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The Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Best Choice Grizzly Lawn Gear Blade Sharpener Grizzly Lawn Gear Blade Sharpener
Best Value Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener
Premium Pick Sharpal Lawn Mower Sharpener Sharpal Lawn Mower Sharpener

If you’ve ever tried to mow a lawn with subpar blades, you know how frustrating it can be. The blunt edges make it less of an even cut and more of a grass blade massacre. The good news is that it’s a problem that’s easily solved. It might be a nuisance to swap out your blades altogether, but sharpening them is super easy. Plus, there are tons of products on the market designed to limit the amount of time and energy you spend sharpening them. Of course, finding the right sharpener is half the battle. It needs to work with the shape of your mower and its blades. The sharpener also has to be reasonably easy to use and stay functional for multiple jobs. To help you track down the best lawn mower blade sharpeners around, we’ve broken down the top options.

The Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

If you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use and will get the job done quickly, the Grizzly Lawn Gear Blade Sharpener is a good way to go. It incorporates a powerful sharpening stone that is thick enough to grind the blade down quickly. This is largely thanks to the high-corundum stone. You can use this drill attachment-style sharpener on blades of any size, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. In terms of user-friendliness, the bit attaches to the head of your drill efficiently. The intuitive design makes this stone sharpening set a great choice for the ease of function. It comes with enough sharpeners to last all season, plus the open design means you can use this sharpener on more than one thing in your garage. 

The only downside is that it does require an electric drill. So long as you have one, however, this is a great choice overall since it makes light work of the chore.

Key Features
  • Drill built attachment sharpeners
  • Comes with three stones
  • Designed to sharpen quickly
  • Corundum stone is very durable
  • Brand Grizzly Lawn Gear
  • Model B07W3ZGQRN
  • Weight 12 ounces

Doesn’t require elbow grease

Works on blades of all sizes

Comes with protective gloves


Requires a power drill to work

So powerful it can wear down blades

Can cause strain on your hands

Need something that will return your lawnmower to its former glory but won’t cause you to overspend? Check out the Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener for its low price point and strong sharpening abilities. It is a handheld sharpener that incorporates a curved handle. This is to make it easier to keep a steady grip as well as to prevent soreness in your arm muscles. The sharpener is made out of a synthetic material that is resistant to rust and corrosion (excepting the screws and other small hardware). The sharpening component is powerful, and coupled with the design of the sharpener it can get your blades back to optimal operating condition quickly. 

Keep in mind that, although this sharpener is cost-effective, it does take more time to finish the project than it would with an electric counterpart. If you’re not in a hurry, however, this is a cost-effective solution.

Key Features
  • Handheld sharpening tool
  • Works with most blade sizes
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Made of sturdy polymer
  • Brand N/A
  • Model 50185
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

Requires no electricity

Tough and durable design

Lasts for multiple uses


Requires effort during sharpening

Takes more time to sharpen

Hardware vulnerable to rust

If you’re going to add a tool to your kit to save space, it helps to get a multipurpose tool like the Sharpal Lawn Mower Sharpener. This tool functions as a knife and pruning tool in addition to its base function as a blade sharpener. It is meant to last for a long period due to the five layers of sharpening components. This coupled with its three slots lets you find the precise placement for the blade that you are sharpening. As a result, you get a longer-lasting sharpness. The tungsten is fortified with carbide to ensure lasting strength. With a massive handle that is easy to grip, this lightweight tool is very user-friendly.

It is worth noting that, while the sharpener is effective, it is not a dedicated sharpening tool. As such, it’s vulnerable to wear and tear from use in other activities.

Key Features
  • Multipurpose design and structure
  • Works as knife, shears, and sharpener
  • Handheld structure
  • Brand Sharpal Inc.
  • Model B01L8Q3J5M
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Lightweight and long-lasting

Functions as a full-service outdoor tool

Doesn’t require electricity


The polymer is vulnerable to extreme cold

Takes elbow grease to work

Not a dedicated sharpener

Those who are looking for the quickest way to restore their mower blades and get the yard done will benefit from the Lavizo Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener. It comes with several drill attachments made with two layers of corundum stone. The high melting point ensures that the stone won’t wear down too quickly. You can use this sharpener on any type of lawn mower, largely due to the ease of access from the small drill attachments. Working on everything from an industrial tractor mower to a basic sickle-style landscaping tool, this sharpener is versatile. Compatible with any standard hand drill, it is a quick way to get your landscaping done. 

Bear in mind that, although the bits have two layers of hardy material, it will still wear down over time (especially when using it on multiple mowers).

Key Features
  • Each sharpener has two layers
  • Made of corundum stone
  • Power drill attachments
  • Fits most standard hand drills
  • Brand Lavizo
  • Model B088R5F7WZ
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

Works powerfully and quickly

Comes with multiple sharpeners

Can sharpen blades of all sizes


Requires electrical drill

Works better with trained hands

Stones wear down over time

Especially if you have a lot of grass to tackle, finding an efficient (and user-friendly) option like the Crafts Man Lawn Mower Sharpener set is ideal. It includes five pieces that attach to any standard drill. The sharpening stone is made out of corundum-heavy material that sits safely atop a metal base. All the components have a high melting point, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about risks due to flammability. Each sharpener is built to be long-lasting, meaning you can get multiple sharpenings out of the piece. You can use this set on pretty much any kind of mower blade, making these sharpeners pretty versatile. 

It warrants a mention that, though the sharpeners are powerful, you can’t use them without a drill (corded or battery-operated). Make sure that you have the necessary tools before proceeding.

Key Features
  • Comes with five sharpening heads
  • Works on blades of all sizes
  • Made of single-layer corundum
  • Fits onto any standard drill
  • Brand Crafts Man
  • Model B07HFZM51P
  • Weight 16 ounces

Designed for versatility

Lightweight and easy to control

Works on any type of blade


Vulnerable to wear and tear

The base of the attachment can rust

Needs a power drill

Particularly for those who are planning a large-scale sharpening project, the Zalalova Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener is a great choice. It comes with a sufficient supply to tackle larger projects, including tractor mowers and other tools. While you can use it with a manual drill, the sharpening works better with an electrical tool. The high-grade corundum stone can quickly grind down the surface of the blade. This returns it to sharpness quickly, causing limited wear to the sharpener itself. It also stops the metal components from overheating (when used in moderation). 

Bear in mind that, despite the powerful abilities, the stone will eventually wear down, causing it to go off-balance. If this happens, it’s important to swap it out with a different attachment.

Key Features
  • Comes with five drill-bit attachments
  • Uses single-layer corundum stone
  • Almost 2 1/2 inches across
  • Works with all types of blades
  • Brand Zalalova
  • Model B07WC5SZJQ
  • Weight 14.4 ounces

Requires no elbow grease to work

Useful on blades of all sizes

Includes backup drill bits


Will lose its balance with continued use

Requires an electrical connection

Metal can overheat with bigger tasks

The Bladebizz Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener is a handy option for those who prefer to rely on power tools for their outdoor projects. The set comes with four sharpening stones, each mounted on a drill attachment. Compatible with any standard power drill, the stones are balanced to ensure an even result on the blades. The corundum material is heavy enough to do the job quickly, without impacting the motor of the drill. The quarter-inch shank is easy to set up; and, since each of the sharpening attachments is only a couple inches across, you can use this sharpener on just about anything. 

It’s worth noting that, though these sharpeners are useful since there is only a single layer of stone, it will wear down the more you use it. However, since there are backup attachments, it isn’t a massive concern.

Key Features
  • Set of four rounded drill attachments
  • Made out of durable stone
  • Attaches to any standard drill
  • Works for multiple tasks
  • Brand Bladebizz
  • Model B07XNNMB45
  • Weight 11.2 ounces

Balanced structure improves the quality

Lightweight and easy to handle

Sharpens quickly and effectively


Prone to wear and tear from ongoing use

Can’t be used without electricity

Metal parts are vulnerable to rust

Do you prefer precision over speed? If that’s the case, then the Smith’s Lawn Mower Essential Sharpener is a great way to go. It is a handheld device that keeps you in the driver’s seat when you are working. It incorporates a safety guard to prevent the risk of injuries. Plus, the handle is large enough to let you wear gloves while working. It’s simple to use, too. Just pull the blade through the opening and the carbide material (and the grit surface) will return the sharpness. Coming with a cleaning brush to help you wipe down the debris, this is an excellent way to return your lawnmower blades to their former state. 

Keep in mind that, while the sharpener is effective, it does take a bit more time to work with. That said, if you want a sharp blade that you can rely on, the control offered by this sharpener makes it well worth an honorable mention.

Key Features
  • Handheld design 
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Large handle to accommodate gloves
  • Coarse carbide does sharpening
  • Brand Smiths
  • Model 50603
  • Weight 6.1 ounces

Gives space for use with gloves

Ergonomic and grip-friendly design

Sharpens edges fairly quickly


Requires physical effort to sharpen

Small parts are vulnerable to rust

Vulnerable to breaking on impact

Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners Buying Guide & FAQ

If you are on the hunt for a lawnmower blade sharpener that works and lasts, there are some things to keep an eye on. The first is identifying what you plan to gain out of the sharpener. Are you going to use it for multiple tools around the garage? Or is it something you plan to use exclusively with your push mower? 

Picking the right tool comes down to the benefits you expect. Once you figure out what you’re expecting from the sharpener, you can narrow down your search. So long as it is made out of quality materials that integrate into a user-friendly design, you are well on your way. The most important thing is to find a sharpener that benefits you specifically. 

Benefits of Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

There are tons of benefits to having a lawnmower blade sharpener on standby. For one, it’s just a plain fact that a sharp blade works better than a dull one. Having your lawnmower up to par is a way to cut down the time spent doing chores in the beating sunlight. Instead of damaging your lawn, a sharp blade will leave you with an even cut that looks and feels great. 

Additionally, many lawn mower blade sharpeners aren’t meant for a single purpose. Sure, you can find some that are exclusive to this type of blade. However, most work as a multipurpose sharpener. This means you don’t have to get a separate sharpener for your push and ride-on lawnmowers. Particularly for those tackling larger projects, this is helpful. 

  • Improves your lawn mower’s performance by sharpening the blades. 
  • Allows you to choose between speed and control with different sharpener types. 
  • Prevents you from having to replace your lawnmower blades. 
  • The sharpener works on blades of all sizes, so you only need to pick one. 
  • Sharpeners have many applications around the house and the garage. 
  • Blade sharpeners are compact and easy to store (and also really durable). 
Man Working With Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Types of Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

While there are small differences between each lawn mower blade sharpener, essentially, there are two basic types. Once you identify which type suits your needs best, you can select an option made of the best quality materials. It’s important to find a sharpener that works with your lawnmower since both types offer different benefits. 

The main question to ask when you’re getting your sharpener is whether you want speed or control. There are sharpeners available which work more slowly, but offer a better-balanced and more precise edge. The other type will make sure you sharpen the edge quickly, but the sharpener (and the blade) might be slightly off balance. 


This type of lawn mower blade sharpener is geared towards those who prefer to have control over their work. While it works more slowly than the drill counterpart, it gives you a precise blade edge that mows efficiently. The majority of handheld selections use a mix of carbide and grit to get the job done. 

While this type lets you work more accurately, it also requires a fair bit more elbow grease to control. That said, since you don’t need electricity, it is arguably a more versatile option. You can use it pretty much anywhere and return blades of all sizes to their original state of sharpness. 

Drill Attachment

The other type of lawnmower blade sharpener is ideal for those with a focus on saving time and improving efficiency. These sharpeners present as a round stone (usually made of corundum) that is mounted on top of a drill attachment. Most of the time, it attaches via a quarter-inch shank. 

These sharpeners require a drill to work, meaning you either need a battery or a close enough outlet. However, you can use them very quickly on blades of all sizes. They require next to no effort to get the sharpening done. However, since the drills move so quickly, if handled incorrectly, you can end up with a stone that is off-balance. 

What to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

When choosing your lawn mower blade sharpener, there are a few things to be aware of to pick the best option. The first is performance. The goal of any sharpener is to ensure that you get as fine of a blade edge as possible. Especially if you plan to use this on your lawn edger as well, the value of precision is significant. 

Next, you will want to consider ease of use. While a drill attachment blade sharpener is effective, if you won’t have access to a power source, it is much less useful. Plus, if you don’t use a drill, it won’t be viable at all. Make sure that you choose a sharpener that works for your situation. 

Finally, you will want to consider how long you can expect the sharpener to last. Sure, everything is vulnerable to wear and tear, but some sharpeners last longer than others. For the most part, handheld options are longer lasting (though they are harder to use). If you plan to use the sharpener on other tools like your pole saw or other blades, factor in the extra strain and pick something that will last.

Man Hands With Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

The Most Important Features of Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

By assessing the individual features of a tool, you can get a better idea of how well it will perform. Just like determining the viability of your bench grinder or miter saw, it’s only by the parts working together that the tool functions properly. 

Instead of looking at the tool as a whole, first, investigate each feature. These essential components give you a good understanding of the sharpener’s quality. When the individual features are well-constructed, you can rely on the product more easily. So long as you identify the type of sharpener you need, the features will tell you whether it works. 

Sharpening Material

The sharpening material refers to the grit which grinds away at the metal on the blade. Depending on the type of sharpener, the material used will differ. However, the two main components used in blade sharpeners are carbide and corundum. Both materials are harder than the metal found in the blades, resulting in a successful sharpening. 

Corundum is common to drill-type sharpeners. This aluminum oxide is very hard, giving it the necessary strength to shave down the edges of the blade. Carbide is a carbon-heavy metal whose molecular structure gives it the strength needed to work as a sharpener. This is more common in handheld sharpeners. 

Sharpening Method

This feature refers to the actual approach used to achieve a sharp edge. With drill attachments, this is fairly straightforward. The sharpener attaches to the drill and relies on the motor to grind down the surface. It helps for there to be two layers of stone to improve the balance of the sharpener over time. 

Handheld sharpeners function differently. Some have an opening where you can pull the blade smoothly through. This evenly grinds the sides away and leaves you with a sharp edge. With handheld models, it’s important to be sure that the blade will fit with the sharpener’s design. So long as it does, this feature can give you very even sharpening results. 

Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners FAQ:

The world of lawn mower blade sharpeners is full of questions. It can be tricky to decide which tool works better for your purposes; which one will last the longest and make mowing easier. It’s best to do your research beforehand, so to help you along, we’ve addressed the most common inquiries. 

Q: How much does it cost to sharpen a lawnmower blade?

A: To get it professionally done could cost $100 or more. It’s far more economical to do the job yourself. Even the highest-end sharpener won’t run you more than $20. 

Q: What angle should a sharp mower blade have?

A: To get the best results, your lawn mower blade should be angled at 45 degrees. 

Q: How often should I sharpen my lawn mower blade?

A: Ideally, you should sharpen your blades after every 20 hours of use. 

Our Top Pick

After careful consideration, we’ve named the Grizzly Lawn Gear Blade Sharpener as our top pick. Given its ease of use and powerful sharpening abilities, it can quickly get you back to mowing. The well-balanced design and strong corundum stone make this a solid choice overall. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of lawn mower blade sharpeners, you can make your pick. It could be the Grizzly Lawn Gear Blade Sharpener or the low cost of the Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener. There’s an option for every yard. Happy mowing!


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