Another day, another EV concept with wild claims. This one’s a little more intriguing than the endless parade of futuristic 3D renders that ping-pong around the internet every day though, because it’s been cooked up by Mercedes-Benz. It appears to actually run, and its projected (impressive) specs are within the realm of possibility. This week, Mercedes took the wraps off its EQXX super-efficient sedan concept and we finally get to see what the automaker has in mind to replace the iconic three-box sedans shapes its famous for.

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What Happened?

Mercedes-Benz has released details, images (and even let a few journalists put their hands on) the new EQXX sedan concept. Unlike the EQS or other super-powerful premium EV sedans like the Lucid Air or Porsche Taycan, the EQXX focused on efficiency, not power. Mercedes claims 1,000 kilometers (651 miles) from the EQXX’s 100 kWh battery. Mercedes claims the car is more aerodynamic than a football and is decked out from nose to tail with plant-based vegan materials.

Why It Matters

It seems like the auto industry is agreeing that the future of cars will be electric, but so far most automakers are gravitating towards crafting EV crossovers and trucks. That makes sense since those types of vehicles sell in great numbers, but sedans aren’t dead yet and if any automaker is going to carry the torch for this “traditional” car design, it ought to be M-B. To many automakers, adding range is explicitly tied to bigger batteries, which tend to go in larger, taller vehicles. In fact, Mercedes-Benz itself has said that three-box sedans look “like shit” as electric cars.

Well, technically the EQXX isn’t a “three-box” sedan, but it is most definitely a sedan. Mercedes is bucking the trend of making all EV concepts hyper-powerful supercars or enormous SUV-like things and has simply optimized a sedan shape for maximum efficiency. This concept’s new styling is somewhat of a departure for other Mercedes-Benz vehicles, it could signal a preview of what future Mercs could look like.

What To Expect Next

It is unclear if this particular concept rolls and drives, but if all of the tech that MB claims the EQXX has really does come to market, it could be one of the most, if not the most, efficient EV. Aside from the Tesla Model 3, there’s a real dearth of non-hyper-expensive premium electric sedans. A production EQXX, could fill that gap. Expect the EQXX, or some Mercedes Benz EV with the EQXX’s tech, to be on the streets, sooner, than later.