Mercedes Unimogs are not common in America, but these heavy-duty trucks go to work all over the world on construction sites, industrial areas, war zones, ect. In 1994, Germans floated a “Funmog” concept that basically was just “imagine a military truck, but fun and friendly like Marty McFly’s Toyota.” Based on the press photo I found in the Mercedes-Benz archive, I think they were kidding. But is this really much goofier than a six-wheeled G-wagen?

Picture Details:

  • Car(s): 1994 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Series 408 “Funmog” Concept
  • Location: Cologne, Germany (Unconfirmed)
  • Photog: Unknown
  • Camera: Unknown

We do generally try to keep our daily Feature Photos limited to images for which we can identify the photog, or at least the glass used to get the picture, but this press pic brought me a lot of joy so what kind of jerk would I be to deny it to you?

This picture could be pretty easily meme’d. Something something “wear something nice, I’ll pick you up in my two-door Mercedes.” I’m counting on you to write something funnier in the comments, though.

Here’s the full size from the Mercedes-Benz archive:

Mercedes Joked About a Luxury Unimog in 1994 but It’d Probably Print Money Today
Der “Funmog” U 90, Studie eines geländegängigen Freizeitmobils auf Unimog-Basis, 1994. – Image: Mercedes-Benz