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The Best Motorcycle Goggles (Review) in 2021

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No motorcycle owner is ready to hit the road unless they’re equipped with the right accessories. From the right pants and jacket to the right shoes, what you wear while you ride is critical. And your eyewear is also very, very important. Wearing motorcycle goggles can keep your eyes safe and well-protected every time you start your engine. Motorcycle goggles can keep dirt, dust, insects, and even rain out of your eyes as you ride — and they can even prevent dryness and other eye issues over time. Of course, to get the best protection, you’ll want to choose a pair of quality goggles. Check out our picks for the best motorcycle goggles to make your search and every one of your motorcycle rides easier.

The Best Motorcycle Goggles

If you’re looking for durable riding goggles for a great price, look no further than Private Label’s three pack. Users can choose between three pairs of transparent, yellow, or gray-tinted goggles, or a pack including one of each. These options mean there’s an ideal solution no matter what light conditions you find yourself driving in.

The goggles are comfortable too, thanks to rubber padding around the eyes that also helps to keep dust, dirt, and insects away from your corneas. Each lens also features a protective coating that stops harmful UV radiation from reaching your eyes — perfect for brighter days. To ensure great visibility, the goggles have a ventilation system that prevents them from fogging up. Finally, since the goggles are made from polycarbonate lenses, they’re built to last.

Key Features
  • Three-pack
  • Available in a selection of three tint colors – gray, yellow, and transparent
  • Comfortable fit thanks to rubber padding
  • Tough polycarbonate lenses
  • Anti-fogging vents included
  • Powerful coating protects against UV radiation
  • Brand Private Label
  • Model PUtai6265
  • Weight 4 ounces

Good stuff


Bad stuff

These traditional aviator-style goggles are the perfect retro addition to your rides. Each pack contains one pair of transparent and one pair of gray tinted goggles, so you can switch from day to nighttime driving with just one purchase.

Each pair features shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, which can withstand the impact of virtually any flying debris you’ll encounter, alongside UV protection to guard against less visible sources of eye-damage. Thanks to the soft foam padding around each pair, they’re comfortable to wear for long stretches too, while also offering an effective seal to prevent high winds from drying out your eyes. Customers are blown away by the quality considering the budget-friendly price point, as well as how comfortable they are to wear for long stretches.

Key Features
  • Two pairs of traditional aviator-style goggles
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offer UV protection
  • Soft foam rim for comfortable wear and wind resistance
  • Lenses made from shatterproof polycarbonate
  • Brand Global Vision Eyewear
  • Model FBA_GVeliminator2CS
  • Weight 4 ounces

Featuring interchangeable lenses, Aully Park’s eyewear offers users a choice of three differently colored lenses: natural gray, cadmium yellow, and copper. The gray lenses are polarized, while the others offer UV400 protection, so each option is guaranteed to protect your eyes against sun damage.

All lenses are made from scratch and shatter-proof polycarbonate, so they’re built to last too. The frames feature soft padding to shut out the wind as well as rubber ear pads and a sport headband to keep them in place. Swapping out the lenses is easy, too, and users love the comfortable fit and lens clarity.

Key Features
  • Pair of glasses with three sets of interchangeable lenses
  • All lenses feature UV protection, one pair is polarized
  • Lenses are shatterproof and scratch-proof
  • Swapping lenses is easy
  • Rubber ear pads and lens surrounds ensures a comfortable fit
  • Brand AULLY PARK
  • Model GG601
  • Weight 8.6 ounces

Bobster’s stylish goggles feature three sets of easy-to-change polycarbonate lenses: smoked, amber, and transparent. Swapping them out is quick and convenient, allowing you to go from day to evening to night with zero hassle. The goggles are also designed with handy ventilation slits on each side, to prevent them from fogging up and give you the best possible visibility. The additional anti-fog coating also contributes to a pair of goggles that stand up against misting even on the rainiest days.

Thanks to a UV-resistant coating, these tough lenses are also capable of protecting your eyes against the sun’s damaging rays, along with any flying dust, dirt, insects, and other debris you might encounter when you’re on the road. Finally, Bobster knows that comfort is vital, so it has designed its goggles to mold comfortably to your face with the use of open cell foam — a soft, light material that offers a great seal and wicks away excess sweat.

Key Features
  • 3 sets of interchangeable lenses in smoked, amber, and transparent colors
  • Lenses are quick and convenient to change
  • anti-mist coating and side ventilation 
  • UV resistant coating 
  • Shatterproof and scratch-proof polycarbonate lenses 
  • Open-cell foam around the lenses 
  • Brand Bobster
  • Model Bob01200-brk
  • Weight 1 pounds

These riding glasses feature shatterproof and scratch-resistant lenses equipped with an anti-fog and UV-resistant coating. All these features are housed in attractive frames, and the soft foam padding makes them comfortable to wear for long stretches. They also have side vents to help keep things from misting up.

They’re available in eight different frame and lens colors, guaranteeing there’s something for everyone. Users especially love the dark lenses, which effectively keep the sun at bay even on the brightest days. Finally, thanks to their ergonomic design, which flows with the contours of your face, they’re comfortable to wear, ensuring you aren’t distracted from the road ahead even on long journeys.

Key Features
  • Pair of goggles available in eight different combinations of lens and frame colors
  • UV resistant coating
  • Shatterproof and scratch resistant lenses
  • Anti-fog side vents
  • Tinted lenses keep the sun at bay
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Brand Global Vision Eyewear
  • Model ELIMSM
  • Weight 0.8 ounces

MLC are pros when it comes to manufacturing great quality bike glasses. This set of three all-weather motorcycle riding glasses features colorless, amber, and gray lenses, making them a great option no matter the time of day. With their in-built defog technology, they keep your vision clear even on those rainy days.

The gap-foam padding forms a snug seal around your face, keeping out debris as well as the wind. Thanks to their lightweight design, alongside the comfortably padding, they’re easy to wear for long periods of time. This seal allows them to block debris from the road, as do their impact-resistant lenses. They also offer excellent UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from more than just bugs!

Key Features
  • Set of three all-weather goggles
  • Three lens colors available; transparent, amber, and gray
  • In-built anti-fog technology
  • Gap-foam padding forms a snug wind-proof seal around your face
  • Impact-resistant
  • UV-resistant lenses help protect your eyes
  • Brand MLC Eyewear
  • Model Mlc-79103
  • Weight 4 ounces

These tinted motorcycle goggles are a stylish way to protect yourself from a whole host of typical road assailants; dust, wind, rain, snow, sunlight, and UV rays. Perfect as motocross goggles, dirt bike goggles, or for pretty much any riding experience. Their anti-fog feature ensures that your vision isn’t compromised as you ride, while the bendable frame and foam padding keeps things comfortable so you can focus on the journey at hand.

They’re lightweight, too, so guaranteed not to weigh you down, and simple to make fit thanks to adjustable straps. Finally, they’re really versatile — many customers use them for winter sports such as skiing, too. For an attractive, lightweight, and versatile pair of goggles, you can’t go wrong with these.

Key Features
  • Tinted goggles with UV protection
  • Tough lenses protect against wind, dust, rain, snow, and insects
  • Perfect for motor and winter sports
  • Anti-fog vents prevent them from misting up
  • Foam coating and bendable frame keep them comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight design
  • Brand JAMIEWIN
  • Model C42

Making their second entry onto our list is Global Vision, with their smoked tint riding goggles. Each pair has tough, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, with a UV resistant coating that keeps the sun’s rays at bay.

The goggles also feature a soft air foam padding, making them easy to wear whether for a half hour or day-long trip. Customers love the great seal they form around your face — snug enough to hold up against even dust storms! The cleverly-placed air vents ensure that they don’t mist up, either, keeping your vision clear when it’s most vital.

Key Features
  • Smoke-tinted riding goggles
  • Feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
  • UV resistant coating protects your eyes against the sun
  • Air foam padding makes them comfortable to wear
  • Ventilation system keeps them from steaming up
  • Protect against detritus on the road, even during dust storms
  • Brand Global Vision Eyewear
  • Model 4333050858
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

If you’re looking for something with a steampunk edge, look no further than these vintage aviator pilot style goggles. Available in a staggering 40 color combinations, there’s sure to be a design to suit every taste.

As well as being colorful, the goggles are functional! The lenses feature 100% UV protection, keeping your eyes safe in the sun, as well as a scratch resistant coating that keeps flying debris at bay when you’re on the move. Thanks to sponge padding around the frames, they’re also comfortable to wear and form a snug seal against wind and dust. Customers love the way these goggles look, and the excellent visibility they provide.

Key Features
  • Attractive steampunk style goggles available in 40 colors
  • Lenses offer 100% UV protection
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Foam coating on frames keeps debris at bay
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent visibility
  • Brand CRG Sports
  • Model T08SSN

These goggles can easily slide over your existing glasses. After all, eye safety shouldn’t come at the price of vision. Their lenses offer 100-percent UV protection and are made from tough polycarbonate.

Thanks to the vented foam padding, the goggles will fit snugly over most prescription glasses and keep dust and other debris at bay. Another great feature about these goggles is that they come with their own cleaning cloth and case, keeping them safe even when they’re not in use.

Key Features
  • Motorcycle riding glasses suitable to wear with prescription glasses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Lenses made from tough polycarbonate
  • Vents stop the goggles from misting up
  • Foam padding makes a comfortable seal
  • Keeps debris and wind at bay
  • Come with their own cleaning cloth and carry case
  • Brand Pacific Coast
  • Model 9300
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Best Motorcycle Goggles Buying Guide & FAQ

Which motorcycle goggles are the best of the best? You have a lot of different options to choose from, and each pair of goggles can vary in style, protection level, and even visibility in various road conditions. Whether you’re looking for a style-forward pair with lots of flair or a simple, highly protective set of goggles, there’s something for every motorcycle rider. And our buying guide will help you narrow down your options to find the best fit for your needs.

closeup of motorcycle goggles

What to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Goggles

Everyone has different needs when it comes to eye safety, but there are some fairly universal factors to bear in mind when choosing your motorcycle goggles:

Prescription Lenses

When choosing a pair of motorcycle goggles, your eye health comes first! This means wearing the correct prescription if required, but obviously pairing up goggles with prescription glasses isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are a few different solutions. One option is to wear contact lenses with your goggles, but since lenses aren’t for everyone, you could have some prescription motorcycle glasses made instead. Having a pair made especially tends to be the most expensive option, however, so you might prefer to simply purchase a pair of goggles that can fit over your existing pair of glasses. Number 10 on our list could be the perfect solution for you if you wear prescription glasses.

Lens Tint

Combating bright conditions is vital for getting the best possible view of the road; sometimes this means wearing tinted or polarized lenses. All of the goggles on our list offer UV protection, so you can rest assured your eyes are safe from damage on that front, but if you expect to drive in bright lighting, it’s a good idea to purchase a pair or set that includes dark tinted lenses – these are effectively motorcycle sunglasses. For driving in dark conditions, on the other hand, amber-tinted lenses will give you the best view. If you frequently ride your bike in both light and dark conditions, consider choosing goggles with interchangeable lenses.

Protective Quality

Any pair of motorcycle goggles need to stand up to flying dust, dirt, and insects. For this reason, make sure the lenses are made from a tough, shatterproof material such as polycarbonate. Looking out for scratch-proof lenses is also a good idea, as this will ensure the goggles last longer, and scratches won’t compromise your vision.

Anti-Fog Features

Another factor that can affect your overall vision is the age-old problem of foggy glasses. Most good quality motorcycle goggles include strategically-placed vents that allow air to circulate and prevent a foggy layer from forming. Be sure to look out for this feature, especially if you tend to ride in cold or rainy conditions.

Interchangeable or Fixed Lenses

Another factor to bear in mind when choosing your goggles is whether you want fixed or interchangeable lenses. If you tend to ride your bike in a wide variety of light conditions, purchasing a pair with different, changeable lenses (such as number 4 on our list) is a great space-saver. Just be sure that the lenses fit snugly, and are easy to swap in and out.


Finally, your budget will also affect what pair of goggles you purchase. Luckily, this vital piece of kit is fairly inexpensive, and a high quality pair can cost under $5. With this in mind, more expensive goggles can offer a little more protection than their budget-friendly countertops, but the main differences tend to be style and durability – expensive frames are usually more resistant to little mishaps such as being sat on!

red goggles

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Glasses

Motorcycle glasses are a vital component of your safety equipment, and while wearing them is not a legal requirement, the most experienced riders almost always choose to, because of the huge range of benefits they offer:

Protection from Debris

A good pair of goggles keep your eyes safe from flying pieces of debris that can be flicked toward your face by the tires of your bike. This could be small stones, clods of dirt, or even garbage such as plastic fabrics.

Protection from the Weather

Stinging rain, hail, and snow can wreak havoc with your field of vision when they hit your eyes at high speed, and goggles are a simple but effective way to combat this.

Protection from the Wind

The wind that whips up during high speed rides can also do a surprising amount of damage to your eyes. Wind can quickly dry out your eyes, which is not only uncomfortable but also increases the risk of developing blurred vision and eye infections over time.

Protection from the Sun

Goggles often function as biker sunglasses, meaning they filter out potentially harmful UV rays from the sun. As well as making your journey more comfortable, this protection also reduces the risk of conditions such as cataracts and corneal sunburn.

Types of Motorcycle Goggles

When choosing your motorcycle goggles, you have a few styles to choose from:

Dirt Bike Goggles

As the name suggests, dirt bike goggles are designed with off-roading purposes in mind. They are extra tough and have a good seal against dust.

Over-Glasses Goggles

Slightly more accomodating goggles designed to fit over your prescription lenses.

Street Bike Goggles

These goggles are designed for use in town and on the highway. They tend to focus on style and are a little less bulky than their other counterparts.

Maintenance Tips for Your Biker Sunglasses

With the proper care and maintenance, your goggles can last for years to come. Below are our top tips for taking care of this vital piece of kit:


Give the lenses of your goggles a regular clean with good old-fashioned soap and warm water. Avoid glass-cleaners such as Windex, since the ammonia in these cleaners can cause the lenses to be brittle. Be sure to clean the foam the same way, as over time, sweat can cause corrosion.

Keep Dust at Bay

Before using your lenses, it’s a good idea to coat them with an anti-static spray. This will keep dust from accumulating on your lenses while also preventing streaks when you clean them — a win-win!

Store Safely

Keep your goggles in a designated case when not in use. This prevents them from being displaced, keeps the dust off, and minimizes their contact with sunlight.

Best Motorcycle Goggles FAQ:

vintage goggles

Q: Can I wear goggles and a helmet at the same time?

Yes. The exact fit will depend upon the type of helmet you have, but there is absolutely no reason you can’t combine a helmet and goggles. Helmets with built-in visors might not be suitable for use with bulkier goggles, but generally speaking, you should have no compatibility problems. Bear in mind that most types of goggles are designed to be worn outside of the helmet.

Q: How can I keep my motorbike goggles from fogging up?

Fogging is a common problem, especially in the winter! Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks you can use to reduce the likelihood of this happening:

  • Use an Anti-Fog Wipe

First developed by NASA, these wipes contain a combination of chemicals that prevent droplets of water from condensing on the lens surface.

  • Try Homemade Alternatives

If you can’t access anti-fog wipes, or simply want to save a little effort or money, you can achieve a similar effect by cleaning your glasses with a dab of shaving foam or a bar of pure white soap.

  • Adjust properly

Better ventilation means less fogging, so ensure the goggles sit a little away from your face, as this makes for improved circulation.

Q: How do prescription goggles work?

Prescription goggles look much the same as their regular counterparts, but the lenses are tailored to a specific prescription. Getting this just right can be challenging because goggle lenses tend to curve, and you’ll need to order a bespoke pair tailor-made for your eyesight.

Using prescription goggles is a viable alternative to wearing goggles over prescription glasses or contact lenses. They offer a more convenient eye-protection solution, while also providing improved visibility compared to prescription glasses. This is because they cover the whole eye, improving peripheral vision.

Q: What should I do for motorcycle sunglasses and goggles for night?

When choosing a pair of goggles with specific light conditions in mind, the tint is everything. Our quick guide will help you choose the right color for the right conditions:

  • Transparent

Transparent, colorless lenses are the best all-rounder. They allow plenty of light in and don’t alter it at all.

  • Yellow/Amber

These lenses are ideal for low-light conditions; they improve the contrast and definition of objects.

  • Smoke

Smoked lenses reduce glare without filtering out a lot of light. They’re great for light daytime conditions.

  • Mirrored

Mirrored lenses provide the maximum reduction of glare, making them perfect for use in especially bright light.

helmet and glasses

Our Top Pick

When it comes to the best of the best, we like the Private Label 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses. This is our top pick because they’re comfortable, simple, and straightforward, and sold in a pack of three. For one affordable price, you can get three pairs of motorcycle goggles that’ll suit your every need. Each pair is padded for extra comfort while you ride, and they feature different lens colors so you can switch up your style on every trip. With UV protection thanks to a special coating and durable polycarbonate lenses, these motorcycle goggles offer peace of mind too. You can hit the road without worrying about what you and your eyes might encounter.


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