For most of the challenges seen on the roads and experienced while driving, it’s a good feeling to know that a line of tires has pushed through technological advances, in order to bring solutions to your doorstep. This brings about the intention of this article today, which focuses on the best selling Laufenn tires aimed at providing results. Laufenn tires are engineered products under the Hankook Tires manufactured products and for the most part, this article serves as an adequate Laufenn review directly focusing on the major products from Laufenn Tires, which are sure to deliver the closure you need for all your tire concerns. More importantly, it will leave you with greater expectations, which only Laufenn Tires can provide.

Best Selling Laufenn Tires Review

The Laufenn G FIT AS All-Season Radial Tire-225/60R16 98H is one that has caught the attention of a lot of car users due to its advanced features. There are a lot of things that make this Laufenn tire a great catch, but the major one resulting in a lot of positive attention is its traction capacity. The Laufenn G FIT AS Tire was engineered in a way that its traction capacity does not deteriorate even when on unfavorable surfaces. These surfaces could come off as difficult tasks to many other tires, but for the Laufenn G FIT AS Tire, it’s a breeze of convenience.

When referring to the surfaces that the Laufenn G FIT AS Tire can accommodate, it lingers from one opposite end to another – which is from dry grounds to wet ones. This tire possesses a maximum hold on slippery surfaces with a firm grip maintained on the ground and marvelously does the same even when the platform is dry. The deep grooves on this Laufenn tire is as well a contributing factor to its hold on the ground. When the tire is on wet surfaces, these grooves help to remove the water from beneath the tire and help the tire to obtain maximum traction. The deep circumference of the grooves which is a notable feature, has been provided to allow for a more efficient transfer of water and slush away from the tire.

  • Brand Laufenn
  • Model G FIT AS
  • Weight 23 pounds

The Laufenn S Fit is a practical tire aimed at more than delivery and provides users with a feel of what a functioning tire should operate like. The Laufenn S Fit Tire has the right implementation of features that bring out the beauty of driving a vehicle. This is achieved by the high-performance level of this tire, and why it has stormed into the markets as a revolutionary tire product.

This tire features working functions that go in hand to provide avenues for maximum performance. In general, what gives the Laufenn S Fit Tire its title of a high performing tire is the fact that it brings to the table the advantage of control unlike never before seen. When driving, the subject of control cannot be written off, as a driver’s main concern is to be in total dominance. When it comes to high-speed drives, drifting, as well as putting the vehicle to a complete stop, a tire that offers the best control advantages is highly recommended. This is one clear reason why the Laufenn S Fit Tire is praised for its performance level. It delivers enhanced control features.

  • Brand Laufenn
  • Model LH01
  • Weight 19.7 pounds

As part of the Hankook Laufenn line of products, the Laufenn X Fit AT All-Terrain Radial Tire is an excellent product. It has been noted with the tread compound of the Laufenn X Fit AT that this isn’t just a tire, but a lifesaver. Its all-terrain features have endeared this tire to a lot of drivers who adore the threading advantages it has to offer. The Laufenn X Fit AT provides flexibility for drivers to tread on several terrains without flinching or pulling a muscle.

According to the features this tire provides, it is a reliable option for off-road trips and more. The tread compound of the Laufenn X Fit AT tire is a rigid construction that has been designed to accommodate the intensity of off-road surfaces. The compounds are forged in a solid rock design construction, built specifically for withstanding the unfavorable circumstances of terrains, and avoid punctures. The solid rock tread designs serve as a protection to the tire and enables it to glide effortlessly on terrains.

  • Brand Laufenn
  • Model X Fit AT
  • Weight 31.5 pounds

Laufenn Tyre I FIT LW32 Tire is one that has won over the hearts of the regular car drivers. The Laufenn Tyre I FIT tire was specifically built for the purposes of the long term, which involves longer drives, and accurately revolves around touring and traveling. This tire is mainly suitable for passenger cars and is centered at providing comfort rides to all drivers that desire that. However, aside from the comfort the Laufenn Tyre I FIT tire provides, there are several other features that users have attested to. These attestations are of this tire, exceeding all their expectations. The major feature which users can’t get over is the ideal holding advantages this tire has on icy terrains.

In general, the Laufenn Tyre I FIT tire has magnificent holding functionalities, but for a full-fledged passenger car tire, the working features of maximum traction and grip on snowy and icy surfaces, seems to marvel everyone who gets an opportunity to explore this tire. It is certain that this tire was crafted out of the deep innovative quarters of the Hankook Laufenn line of tire products.

  • Brand Laufenn
  • Model TYRE I FIT LW31

The Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire is another product from Laufenn Tires, which is under Hankook’s Tire Line. This tire is a production that was created to suit the needs of a passenger car as well as minivans. The Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire wasn’t just created for the everyday car owner to use and enjoy, it was built with engineering capabilities to serve the purpose of longevity. This is a resounding feature about the Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire that has made it a generally sought-after car tire in today’s market. The purchase of this Laufenn tire leaves an unwavering feeling of satisfaction for all the car users because this tire is an attestation to the fact that quality and purpose can work hand in hand.

The reason the Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire is booming in today’s market is that it was engineered to have a longer tread span, unlike other tires in the same classification. Based on several Laufenn reviews, it’s a clear indication that this tire has superseded the expectations of drivers using it. Its long tread life is simply an irrefutable feature certain to grab your attention when you purchase.

  • Brand Laufenn
  • Model LAUFENN

Best Selling Laufenn Tires Buying Guide

Who Makes Laufenn Tires?

Laufenn tires are produced under the South Korean tire manufacturers, Hankook Tires. Though Laufenn tires are produced in Indonesia, they are major distributors in the United States of America. They began distribution in the United States in 2014, and since then, they have done a great job to dive deep into the market world. The major reason why Laufenn Tires had an easy go with the products they provide is due to the level of standards provided. Laufenn Tires in general, provides reliable tires that vehicle owners can easily resort to. As suitable replacements for old or worn-out tires, Laufenn tires have marveled a lot of users with outstanding features and performance.

Comparing the tread blocks on the Hankook tires to the Laufenn tires, you can notice a difference between the two. It’s notable to point out that the Laufenn tires have a significantly subtle approach with their patterns and blocks. This is not a disparity, however, as Laufenn tires provide an up to standard performance capacity. With effective stability and stance on the ground, it’s a clear indication that looks are not a determining factor to the effectiveness of the Laufenn tires, but the engineering processes involved, and the attestation from users around the world. With the great reputation of Hankook Tires, being a parent company to Laufenn Tires, it can only mean one thing — the products will be indisputably excellent.

In comparison with the quality and price of the Hankook tires being produced, Laufenn tires offer fairly proportionate quality to Hankock tires, at half the price tags. This has further paved a way for Laufenn Tires to be in high demand amongst budget-minded tire seekers.

Overall, Laufenn tires are great tires that perform to adequate standards. These tires are formed out of the tremendous quality Hankook Tires company has to offer, and are guaranteed to exceed your expectations, even with the price tag attached. Genuine Laufenn reviews from users of Laufenn tires all over the world has made it pretty clear that they are one brand that you can definitely count on.

Why Choose Laufenn Tires?

  • Brand Reliability

When it comes to Laufenn Tires, they are one reliable brand for your tire needs. They radiate simplicity with their products and that simplicity has gone as far as translating to reliability. Laufenn Tires are indeed straightforward with their tire functionalities and constantly seek out ways to deliver the purposes for each line of tire production. The reliability of these tires has pushed for a more convenient solution to everyday use and has made Laufenn Tires a brand car users can put their trust in. Even as a replacement tire, users have the needed confidence, being backed up by the functionality of a Laufenn tire.

  • Warranty

Another thing spurring from the reliability of Laufenn Tires is the advantage they have provided for incredible warranty coverage. For all Laufenn tires, there is a backed-up security at the ideal place of warranty, adequately providing users with a sense of comfort and support. This is yet another reason why you should choose Laufenn Tires because they’ve got you covered. This ideal provision they have created, centers on the hearts of their customers, ensuring that they are not in any way left without a second option when situations arise.

  • Quality Tires

Laufenn Tires admittedly shares a great amount of quality incorporated into every tire product, being an offspring of the Hankook Tires production line. These tires are engineered to make driving an easy task and this has been done by implementing high standard techniques to their manufacturing processes, ensuring that all users can benefit from the initial purpose for creation. This very factor has led to the bewilderment of tire seekers with the effective capacity these tires have provided over the years.

  • Affordable Prices

Laufenn Tires aren’t just a brand that cares about the workability of their products, but they are a brand with high empathic traits. They weighed the scales equally and arrived at a meeting point to appease customers with their products. This was done by the affordability they attached to their tires, making it quite convenient for tire seekers to get the desired products for their vehicles. This has created room for Laufenn Tires to thrive in the market and has made it a highly recommended product even by car professionals and mechanics.

Design Features

  • Long Tread Life

Based on the quality of the tires being produced by Laufenn Tires, it became generally easy for their products to uphold the declared status of a tire with a long tread life. Most especially, the detailed tread patterns that accompany the tires aid in the establishment of this feature. With thousands of Laufenn reviews attesting to the fact of extreme tread life, it’s a clear indication that Laufenn Tires really outdid themselves with a top-notch feature representation.

  • Intense Traction

Due to the concise tread blocks which have adequately enhanced the performance level of Laufenn Tires, it’s no surprise to see that their tires exhibit the intensity of traction that they do. With gripping advantages even when on several terrains, Laufenn Tires are greatly impressing their customers. For a regular tire line, seeking to provide adequate functionality for an average driver, the performance level of their tire’s traction upholds a different identity on a professional level.

  • Noiseless Feature

The major thing the manufacturers of Laufenn Tires boast about is the noiseless advantage their tires provide. It’s a calming feeling that all drivers need when on the road and they have adherently provided that feature with their tires. With suitable reviews from users of Laufenn Tires, it’s a revolutionary solution in the line of tire manufacturing. With a surety of comfortable drives and trips, this serves as an avenue for leaving customers satisfied with their purchases.

  • Braking Advantages

With the effective traction and holds the Laufenn tires provide, it creates room for a higher braking capacity for vehicles. Braking advantages are a unique feature put in place by Laufenn Tires to get increased performance levels with all their tires. It holds and puts the vehicle to a complete stop with an effortless ring in mannerism. The tread blocks aid in this advantageous feature with rigid and effective patterns to support the vehicle and give it outstanding benefits.

  • More Control

When it comes to high-speed drives, rotating the wheels without complaints is a feature that Laufenn Tires definitely provide. The stability of these tires is second to none with the elementary design standards of the tread patterns on the outer regions of the tire. These features aid in drifting purposes and entirely puts the vehicle under the driver’s control.


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