The Best Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarps are lightweight, synthetically-made tarps that are strong and durable. They’re unique in that they allow some airflow through the material, unlike other types of tightly-woven tarps that block wind completely. This is often a great benefit when you’re carrying cargo in the back of a truck or on a trailer, as the passage of wind through the tarp material makes it less likely that the cargo or the truck itself will blow over. This allowance of airflow also makes mesh tarps an ideal shade structure that can be used to create effective cooling shade spots over larger areas like your patio, boat, RV, camper, back yard, porch, and more. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best, most durable, and functional mesh tarps currently available. Have a look.

When it comes to the best overall mesh tarp, our pick is the YGS Perfect Sunblock Shade Cloth with Grommets. This 20 x 10 foot shade cloth is constructed from premium, high-density polyethylene material that’s 100 percent UV stabilized, lightweight, and durable. Equipped with heavy-duty grommets, this tarp allows you to instantly create a shade awning or screen, privacy fence, cargo cover, ground cover for plants and gardens, and much more. It works well as an additional shade structure, providing 70 percent shade coverage for your patio, balcony, pool area, playground, porch, boat, pet kennel, and more. It can also serve to protect delicate plants from harsh sunlight or light frost, minimizing the risk of crop loss in undesirable weather conditions, but still allowing you to water the plants without removing the tarp itself. It’s a truly versatile product.

Our choice for the best value in a mesh tarp is the e.share 70% Green Shade Cloth Taped Edge with Grommets. This model measures 12 x 6 feet, but it’s also available in 11 other pre-cut and reinforced sizes to provide a versatile option for whatever you need. This mesh tarp is made from lightweight and strong polyethylene, like many other tarps, but it goes the extra mile by adding heavy-duty reinforced edging that features durable and rust-resistant grommets spaced every two feet along the border. This gives you many options for stable and secure mounting and installation. It even features double grommets on every corner for extra durability. This tarp is green, making it an excellent option for shading gardens and greenhouses that blends easily with the surrounding landscape, making for an unobtrusive addition.

If you’re in the market for a premium quality mesh tarp, consider the Shatex 90% Fabric Sun Shade Cloth. This tarp’s high-quality construction and design is immediately evident. It’s constructed from knitted high-density polyethylene material that’s designed to provide 90 percent shade protection from harmful UV rays due to its weaving pattern. The material is still highly breathable and allows much-needed breezes and airflow through in order to provide a maximum cooling effect — and this also helps prevent ballooning material. It’s easily cleanable with a garden hose, and it will resist fading and tearing for a long time. Specially reinforced edges are taped with durable and rust-resistant aluminum grommets for added durability and easy and secure installation in almost any space.

We want to give an honorable mention to the Milky House Shade Cloth 90% Sunblock Mesh. This mesh tarp is one of the most durable options you can find. Although it’s also one of the smaller mesh tarps available, it’s very useful. It offers a shade rating of 90 percent over a 6.5 x 6.5 foot space. It features a multi-stitched, taped edge secured by aluminum grommets that are reinforced with heavy-duty, UV-resistant plastic to promote an optimal lifespan and reliable strength for years. The UV stabilized, high-density polyethylene construction makes an ideal netting for transporting cargo, shading livestock, kennels, greenhouses, gardens, or any area around your home or outdoor recreational spaces. It also works well to create effective walled-off privacy spaces for fence lines, patios, or decks, protecting you from prying eyes.

Our next honorable mention goes to the Agfabric 70% Sun-Block Shade Cloth Net Mesh. This is more of a straightforward, unassuming, yet reliable mesh tarp that boasts 70 percent shade and privacy coverage. It’s rated to withstand winds up to 40 mph thanks to its reinforced edging that supports durable and lightweight aluminum grommets spaced every 1.5 feet along the perimeter of the tarp. This mesh tarp also comes equipped with handy ball bungees for flexible tying down to add extra stability and reinforcement that flexes with wind and movement. Available in four different sizes, this is a versatile coverage for porches, decks, patios, pools, greenhouses, barns, work sheds, RVs, campsites, and much more. It’s ideal for plant protection, since it shades from hot and harsh direct sunlight but still allows for air and water to flow through the material to nourish the plants.