Figuring out why your Check Engine Light is on means deciphering OBD-II (or “OBD2”) codes, and that can be kind of annoying. That’s why Car Bibles did it for you! You’re welcome, now let’s get into solving your issue.

OBD2 P0496: What It Means

Your vehicle has an “EVAP” system, which controls the amount of vapors in your fuel tank. Periodically, those vapors will either be vented to the atmosphere or burned in the vehicle’s engine. Code P0496 or “EVAP flow during a non-purge condition” means your car is venting those vapors when it should not be.

Likely Symptoms 

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light. P0496 will cause a CEL.
  • Trouble starting, running rich. Excessive venting could cause the vehicle to run slightly rich, possibly damaging components like the catalytic converter.
  • Oftentimes, the vehicle may have no noticeable drivability issues.

Probable Causes

  • Faulty EVAP purge sensor/solenoid. The sensor that controls the EVAP system’s venting may be broken, or have a bad electrical connection.
  • Blocked or broken charcoal canister. The charcoal canister may be allowing vapors to escape when they shouldn’t.

What Part Is Potentially Affected?

As stated earlier, the EVAP system vents fuel vapors that build up in the tank, into either the engine or atmosphere. Your vehicle compensates and runs according to what it can do with these vapors. Without that, the vehicle may run slightly rich, potentially harming other engine parts, like the catalytic converter.

Possible Fixes

  • Replace or repair EVAP purge sensor/solenoid. A functioning EVAP solenoid should allow the EVAP system to function correctly. Verify that the wiring and vacuum to the solenoid is functional. If they are, replace the sensor.

Finding The Parts You Need

Now that you’ve figured out what’s wrong with your hooptie, let’s talk about where you’re gonna find that part’s replacement.

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