Car Bibles first came online circa 2005 as a resource for automotive enthusiasts. About 10 years later it evolved into a review aggregator, just hosting stacks on stacks of product writeups. More recently it was adopted by what’s now called Recurrent, parent company to The Drive and other cool sites. And now, the site is my baby.

Car Bibles is now completely revamped with new flavor and dedicated writers you’ll meet below. Come to our site to get your car questions answered; stick around to be entertained and make friends in the comment section! At least, that’s the dream.

We’ll continuously develop our repository of painless automotive advice and clear how-to explainers for all budgets and skill levels. This site will empower you to feel some confidence around that big lump of metal you need to get to work and school.

For those already indoctrinated into automotive culture, consider us your new favorite resource for buying, maintaining, and upgrading enthusiast cars. You’ll also get our perspectives on the current state of the automotive scene and candid rundowns of cool happenings in the car world.

Put simply: The primary objective of Car Bibles is to sift through the internet’s abyss of automotive knowledge to point out what’s good. We’ll also consolidate important DIY knowledge from forums and Facebook groups before it’s lost forever in that abyss I just mentioned.

And coming back to comments – audience participation is strongly encouraged around here. Please don’t be shy about speaking your piece in the comment sections – writers will be joining you in there as much as they can!

Site Staff

Here’s the crew doing most of the new stuff you’ll see on Car Bibles.

Andrew P. Collins | Editor-In-Chief /// TwitterInstagram • LinkedIn

Andrew P. Collins Car Bibles Editor-In-Chief

“I’ve been writing about cars for a long time – I started an automotive column in my college newspaper The Vermont Cynic circa 2007 and have basically been blogging ever since. I ran international off-road tours for a bit, which was amazing, also did some time slinging used cars and working in auto finance which was… less exciting. I’m probably best known, if I’m ‘known’ at all, for my role as longtime car tester (Reviews Editor) at Jalopnik. But my proudest piece of professional background is my stint as Woolly, the skiing mascot from Mammoth Mountain (2012, the ski season of love, or something). I’m stoked you’re reading our staff intro page, by the way. Looking forward to chatting in the comments!”

  • Calls home: Los Angeles, California
  • Favorite car scenes: ’90s tuner cars, ’70s and ’80s trucks, overlanders, anything Italian, classic GT cars
  • Extracurricular interests: Skiing, sloths, Star Trek reruns

Chris Rosales | Writer /// TwitterInstagram

Chris Rosales, Car Bibles

“It’s taken a minute, but I finally have a car I want to keep. Oh, and I actually became an automotive journalist after spending many years snapping pics for people who weren’t paying me very much. I got my start in the car world by showing up to drift events and being a media nerd, and being damn good at it. On the side I would draft up posts for myself, nerding out about the finer technical points of a 1UZ valve train, or waxing lyrical about the canyons being the greatest driving anywhere, at any price. After gigs at a restaurant, Six Flags, and a school photography service, I eventually worked my way into Formula D. As I matured and became an actual adult (you could say my ‘journey’ started at age 15), my voice grew and I had something to say.  Being a young, brown car kid had its tough moments, and it gave me the chip on my shoulder to keep pushing and prodding, to find my way into the industry and make a spot for myself. Now that I’m amongst some of the best here at Car Bibles, I can say safely that all I have to do is work hard and focus now.”

  • Calls home: Los Angeles, California
  • Favorite car scenes:  The canyons, eurotrash performance, some off-roading and dirt biking, and certainly motorsport and track-rat stuff, with a touch of Japanese excellence
  • Extracurricular interests: Photography, sim racing (is that extracurricular?), aggressively listening to music, chugging gallons of sparkling water

Kevin Williams | Writer /// Twitter • Instagram

Kevin Williams, Car Bibles

“I’ve been an online car kid since I was old enough to agree to the terms and conditions of the internet forums you might remember from the late 2000s. I’ve had a love of cars since I was a little kid (much to the ire of my parents, as I’d annoy the hell out of them, pointing out all the new cars anytime we’d go for a drive somewhere). Eventually, running my mouth online landed me here at Car Bibles. No lie, cars have kept me out of the poorhouse, as my love of cars have somehow always made their way into the jobs I’ve had. I’ve done stints as a rideshare driver, delivery driver, worked at three different car dealerships, and some freelance writing here on the side. I’m also a prolific car flipper always searching for a deal – keep reading and maybe I’ll teach you how.”

  • Calls home: Columbus, Ohio
  • Favorite car scenes: “Weird Car Twitter” (sort of), new Chinese market cars, overpowered cheap hot hatches, home-brewed budget build cars, random obscure car knowledge, new car design and conceptualization
  • Extracurricular interests: Drawing and 3D modeling, shopping for new on-trend clothes, going to the club, watching Infinity Train

Peter Nelson | Writer /// TwitterInstagram

Peter Nelson, Car Bibles

“I’ve been wrenching on and playing with cars since my late teens, when I competed in Chicagoland autocross events with my Mk2 Jetta. Nowadays I enjoy tracking my Mazda2 all over California, as well as spending warm SoCal days on fun mountain roads. I’ve worked all kinds of jobs, from Bike Messenger to Loan Team Support Generalist at a bank (the former I enjoyed way more than the latter), but automotive writing’s been the absolute highlight of my professional career. Previously, I was Editor of Winding Road Magazine and have freelanced for a number of sources, including Donut Media,, and Being a part of Car Bibles is a ton of fun and our team is absolutely top-notch!”

  • Calls home: Long Beach, California
  • Favorite car scenes: All-things ’80s and ’90s enthusiast cars, and really anything designed to have fun behind the wheel of – also all things track-related (negative camber, sticky tires, two-wheeling over curbs, wheel-to-wheel racing, etc)
  • Extracurricular interests: Road cycling, photography, surfing once or twice a year

Network Crew

This team floats between Car Bibles, The Drive, and other Brookline Media sites to bring you useful how-tos.

Jonathon Klein | Executive Editor, Info Content

Tony Markovich | Deputy Editor, Info Content

Chris Teague | Writer, Info Content

Victoria Scott | Writer, Info Content

Stef Schrader | Social Media Editor

Executive Suite

These guys are our bosses, mentors, and spiritual guides.

Patrick George | Editorial Director, Brookline Media

Mike Spinelli | Head of Autos Strategy, Brookline Media

You’ll see other contributors in the mix from time to time as well. And of course, shoutout to our supporting staff at Brookline Media and North Equity for keeping the lights on and making the site hum.

Staff Project Vehicles

Details coming soon, we’ve got some goodies!