Weeks ago, car internet and blogs galore discovered the magic that is “Kia Soul TikTok.” On Kia Soul TikTok, gen Zers nonsensically made the Kia Soul a punchline, and a hilarious faux-disdain echoed across the site. It was kind of funny, but a bit too normie, y’know? The Kia Soul had some cringy marketing and is a dopey-looking car, it’s too easy of a target. Kia Soul TikTok is so passé. Nissan Altima TikTok is superior.

On TikTok, the Nissan Altima, and its owners are lampooned, as TikTokers show the sedan no mercy.

Whereas Kia Soul TikTok was completely random, Nissan Altima TikTok is targeted. It doesn’t seem to be made up of any particular car enthusiasts, yet commenters still find the time to dump on Nissan CVTs and droning coarse engine sounds. Most of these commenters don’t know anything bout cars, but they know they hate Altimas.

The unreliability of Nissan CVTs seems to be the most common punchline of Nissan Altima TikTok. Nearly every TikTok is full of funny allusions to big repair bills, stranded owners, and worthless vehicles.

Even the owners themselves have been stereotyped. Seemingly every Altima driver drives at max volume, swerves through traffic at top speed, and likely has been in an accident or two.

It’s not just Altimas, as the hate spread towards other Nissan CVT products.


no luxury car should have a CVT, let alone a nissan CVT. PERIOD 💅💅 #Acura #Infiniti #NBADraft #VansCheckerboardDay #RecordsDay #CVT

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There’s plenty of ironic TikTok videos of “happy” Nissan owners with broken transmissions.

Some of this stuff is goofy, but, some might not be totally unwarranted. Nissan these days is known for being a bit more liberal than other automakers with credit acceptance and long loans. Does that stigmatize Nissan owners? Maybe, but I can’t say that the stereotype of Nissan drivers having less than stellar credit is inaccurate. I mean, the company’s made a point to target lower credit buyers.

Either way, Nissan Altima TikTok is much superior to Kia Soul TikTok, and I’m glad the algorithm puts that junk on my For You page.