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The Best Lawn Mower Batteries (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Best Choice ML18-12 Mighty Max Battery ML18-12 Mighty Max Battery
Best Value Chrome Battery Lead-Acid Battery Chrome Battery Lead-Acid Battery
Premium Pick Yuasa Lawn Mower Battery Yuasa Lawn Mower Battery

Whether you’re tackling acre after acre or just smoothing out your backyard, having a lawnmower can make the whole process a lot easier. Coming in every shape and form you can imagine, you can get lawn mowers for ride-on ease or push-style efficiency. So long as you’ve got some sharp blades and a working lawn mower battery, you are set to go. While most lawnmower batteries are standardized at 12 volts, under Group U1, they are not all made the same. It’s about finding something that works with the positioning of the terminal and offers the necessary cranking amps. From there, you can investigate structure, durability, strength, and more. There are a lot of different options, each geared towards a different type of lawnmower. To help you track down the best lawn mower batteries on the market, we’ve curated a list of the top options along with some tips on how to get started.

The Best Lawn Mower Batteries

For those looking for a battery that is highly compatible and works well, the ML18-12 Mighty Max Battery is a worthy candidate. It comes in a rectangular shape with prominently highlighted anodes and cathodes. The battery consists of a lead-acid base that is easy to recharge and requires limited upkeep. Inside the battery, the chemical enables electrical signals to move smoothly while facing limited resistance. Thanks to the design, it is also able to hold a lasting charge. Once it runs out of strength, the battery will easily reuptake the power to return to full charge. The exterior casing of the battery is intensely strong, meaning it isn’t prone to breakage. It won’t spill and is powerful against vibrations common to a lawn mower. Taken together, these features make this selection an excellent choice overall. 

Keep in mind that, though this battery is high-powered, it is not compatible with all lawn mowers on the market. Be sure that you check the fit before making your battery choice.

Key Features
  • 7.13 x 3.01 x 6.57 inches 
  • Compatible with several brands
  • 12-volt battery design
  • Made of sealed lead acid
  • Brand Mighty Max
  • Model ML18-12
  • Weight 11.82 pounds

Quick and easy to recharge

Distinct anodes and cathodes

The firm and durable external casing


No harness or mounting structure

Requires supplemental tools to install

Not compatible with all setups

Need a solution to keep your lawn mower working that won’t break the bank? Consider the Chrome Battery Lead-Acid Battery. It features a relatively compact design, powered by 12 volts and supplying a complete 48 watts. The technology is highly advanced, using a crisp LCD to highlight the battery’s current status. If the battery gets too low, you will know ahead of time. Inside the structure, there are cleverly designed electrolytes that consist mostly of injected gel. This enables you to better control the flow of power throughout the entire system. It also prevents issues of spills, given the viscosity of the internal structure. It comes charged and ready to use, requiring limited effort for installation. Affordable and user-friendly, this powerful battery is an excellent value pick. 

It’s worth a mention that, while this battery is cost-effective, it is vulnerable to moisture when it comes to the display. Be sure to store it indoors to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Key Features
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • 12-volt and 48-watt system
  • Measures 4.21 x 4.45 x 2.6 inches
  • LCD screen to highlight battery status
  • Brand Chrome Battery
  • Model YTX5L-BS iGel
  • Weight 4.05 pounds

Durable and reliable exterior

Gel-injected battery acid

Easy and quick to recharge


Vulnerable to moisture damage

Only compatible with some models

Can be tricky to install

When you want something hardy, reliable, and compatible with your advanced battery, the Yuasa Lawn Mower Battery is a good way to go. It uses the proven technology of lead and calcium. The advantages of this chemical formula are both the weight it offers and the ability to conduct a lot of power without losing structural integrity. In essence, it balances the weight of the battery and is capable of holding a charge for longer than conventional models. The battery’s internal design consists of dry cells that conduct energy via the acid bottle. As a result, you won’t need to dampen the battery. Requiring minimal maintenance, the tough interior uses glass mats to avoid damage from pressure and impact. Given the sturdy design and lasting power, this battery is a premium choice. 

Consider that, while this battery is strong, it is somewhat vulnerable to extreme cold. As such, it is important to store it indoors if the temperature is taking a dip. This way, the battery works for longer.

Key Features
  • 12-volt and 18 amp per hour system
  • Includes 270 cold-cranking amp capacity
  • Measures 6.87 x 3.43 x 6.12 inches
  • Uses lead and calcium chemicals
  • Brand Yuasa
  • Model YUAM320BS
  • Weight 14.85 pounds

Quick and easy to recharge

Spill-resistant interior design

Powerful and long-lasting energy


Not compatible with all models

Can be vulnerable to vibration

Susceptible to extreme cold

If you are on the hunt for a battery that uses innovative tech to provide lasting results, the iGel High-Performance Battery is a terrific option. It is powered by a rechargeable 12-volt system that incorporates a crisp LCD. This component highlights the current status of the battery at any given time. Worried about running out of energy mid-project? This screen will let you know if there is any concern so that you can charge it beforehand. The cells on the inside of the battery are separated by a firm casing. It is designed to prevent issues related to vibration. This way, even if you are mowing difficult and shaky terrain, the battery will remain steady. It is low-maintenance and easy to charge, making the battery an excellent choice for long-term use. 

Given the unique shape and versatile utility, it can be easy to forget to check compatibility beforehand. To ensure success, be sure that the battery fits your lawnmower ahead of time.

Key Features
  • Measures 5.12 x 5.91 x 3.43 inches
  • Includes an LCD digital display
  • Gel electrolytes for low maintenance
  • Rechargeable battery design
  • Brand Chrome Battery
  • Model YTX12-BS IGEL
  • Weight 7.39 pounds

The digital display informs you of low voltage

Comes fully charged 

Easy to connect to electrodes


Prone to damage from vibration

Vulnerable to impact damage

Not suited to extreme temperatures

Especially if you plan to tackle some heavy-duty yard work, the Greenworks Li-Ion Battery is a fantastic option. The key benefit is that the battery is both high-powered and capable of efficient charging. You can get this battery from zero to full charge in a matter of minutes. From there, the uniquely shaped structure lets you pop the battery into place quickly. It comes with a handle, meant to enable efficient use. The battery itself is compatible with other GreenWorks equipment and is geared towards more intense use. Inside the battery is a supply of lithium ions that resist damage from charging. The design ensures that the battery will be able to hold an equal amount of charge each time it is refilled. Powerful and reliable, this battery is a great way to go for intensive yard work. 

Bear in mind that, despite the high level of efficiency of this battery, it only works when you use it with compatible tools. Check that you have the right supplies before pulling the trigger.

Key Features
  • Measures 6.2 x 3.2 x 3.4 inches
  • Powered by 40 volts
  • Employs lithium-ion tech
  • Unique structure and design
  • Brand GreenWorks
  • Model 29472
  • Weight 2.97 pounds

Takes only two minutes to charge

Snaps in and out of place quickly

High-powered and very efficient


Relatively limited compatibility

May be too high-powered

Vulnerable to impact damage

All lawn mowers are somewhat different; so, if you need something that uses reliable tech and has a good mounting design, the Optima Batteries RedTop Starting Battery is a good pick. It consists of a durable structure, made out of heavy-duty polymer. This offers two kinds of benefits. The first is resistance to heat, cold, and chemicals. Polymers are inert, and thus safe to have near battery chemicals. The second virtue is that the polypropylene is tough against vibrations. This means there is less worry about cracks (and the potential leaks they can cause). With a limited amount of internal resistance, this battery is capable of supplying you with 800 cold-cranking amps. Considering the high level of power it supplies, this is suited to ride-on lawn mowers and really large landscaping projects. 

It warrants a note that, while this system is long-lasting, it only supplies six volts (as opposed to the standard 12). Be sure that your lawn mower is equipped to handle this kind of battery before making your pick.

Key Features
  • Measures 10.06 x 3.63 x 8.13 inches
  • Includes 100 minutes of reserves
  • Six-volt electrical system
  • Includes 800 cold-cranking amps
  • Brand Optima
  • Model OPT8010-044
  • Weight 18.5 pounds

Compatible with many devices

Sturdy interior prevents leaks

Mounts in almost any setting


Higher on pricing spectrum

Only provides six volts 

Takes a while to recharge

Regardless of what kind of mower you have, you want it to work for as long as possible. The LST 12-V Battery Trickle Charge Maintainer can help you achieve this goal easily. This unique structure attaches to your battery via included alligator connection parts. It lets you keep the battery at an optimal charge, even when you’re working on large projects. It can hold an intense amount of power and control the supply to the battery. This prevents damage from overheating and over-charging alike. The battery comes with a bright LED indicator that will keep you apprised of the situation. It is tough against damage, including moisture and dust. Working over the long term, this battery enhances the fortitude and capacity of your lawn mower. 

It should be noted that, while this tool gives you access to power like a battery, it is not viable as a standalone. Ensure that you use it in conjunction with a separate battery to get the maximum benefit.

Key Features
  • Compatible with any 12-volt system
  • Prevents battery overload
  • Comes with LED indicators
  • Rechargeable and energy-efficient
  • Model EPA1020
  • Weight 10.5 ounces

Enhances lawn mower battery power

Reliable and long-lasting tool

Easy connections with included hardware


Not technically a standalone battery

Vulnerable to circuitry issues

Only supplies a trickle charge

Want a battery that is equipped to take on even the most demanding project? Check out the ExpertPower Lead Acid Battery for its unique strength and strong amp hour. It consists of a chemical interior that is designed for easy recharging. It uses a lead base that is encased in a high-grade polymer. The chemical interior enables the smooth flow of electricity. The outside keeps everything held safely and ensures that there are no leaks or tears. This is thanks to the inert nature of the polymer. It won’t corrode, nor will it shatter or crack as a result of shock or vibration. By adding in a type of glass, it becomes even tougher by gaining resistance to extreme temperatures. With easy-to-reach electrodes, this durable battery is a powerful choice. 

Consider that, while this battery is really useful, if you don’t return it to full charge each time, it can wear down prematurely. Take the extra time to get it back to charge to prevent these issues.

Key Features
  • Powered by 12 volts and 18 amps
  • Works for up to 20 hours
  • Measures 7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57 inches
  • Sealed acid battery-type
  • Brand ExpertPower
  • Model EXP12180
  • Weight 11.4 pounds

Easy to install and to recharge

Resistant to vibration and heat

Encased in the inert polymer structure


Will eventually wear down after recharging

Not suited to extremely cold areas

Won’t fit in all lawn mowers

The Best Lawn Mower Battery Buying Guide & FAQ

There are a couple of situations where you will need a new lawn mower battery. Perhaps your battery ran out of steam and can’t be brought back to charge. It could be that you got a second-hand lawn mower and want to rig it to work like new. Alternatively, you might be planning ahead (which is especially useful if you have a lot of lawn to tackle). So, what do you need to look for when buying a lawnmower? The good news is that the answer is pretty simple. 

The first thing to think about is what you want out of the lawnmower. Consider how long it needs to work. Think about the area you need to cover and how frequently you are likely to need to have it in use. Once you know that, you can keep an eye on the finer details and find the features most advantageous to you.

Benefits of Lawn Mower Batteries

When you get a lawn mower battery, there are a few ways you can expect to benefit. Ever tried using a low-powered battery on your flashlight? Did you notice how much dimmer it was? Well, the same is true with lawn mower batteries. They give you the necessary amount of power and energy to get your outdoor chores done. Of course, the benefits are more far-reaching than that.  

Using a battery-powered battery is often better than those with a cord (or gas-powered for that matter). The lawnmower stays lightweight and unencumbered by the restrictions of the length of your electrical cord. You can use it just about anywhere; and, when you find the right battery, it will last as long as you need it. 

Lawn mower batteries offer you the necessary amount of power and the ability to recharge them. Unlike using gas, a consumable source that requires physical refills, you can simply plug the battery into a charging station. It enhances the utility of the battery, along with its overall lifespan. 

  • Batteries work for long periods and provide a steady, reliable supply of power to the motor. 
  • You don’t require a supply of gas or an electrical cord (and plug-in) to power the lawnmower. 
  • High-quality batteries that have well-structured interior cells are capable of lasting longer than other models.
  • Battery-powered lawn mowers are more portable, especially since you can bring along a spare battery when you do off-site projects. 
  • Like a car battery, you can boost a lawn mower battery to bring it back to life. 
  • Lawn mower batteries tend to charge quickly, making lighter work of lawn maintenance. 

Popular Types of Lawn Mower Batteries

Batteries are subject to voluntary standards as set forth by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commissions. As a result, most batteries for specific devices, like lawnmowers, tend to be quite similar. That said, not all batteries are made the same just as not all lawn equipment is made alike. The vast majority of batteries are standardized at 12 volts, simply because that is how most lawn mowers are made. Though the voltage is consistent, the structure and chemicals used in the batteries do differ.  

12-Volt Batteries

Easily the most common type of lawn mower battery, 12-volt options come in all shapes and sizes. Since most lawnmowers require a power source of this voltage, this type continues to be the most prevalent on the market. Bear in mind that you can find lower voltage options if needed. 

In most cases, the battery runs on a lithium-ion chemical structure. The dense chemical component holds potential energy in chemical bonds until it converts that power into electricity for the motor. There are other formulas, such as lithium-sulfur and thin film, each offering different advantages in terms of lasting power and recharge speed. 

The batteries come encased in an inert material which, most of the time, consists of a polymer. The thickness and stability of this case directly impact its ability to resist damage. The battery must be capable of withstanding vibrations to ensure that it won’t leak or spill. 

Trickle Charger

This is a unique kind of battery since it works as a supplement to the existing batteries on the market. Instead of fitting into the place of the battery, it acts as an external power source that feeds the battery. A key reason this type is popular is that it is compatible with any battery structure. It is similar, though not the same, as a battery charger

In most cases, the trickle charger plugs into the wall and takes in the charge. Since the structure is so compact, you can simply keep it on hand, in case the power on your battery drops too low. The power bank feeds a steady amount of energy into the battery. This enables you to preserve your actual battery for longer. 

Ideal for unique lawn mowers where getting a replacement battery isn’t as easy to do, trickle chargers enable you to keep using the mower without a retrofit. Keep in mind that, while some trickle chargers incorporate a power bank, not all of them do. It is better to stick with the options that don’t need a live power source all the time. 

Push-Mower Batteries

Though a lot of push mowers work with 12-volt batteries and thus fall into a different category, there are lawn mowers that require a higher voltage to operate. The batteries are often a bit smaller than their 12-volt counterparts yet larger than a trickle charger. This is because they are designed for smaller equipment. 

When looking for a push mower battery, the first thing to look at is how much power it requires. The electrical specifications will tell you precisely what amperage/voltage you require. From there, so long as the battery is properly encased and reasonably long-lasting, it is a good option. Keep in mind that push mower batteries tend to run out of steam faster than other options since they are designed for less demanding scenarios. 

Mechanic changing car battery
Lawn Mower Battery

What to Consider When Buying Lawn Mower Battery

When you go to pick your lawn mower battery, there are a couple of things you’ll want to keep an eye out for. The first thing you need to do is check out the land the mower will be moving over. If the land is bumpy and hilly, you will want to pick a battery that is fortified against these issues. Choose something resistant to damage, both in terms of temperature and impact. This way, you can get the longest-lasting benefits out of it. 

Of course, it is more than a matter of quality. You want a lawn mower battery that fits onto your actual lawnmower. Though most are 12-volt, that doesn’t mean that the anode and cathode placement are compatible with your setup. Be sure that it is designed to fit with your lawn care machine. To take it a step further, there are a few other things to think about. 

  • Structure. The shape and design of the battery are about more than the electrode placement. The battery has to be able to fit onto your lawnmower. Plus, it shouldn’t be too heavy that it creates extra resistance. You want a balanced unit that fits seamlessly into your lawnmower. 
  • Recharge Speed. Eventually, you will need to recharge the battery, whether it died altogether or you tested the battery along the way. That said, this doesn’t have to be a hefty time investment. Some models take a mere couple of hours to charge. It cuts down on maintenance demands and ensures that you can use the battery when you need to. 
  • Durability. A matter of strength, the battery needs to be sturdy both on the inside and the outside. Inside, higher-end versions include a type of pressed glass that absorbs vibrations. It prevents cracks that can lead to leaks and spills. The exterior structure is there to prevent damage from impact (flying rocks, etc.). 
  • Installation. You are going to need to place the battery on the lawnmower. Some designs make this easier than others. A good way to assess this is to check if it comes with the necessary hardware for setup. If the battery comes with everything you need to use it, then you can be certain that all the parts are compatible with the battery itself.

Most Important Features of Lawn Mower Batteries

When you choose your lawn mower battery, there are a few key features that it must have to work. Without meeting these criteria, the battery either won’t fit or won’t perform. To find a suitable battery, an essential step is assessing each of these features. By understanding the merit of each trait, you can get a complete picture of the battery. 

Electrode Terminals

A critical part of the battery, this is the point of physical connection between the battery and the mower. Terminals are different on each battery in terms of strength, placement, and material. Since most of these batteries fall under the group U1 criteria, they are in the range of eight by seven by five inches in size. The terminals are most often located at the top front of the battery. 

The material is another consideration. While they need to be made out of metal to ensure conductivity, the type of metal speaks directly to the lasting effects. You want a highly conductive material that isn’t prone to damage from heat. So long as they are marked properly (red for the anode and black for cathode) and made of a hardy metal, you can rely on good function. 

Lastly, this feature speaks to the actual location of the terminals. You need to be able to connect them to the actual lawnmower. You can do a visual check of the battery and assess if it would fit your mower. Conversely, you can investigate the specs of the battery to be sure of compatibility. 


This refers to the amount of amperage the battery can produce in half a minute when the temperature is zero degrees. Most batteries are effective in warmer conditions since heat causes the excitation of particles in the battery. The ability to work at cold temperatures means that the battery itself is a lot stronger. 

While you aren’t likely to need your lawnmower in winter, the cold-cranking amps give you a complete picture of the battery’s actual abilities. It showcases the honest capacity of the chemicals and how they react with the battery’s design. In short, the higher the number of cold-cranking amps, the more effective the battery will be. 


Another essential feature of any lawn mower battery is the voltage. This represents the current that can pass through the system at any point in time. In addition to the placement of the electrodes, the voltage is the other part that absolutely must be compatible. Most systems run on 12 volts, though there are always outliers. Be sure that your lawnmower matches the voltage of the system. 

Ride-on lawnmowers tend to exclusively work with 12-volt batteries. That said, there are higher-voltage options out there for lawnmowers that you push. The voltage will be noted on each battery, giving you the chance to match it to the requirements of your lawnmower.

Mechanic Testing Car Battery
Lawn Mower Battery

Care and Maintenance for Lawn Mower Battery

Every tool requires a certain amount of upkeep to work optimally. Lawn mower batteries are no different. The good news, however, is that caring for them is fairly simple. Most of it is a matter of storing it responsibly and protecting the battery from damage. Naturally, you want to keep it in a cool, dry location where it won’t encounter any bumps and bruises. 

Before installation, you want to be sure that the battery is fully charged. While some batteries come pre-charged, this is not true of all of them. Use the screen or light indicators to determine if it needs refueling. As with any chemical-based battery, it is important to handle charging properly. Recharging (and an occasional dusting) is all the upkeep the battery needs. So long as you take care of these needs, the lawn mower battery will keep working for as long as possible. 

  • Store the lawnmower, the battery, and any spares indoors or under a cover. 
  • Be sure that your connections are firm and reliable to prevent damage. 
  • Clean off the electrodes before you put it into place to optimize the connection.
  • Don’t overstrain the lawnmower since it can cause the battery to overheat. 
  • Allow the battery to drain fully before you recharge it to prevent chemical build up. 
  • Always charge the battery to the fullest amount possible. 

Best Lawn Mower Batteries FAQ:

Since these batteries are so common and useful, it only makes sense that there are a few questions when it comes to making the right pick. Though some specifics differ based on the individual battery, some things remain true. We’ve addressed the most frequent inquiries to help you gather as much information as possible. 

Q. How long should a lawn mower battery last?

A. Provided the battery is well cared for, it should remain functional for roughly three years. It depends on usage frequency, storage, and maintenance. 

Q. What could be draining my lawn mower battery?

A. Failing to let the battery fully drain before fully recharging it can cause premature wear and tear on the system. 

Q. How do you reset a dead lawn mower battery?

A. You might be able to boost the battery or use a trickle charger. Many opt to get a new battery since it is less time consuming and still cost-effective.

Our Top Pick

After careful consideration, we’ve named the ML18-12 Mighty Max Battery as our top pick. Given its firm structure and reliable casing, it is meant to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The chemical components are reliable, easy to recharge, and designed to last. Running on a 12-volt system, it is also highly compatible. Simple to install and consistently effective, this battery is an excellent choice overall.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are familiar with the nuances of lawn mower batteries, you can make your pick. It could be the ML18-12 Mighty Max Battery for its reliability or the cost-effectiveness of the Chrome Battery Lead-Acid Battery. There’s a battery for every setup. Happy mowing!