their respective insurance company so that there can be no quibbles about whose fault the accident was.

Another happy side effect of having a dash cam record evidence for any accidents is that your claim will be processed so much more quickly as insurance companies will have to spend much less time seeing what the problem was and how it happened.

Add this time saved to the amount of money saved through a no claims bonus as well as claiming on someone else’s insurance for any accident that they caused, the cost of installing a dash cam in your car is made back so quickly that it is a no brainer as to whether to buy one or not.

Keeping Tabs On Other Drivers

A dash cam is actually invaluable for learner drivers or rather the worried parents of learner drivers or newly licensed drivers. This is because many dash cams come included with GPS and so car owners can keep tabs on where the car has gone when they have not been driving it. Parents will often be worried when they hand over keys to their children – probably because there is a huge chance that teenagers and young adults are not completely honest about where they are taking the car that day or night.

A dash cam will stop this happening and force children to be honest with their folks about where they are going and where they have been. Helpfully, it also records driving speed so parents can keep an eye on whether their teenagers have been driving safely or not. This is a huge comfort to parents when they install a dash cam in the car and is a great reason why we all need one in our vehicle.

Recording Road Trips

Whilst not invented to record road trips, Dash cams can and certainly do get used to film an entire trip on the road. It’s a great advantage to a dash cam as so often the journey is one of the best bits about a road trip experience. The landscapes that we see and the towns that we drive through are very often all sights to behold that we want to remember and taking a photo either means that we have to stop en route or that the feel of the drive is not truly captured in a way that a video can.

A Dash cam is therefore perfectly set up to answer these needs and performs as a camcorder with ease. As it is already installed on your dash, you don’t have to do anything extra to start recording your road trip or holiday. Your cam will do all the work for you from the get go and you have the perfect snapshot to remember all the incredible things we so often see on road trips away from from home.

Whilst never thought of as an immediate use of a dash cam, recording road trips is a happy by product of installing one of these nifty pieces of equipment on your dash. Plus, after the event, you can always use more technology on your computer to set your trip to music to make the recording a high quality video for you and your fellow roadtrippers to enjoy.

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Catch Vandals

One of the most frustrating things as a car owner is when you return to a car to find that your car has been vandalised or scratched without a person leaving their insurance details. Whilst it is obviously illegal to vandalise a car, or leave the scene of an accident without leaving insurance details, it still happens very regularly. This leaves innocent victims without many options other than to claim through their insurance companies, thus losing any no claims bonus and further driving up their premiums in future.

A dash cam will stop this from happening by recording any movement around your car while you are away from it, should you set it to this feature. It is therefore invaluable for keeping your insurance down and stopping you becoming a victim of vandalism.

This list of uses is not exhaustive either. Dash cam novices are often surprised at just how much they use their dash cam and the amount of uses that they do have. Plus seasoned users are often amazed at how much dash cams have come on over the years given that they now come loaded with even more useful features than the original dash cams when they were first released.

Dash cams really are a must for anyone that owns a car, let alone someone who drives regularly. In short, anyone who has bought one never regrets purchase it.


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