Recently, while surfing the world wide web of YouTube for genuinely interesting and useful content, I came across a genius little channel called ‘LR Time.’ It’s run by a wholesome German couple who go by Vera and Christian, who come up with genius DIY ways of outfitting their Land Rover Discovery 3/LR3 for overlanding. Their dynamic and humor are top-notch, and the detail they go into is fascinating.

Just look at this thirty-seven minute long video on making a pressurized sun shower; my God are they industrious:

Not to generalize too hard, but the amount of engineering they put into their design is, well, very German.

There’s so much machining, sanding, threading in connectors, brazing on hardware; it ends up looking like a high-quality piece that would retail on for a pretty penny. And rightly so, it seems like it took many, many hours to put the whole system together.

The rest of their videos are very much the same. Plus, the Land Rover Terrain Response icons are in their logo, how cool and ultra-Land-Rover-nerd is that? You can see why I instantly became a fan of this channel.

One particular project they published more recently, which is especially interesting to me, was their DIY foldaway sleeping platform and cargo barrier. I really dig this one because it’s getting the creative juices flowing about figuring out sleeping arrangements in my own Discovery 1. Of course, I won’t be able to design and build anything nearly as top-notch as this. In fact, I bet anything I throw together will be quite Busch league.

But hey, a guy can dream, and hopefully learn a thing or two from watching really cool and enlightening stuff like LR Time.